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Interview with Christina Moss Founder of Christina Moss Naturals

Find out how, Christina Moss, a Published Author and mother of two, started a small business from her garage, and then expanded it across the US (and soon into the UK, Europe and Canada).

Wellness magazine:  Your company offers a number of products now. Which one is your favorite? 

Christina: I have some new ones coming up that I’m pretty excited about, but at the moment, the rosemary facial wash is my favorite.

Wellness magazine: Why is that?

Christina: (Smiles) You’re asking me to review my own product? Ok, so I’ll tell you why I like my facial wash if you try it and publish an honest review yourself.

Wellness magazine: That’s a deal.

Christina: I have my own reasons for liking my rosemary facial wash -- I like the smell of rosemary and I know it’s good for my skin. I like that it doesn’t have petro chemicals (which I would like to say more about later).  I find it has a slight astringent quality on my skin and that closes my pours and smoothes my skin over giving it a nice finish. It cleans my skin and keeps it healthy. I like that because I don’t wear all-over makeup, except for mascara, a little under eye lightener and sometimes a lip color.

Wellness magazine: Where can readers find your facial wash if they want to try it?

Christina: On our website (www.ChristinaMossNaturals.com) and on Amazon.com as well.

Wellness magazine: Moving on then. When did you start making organic products?

Christina: In 1999, so it was 16 years ago.

Wellness magazine: Your products have become very popular all of a sudden. Why is that?

Christina: Two reasons. I think people are demanding safe and natural products for their hair and skin care. Also, I’m very fortunate in that I have a great business partner, Kenny Davies, the CEO of our company. He has his skill set of superpowers, I have mine, and we work well together.

Wellness magazine: Why did you begin your own line of hair and skin care?

Christina: I wanted my family to have products that were not laden with petro chemicals.

Wellness magazine: In simple terms, what exactly are petro chemicals?

Christina: I don’t use petro chemicals in my products and here’s why -- far too many are known to be carcinogens (cancer causing). “Petro” is short for petroleum, as in crude oil from under the ground. It gets refined into gasoline and other fuels. What’s left over is sludge, and that sludge is manipulated into UN-natural chemicals. These chemicals are used to make vitamins, pesticides, plastics, drugs, soaps, food dyes, food flavoring, household products, paints, clothing, furniture etc. The list goes on and on.

Wellness magazine: How do you come up with formulas that don’t contain these chemicals?

Christina: First I study the ingredients in conventional formulas and determine the role of each ingredient.  I delete what I consider the non-essential additives because I’m only interested in the parts that actually get the desired end result. Then I figure out the non-chemical substitutes for each.

Wellness magazine: Then you offer it for sale?

Christina: Yes, eventually, but first the product goes through early testing until I’m really happy with the results. I run it by a chemist who tests for microbes, shelf life and a few other things. Then it gets beta tested by a group of people. After that my partner and I choose bottles, closures and design labels, and finally we offer it to the public.

Wellness magazine: What are your most popular products?

Christina: All of our products sell but the most popular this month are moisturizer, facial wash and shampoo.

Wellness magazine: Thank you, Christina Moss.

Christina: A pleasure.

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