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Health and well being takes on new meaning with the arrival of motherhood. You not only have yourself to consider but also your newest family addition. And mums-to-be are not exempt from these nutritional concerns either; if anything, a newfound interest in the diet is formed.

With the rise of technology, there is a wealth of advice readily available to both mums and expectant mums 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Access to so much information can feel at times overwhelming and contradictory, making one feel lost in a tsunami of information.



Do’s and Don’ts

A plethora of pregnancy and post-delivery Do’s and Don’ts are abundant, but advice from a primary care physician or health professional should always be sought for guidance, support, and specific concerns.

One of the most important tasks for an expecting or newly delivered mum is a complete health awareness and understanding; your body is undergoing a wealth of changes on so many levels and finding an individual balance is vital. Bear in mind that emotional and mental support is just as important to the well being of both mother and baby.


Here are some ways you can look after yourself a little better, whether you are an expectant mum or mum! 

Suppleness and Gently Activity

If you were fairly active before pregnancy, there is no reason why you should not continue to be through pregnancy. However, always check with your physician or health care professional to ensure it’s safe to do so. 

Many women actually begin an exercise regime once pregnant and this is not advisable, although activities such as walking, dancing or swimming can prove beneficial. It’s important to note that certain hormones released during pregnancy can make you more flexible and thereby potentially increasing the risk of injury- particularly with weight-bearing activities. 


Eating… for two? 

You don’t need to eat twice as much during pregnancy or whilst nursing. However, some calorie increase is likely as your body may actually crave certain foods for their nutrients. Generally speaking, around 300-500 extra calories a day is the norm at certain stages of pregnancy. Nursing mums on average increase their calorie intake by around 500 calories. In saying this, it is more important to just trust your body and eat when you feel hungry! 

Of course, good nutrition is key. It’s crucial that you have a wide and varied diet in order to source all the vitamins and minerals your body and your baby need. Iron, in particular, is a mineral that oxygenates the blood, it is not uncommon for iron levels to fall during pregnancy due to the oxygen demand from your baby. Folic acid aids in maintaining and producing healthy red blood cells, this is another key vitamin for pregnancy. Nursing mums can encourage their breast-milk supply by eating plenty of good fats, proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. 



Pregnancy and breastfeeding each present different challenges for women and their bodies. Please know that you are not alone and many women feel anxiety at the thought of not being able to produce an adequate supply of breast milk. Many natural and prescription options are available to help ease into this transition.

 Go-Lacta Philippine Moringa is an amazing natural “galactagogue” that has been used in the Philippines for generations. A galactagogue promotes lactation for anyone with low milk supply. 

The actual word “galactagogue” is derived from Greek, “galacta” means milk and “gogue” which means to promote or lead! And if you haven’t come across Moringa before, it is a super-food akin to spinach and kale and provides numerous health benefits. 

Our Moringa leaves are harvested, processed, and freshness sealed all within a single day. From picking to packaging, we work closely with a Moringa farm in the Philippines. Our Moringa is dried and processed at the same location it is harvested. This method allows Go-Lacta to maintain the highest level of sanitation and quality control in our products. We routinely test the farm soil and water sources for the presence of heavy metals, pesticides, and toxins. The capsules, tea, and powder are all 100% organic and non-GMO. We source from a farm committed to ensuring good manufacturing and agricultural practices as well as promoting fair trade policies.”- Go Lacta 

The Philippines’ rich biodiversity, climate, and rich volcanic soil serve as the basis for Go-Lacta’s exceptional quality. Laboratory test results reveal that Go Lacta’s product contains one of the highest nutritional contents of Moringa grown in Asia. 

Go-Lacta for Breastfeeding Mums

Nursing mothers need to hydrate often to support their breast milk production. Go-Lacta is trusted and recommended by lactation consultants and health care professionals in breastfeeding communities throughout the world. 

Go-Lacta was the first galactagogue to participate in clinical studies featuring Moringa as an effective supplement for increasing lactation and this started the conversation for choosing natural galactagogues. 

Results from a double-blind study show that women starting Go-Lacta in their 36th week of pregnancy produced approximately 200% more breast milk than women taking a placebo within 24-hours of delivery. These results clearly demonstrate that mothers can prepare their bodies for breast milk production and ensure a milk supply once their baby arrives. A second clinical study showed women with premature births were able to produce more milk by taking Go-Lacta Moringa supplements. 

Go-Lacta has 3 formulations: capsules, powder, and tea. The capsules and powder formulations contain a single ingredient: dried and finely pulverized Moringa leaves! 


Classic Moringa Tea



Go-Lacta’s Classic Tea contains dried and crushed Moringa leaves combined with brown rice for flavor and added nutrition. This Classic Tea is the perfect combination of hydration and milk production support. Go-Lacta suggests pairing it with a chilled lemonade for a refreshing drink or adding honey and grated ginger to hot tea for a winter season flu buster! 
This formula is free of fenugreek or other filler ingredients. (Research has determined fenugreek is prohibitive for milk production in mothers with conditions such as hypothyroidism). Go-Lacta’s formulation does not need to rely on other ingredients for efficacy and is free from gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, shellfish, caseins, tree nuts, and peanuts. 


Go-Lacta Powder 

Go-Lacta Powder contains the same formula as their capsules but in a resealable pouch. The versatility of the powder is tremendous as it can be used in smoothies, sauces and baking recipes. The powder can be added to family meals so that everyone can enjoy and benefit from Moringa’s super-food properties. 

Health benefits abound with Moringa. It can improve your physical and mental well-being as well as an act through preventative care against muscle and tissue degeneration, bone loss and anemia. Generally, three capsules a day are recommended for general good health and well being. 



Here are some nutritional stats on Moringa! 

  • Moringa leaves contain all 9 amino acids which are essential for optimal food synthesization and muscle formation.

  • 8 ounces of Moringa leaves contain 1000mg of calcium (more calcium than an 8oz glass of milk or orange juice!). Moringa is an osteoporosis preventative. 

  • 8-10 mcg of selenium is in 100g of Moringa powder; selenium can potentially decrease cancer risk, including (breast and colon) and can also preserve skin tissue by improving elasticity and slowing down the aging of skin tissue. 

Moringa is scientifically-proven. It is a traditional and effective health practice of the Filipinos who have been implementing Moringa as part of their everyday diet for generations. With Go-Lacta, everyone can have access to the natural wonders of Moringa! 


* In partnership with our friends at Go-Lacta *Photos courtesy of Go-Lacta 
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