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Let your inner health take control - motivation in 6 steps

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We are into 2017 and into a brand new cycle to create a healthier and better version of ourselves, and that is the great beauty of a fresh year ahead because you can look forward to that blank canvas and paint yourself any picture you like! Hopefully, you have set yourself some simple and realistic goals to work with and set your intention for your fitness and nutrition aspirations, always remember that those goals need your action behind them to get things moving. Motivation is like a spark from within that lights you up and nudges you forward…it really is the key to achieving what you aim for because your motivation is what drives you and draws you closer to the healthier you that you want to be. We are directed by the level of our desire to get things done, and it is very much a process; a unique journey. As individuals, we are all motivated and encouraged both internally and externally in different ways. Here we look at a 6-step motivation movement for 2017 to give you that helping hand to boost that flame of action within! 


Step 1
How much do you want it? Understanding the importance of that goal to you begins the process to lead you toward it. The journey to achieving what you desire requires patience and perseverance and your motivation to reach it will keep you going when the road gets a bit tough! Think about it in terms of a percentage, how much on a scale of 10-100% do you want to go all out for this? If the answer is less than 70% then you may find it more of a struggle so maybe take some time to review further your reasons for wanting to get to this goal. Your heart really does need to be in it so you can commit yourself to what you truly want on the path to better health and fitness. 

Step 2
Once you have decided what you want… make an actual commitment! Buy that gym membership, book into that class, sign up at the local weight loss support center… these are all your action steps that set things into motion! Remember that we are always motivated to do things that we love and enjoy… so ensure that takes center stage when looking at fitness routines to take part in!

Step 3
Keep a journal or a planner of what you are doing daily to get to where you want to be. Many people fail at the first hurdle because they don’t plan well enough and the foundations are not built to enable you to reach your fitness/nutrition goals. Develop strong foundations by getting the basics right first…no shortcuts! The best places to start are always at the beginning and take simple yet powerful steps toward your desires. Embrace the courageous starting stages! When you keep a journal it also allows you to reflect back and see how far you have come and this inspires you further to just keep going!

Step 4
Stay positive! A positive mindset can literally move mountains; stay motivated with daily affirmations, always focus on the ‘I can’ and ‘I will’…! The infusion of repetitious and positive mental ‘self-dialogue’ creates a mental pathway to your goals by keeping you focused and upbeat in your energy. Do something each day that takes you closer to your goal… have that nutritious breakfast, walk the extra 15 minutes rather than jumping in your car… all little things make big changes, and remember you can and will make daily changes! Positive affirmations are another little thing that can serve to build you up from the inside to out, and that is priceless!

Step 5
Get some extra motivational support when needed… it is all OK to have a bit of a ‘back up’ plan or a helping hand. This may be in the form of a fitness buddy, friend or someone around you that keeps you encouraged, or a pre-devised homework out when time runs short to get to the gym! 

Step 6
Be flexible and open-minded in your approach to your health and fitness goals. Come out of your comfort zones and try new things… a new workout or a new meal plan maybe… these can serve a metabolism boost to avoid the plateau stages when not much seems to be changing, or it isn’t changing fast enough. When you are adaptable you can shape circumstances to fit you… rather than you be controlled by them, and this makes a world of difference!

So there you have it… six simple little steps to keep the inner motivational spark alive so you continue to progress! If you feel you need some more external support, there are many products available that can assist in keeping your energy levels topped up and keep you moving forward. Her Diet is a company that focuses on a variety of supplements aimed at women who want to keep on track with their health and fitness objectives; here we look at a few of them! 

For the all important energy boost try Her Diet’s Up and Down level 1  and Up and Down level 2 

Here's a quick look at the benefits it can offer you:

•    Boosts your energy levels, so that you can sustain yourself through workouts and life.
•    Super convenient – no changes in your routine. Just keep up with your diet and workout regimen!
•    Assists with weight loss, allowing you to reach your goals faster.

For an assisted weight loss strategy HER diet’s Carb and Fat Attack aids in weight loss; here is a quick overview about this all-natural weight loss formula:
•    Garcinia Cambogia is quite popular among female celebrities. It is a unique herb that consists of HCA (hydroxy citric acid), which acts as an enhanced fat-burner. It also blocks enzymes known as citrate lyase, which is responsible for fat creation. So in a sense, you're getting double the benefit – melting the fat off and preventing new fat from forming!
•    White kidney bean to acts as a carb blocker, which is great news for women who like to indulge in starchy foods every now and then. When you eat starches one of two things happens – it is digested or it's left in your gut undigested. The calories aren't properly absorbed, leading to weight gain.
•    Cascara Sagrada is a powerful herb that offers a variety of health benefits. It was chosen for this product because of its laxative properties. It detoxes the body, ridding it of harmful toxins and excess fat.

Stay on track with your fitness goals and keep the motivational spark burning brightly! To view more products from Her Diet range please check out The Pink Original which also aids in weight loss. The PM night time Sleep Aid which aids in boosting metabolism as you sleep and Appetite Attack can be used as s a natural way to control your appetite, boost your metabolism and speed up weight loss.

Photo courtesy of freedigitalphoto.net, Her Diet 

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