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The True Power of Coffee in 3

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Coffee is a distinct source of many health benefits as well as something that we often rely on to give us that added boost during the day to get us going. It has cast a signature of its own on daily 21st-century life because of its powerful antioxidant value as well as being one of the first things we reach for in the morning to wake us up from slumber-land. The effects of coffee can be almost immediate- within 10 minutes of your first morning cup and the mental alertness swiftly kicks in-caffeine power! Coffee can aid in improved attention, higher maintained attention over a period of time, and some studies have shown that caffeine is as effective as a 30-minute nap for increasing sharpness and mental alertness/activity as well as reaction times. Here we look at 3 ways the benefits of coffee and the potency of caffeine can help you!

So how much coffee power do you need for that great alertness nudge?

Individual caffeine in doses of between 200-400mg have been shown to provide the best results for increased mental performance which also extends to your physical capabilities- so this helps to give you that added ‘kick’ at the gym! Coffee prior to a workout can assist in reducing your level of perceived exertion, increase your speed, and help you workout just that little bit longer to keep the momentum going! If you generally don’t drink too much coffee, or at least not habitually, even a smaller amount of 75-100mg can improve your mental sharpness! (Source on doses: coffeeandhealth.org)

Coffee and the mind!

As we know, coffee is a powerful anti-oxidant rich in polyphenols that may help prevent a number of diseases such as heart disease, type-2 diabetes, liver disease and cancer. It is also high in hydrocinnamic acids that are highly effective for neutralizing free radicals and preventing oxidative stress. Caffeine has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system and is well documented for its mental-function enhancing benefits. Some more recent studies have suggested that coffee can help to maintain cognitive function, particularly in older females. Lowered risk of neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s (potentially 17-20% lower!) and Parkinson’s in habitual coffee drinkers has also been positively linked. 

Coffee and metabolism!

There is a link to coffee and weight loss due to how caffeine can mobilize the fats in the fat tissue thereby increasing the availability for use of free fatty acids in the blood this is mainly due to the hormone epinephrine which caffeine heightens. Some studies have shown that caffeine can increase your metabolic rate (how efficiently you burn calories) by up to 10% or maybe a little more. It also increases exercise performance as mentioned earlier by way of this link also too, although it may be more of a tool for learner (rather than obese) individuals (perhaps due to a more efficient metabolism in leaner people).

There are many reasons to grab a cup of coffee for its overall health benefits and links to enhanced performance. Caffeine can help lift you and aid in wakefulness, it’s also a great friend to social and recreational settings, be it for a lunchtime coffee catch up with loved ones, or after an early evening meal. Always look out for the best quality coffee as it makes all the difference to your experience of it, your taste buds will love you for it! 

Morning Hills Coffee aims to fulfill their motto of 'Fulfillment in Every Cup' by bringing consumers all of the amazing benefits of coffee!  They believe it is of great importance and value to give the public a choice to decide how their coffee is roasted, to know where it comes from and to know who is growing it so that they are really getting a quality bean and an excellent coffee experience.

They specialize in Green Coffee Beans which are simply coffee beans yet to be roasted. Morning Hills Coffee offers the consumer small 1 to 5-pound quantities of green coffee beans for home use as well as the choice of enjoying either Green Coffee Beans for their health benefits or roasting themselves to create their own personal blend and flavor!

Go Green Coffee Bean from Morning Hills!

•    Unknown to most, green unroasted coffee beans have a high value of antioxidants with an ORAC score of 2,500 which surpasses berries, kale, or regular coffee. They are also high in chromium, a B vitamin that reduces sugar cravings and insulin levels. Another great health benefit of green coffee is the active compound known as chlorogenic acid which reduces blood pressure. For those who love coffee but can't handle the caffeine rush, green unroasted coffee is a wonderful choice!

•    With green unroasted coffee beans, you also have the option to roast your own beans and avoid the carcinogens created by most large roasters that use a flame to heat the beans. Today’s technology enables people to roast their own beans at home with a micro roaster which uses electricity and hot air instead of natural gas and a flame. These home roasters are easily found online and make the art of coffee roasting fun for everyone! Two of our best selling products make a great blend when mixed in proportion with their different and unique flavor tones.  

The Bean Selection from Morning Hills!

Costa Rica La Rosa comes from a group of families that work together producing coffee but also aid in education and assisting the disabled in their local neighborhoods. That is a benefit of life that Morning Hills Coffee is proud to stand behind! The Costa Rica La Rosa is a great bean for using as a base in coffee blends and has hints of orange, chocolate and rich caramel overtones with a mild to medium acidity.  

When mixed with best-selling Ethiopian Yirgacheffe a wonderful personal home blend is achieved. Morning Hills suggest using a blend of 70% Costa Rica La Rosa to 30% Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.  Of course, the coffees roasted all by themselves are also a great choice with rich flavor. Many love the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe as a standalone coffee, renowned for the beautiful herbaceous floral tones complemented by hints of fruit and vibrant citrus acidity for a complex and flavorful cup with a sweet, silky mouthfeel and a crisp, clean aftertaste.

Once you have tasted home roasted coffee with the fresh and clean taste you will never be satisfied with store brand coffee again or feel as healthy drinking it. Whether you are looking for a green unroasted coffee for the many health benefits or a great tasting fresh roasted coffee, Morning Hills Coffee serves to meet your personal choices and desires to bring you fulfillment in every cup!” said Morning Hills. 

Please visit their web page Morning Hills Coffee for a healthier and quality coffee!

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