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Is it really "mind over matter"? | Just Relax Part #2

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7 tips to FEEL GOOD

Intellectually, we know that every day is a good day and we should be happy and feel good. We are well acquainted with saying” the glass is half full rather than empty”. However, emotionally many of us just don’t feel that way. The fallowing are specific suggestions to help us FEEL GOOD. Spend only 20 minutes a day doing something relaxing, not work-related, and believe or not you can quickly improve your mood.

Here are some suggestions about how to FEED GOOD

1. LOVE is our most basic human needs and we need to be loved and touched. We need each other. If it is lacking, than it will affect every part of our being. We need to be wanted and care for, just as we need to love and care for others. And, YES, we need this to FEEL GOOD.

If you want to charm the man in your life and make him feel on the top of the world, laugh at his jokes.

2. EXERCISE is one of the best ways to relieve stress. Cardiovascular workouts are great for the body and mind. By getting your blood pumping, you are increasing, your body’s endorphin level. Endorphins send that “FEEL GOOD” massage to the brain- washing those blues away.

" The best stress reliever overall is exercise. Everyone needs to blow off steam; doing it through exercise provides an excellent, non-violent means of relieving stress and anxiety. It provides the body with more endorphins, highly-effective stress-busting chemical substance which are produced more rapidly in the brain during exercise," says Dr. Howard E. Wolin, Doctor of Medicine and owner of Wolin Wellness Center in Libertyville, IL.

3. STRETCHING works to prevent both muscle and daily strains! Stretching helps to loosen tense muscle, whether from a rough, stressful day or a vigorous workout. It also decreases the production of stress hormones. Many exercise that incorporate stretching also utilize relaxing breathing techniques. So, find some time for you, dust off yoga mat and reach for your toes- and FEEL GOOD.

The worst thing can happen is that you look younger than others think you should be for your age.

4. MEDITATE for healthier, stress free brain. People who meditate on regular basis actually shift their brain activity away from parts of the brain that are prone to stress. Sit back, relax and meditate those stressors away. FEEL GOOD

When you ready, take a deep breath and let it go. “Don’t waste time dealing with what you can’t control or change,” – says Dr. Wolin

 5. DANCING is a lot of fun and very helpful for getting in shape. One immediate benefit to dancing is that it makes you FEED GOOD, especially when accompanied by your favorite music.

Dancing for joy. When you ‘re happy, dancing is a great expression of your well-being.

6. GOOD SLEEP makes you feel better. Does stress keep you up at night and make you feel sad or tired? You are not the only one Get adequate sleep. Usually an adult requires 7,5 hours good sleep per night.  “Don’t fight yourself if you can’t sleep” Dr. Wolin says. “ Stay up and watch movies or TV or listen to music or anything you find relaxing”

Sexual activity can also lead to soporific reactions and help you FEEL GOOD

7. AROMAS allow your body to unwind for a stress-free you and help you relax. The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates believed the way to health was through aromatic baths and massages.  Hot water and stress-reliving essential oils combine to ease stress, tension, and achy muscles and quickly help you FEEL GOOD.

If you are looking for ways to lower stress level quickly, hot aromatic bath may be your solution.

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