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How to stay healthy from the inside- a peek at how fiber can help!

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There is so much information available on nutrition and diets that it’s hard to absorb and take in what is actually the best way forward nutritionally for you. A wealth of different diets are dangled in front of us each day…so what is the best way to support yourself to receive the best nutrition? We know that eating fruit and vegetables along with healthy grains, fish/poultry/meat, and dairy sources are the general rule of thumb so this sets a basis at least for you to work from. There has also been a sharper increase in people opting for a vegetarian or vegan diet to follow, and these are helpful due to a stronger focus on fruit and vegetables…something that we often don’t support ourselves with as much as we should (5 portions a day at least is a good start!). Fruit, vegetables, and wholesome grains add fiber to our diet, the all important nutrient that is found from plant sources and allows our body better digestion and just to function more healthily. 



There are two types of fiber, soluble (dissolves in water) and insoluble (passes through your gut without being broken down first) here we look at a few ways you can support a more wholesome nutritional approach by ensuring you are getting adequate amounts of fiber! 

Sources of soluble fiber include oats and rye, fruits and vegetables, beans and pulses and golden linseeds.
Sources of insoluble fiber include wholemeal or 
whole grain bread, wholemeal pasta, cereals, potatoes (with skins on!) and nuts and seeds.


Firstly…Fiber facts!

•    Eating foods that are high in fiber keep you fuller for longer so can help you to manage your weight.
•    Fiber intake should be increased gradually in order to prevent excess bloating/stomach cramps.
•    Soluble fiber helps to soften stools making them easier to pass.
•    Insoluble fiber helps keep your bowels healthy and prevent digestive problems.
•    Fiber can help prevent some cancers (such as bowel/digestion related cancer) heart disease and diabetes. It is super-important for digestive health!
•    Drinking adequate amounts of water (at least 8-10 glasses a day/2L on average) helps fiber do its job! 

So how much fiber per day is ideal for healthy digestion and bowel function?

Typically the average adult consumes around 18 grams of fiber per day, but this should actually be closer to approximately 30 grams as a general guide. Point to note: if you suffer from any IBS/digestion related issues it is always best to receive advice from a dietician on fiber intake! How can you make small and gradual changes to increase your fiber intake?

Guideline amounts of Fiber per day in relation to age:

Age 2- years: 15g per day
Age 5-11 years: 20g per day
Age 11-16 years: 25g per day
Adults (17 plus): 30g per day

Some smart tips to help you get more Fiber in your day!

•    Make sure you eat a wholesome breakfast and add fruit! (porridge with bananas or apples for instance)
•    Snack on fruit and vegetables (you can always pre-prepare some to take with you if you are on the go)
•    Eat potatoes with their skins on!
•    Always add vegetables to your evening meals or as a side dish!
•    Add beans and pulses to salads
•    Opt for wholemeal or granary bread rather than white bread (applies to pasta/rice too!)
•    Drink water! (Around 2L a day is recommended)



So, in summary, the best way to help your body be healthy is to support it as best you can by ensuring you are getting the right amounts of fiber in your diet! Comprise a way forward to get you working at your best, from the inside to outside!And we are not alone in our ‘eat more fiber revolution! Bio-Form Essentials was formed to research and develop innovative nutritional technology in the form of safe consumable nutritional support supplements necessary to fight off the effects of obesity, diabetes, stress, and aging in both men and women. All of the Bio-Form Essential products contain natural clinically proven nutrients in ratio-balanced formulas and provide multiple nutritional benefits to the consumer. In 2006, they began to research a unique fat-absorbing fiber called Alpha-Cyclodextrin or ACD® and brought their findings to the US Government’s National Institutes of Health where this unique fiber was researched of behalf of all Americans and found to be a “Smart-Target® Fiber”.  Bio-Form Essentials then assembled the first human clinical study to demonstrate the multiple benefits of this unique fiber in both men and women and named this breakthrough weight loss & health product: Alpha-Fibe®, Alpha-Fibe Original® and Alpha-Fibe Advanced® as necessary nutritional support supplements which represent a smart clinically proven approach to weight loss & better health.



So how can these products help you be healthier fiber-wise?

•    Alpha-Fibe® is a unique, natural, “smart slimming fiber” with special fat-absorbing properties unmatched by any other fiber known. When taken after meals these fast acting fiber capsules target & absorb up to 60% of the unwanted fats in the foods you eat, removing them safely through normal elimination.  

•    Featured on ABC TV News and highlighted in Shape, Fitness, Woman’s Day, and First for Women magazines, Alpha-Fibe® has created  incredible excitement as a safe and healthy weight loss aid that doesn’t require a low-fat diet! 

•    The distinguished US Government’s National Institutes of Health studied this unique fiber known scientifically as Alpha-Cyclodextrin or (ACD®), for its health benefits in 2008, and found it to be a “Smart Target® Fiber” having the special ability to target and absorb bad saturated fats while leaving good unsaturated fats alone. No other fiber known has this special ability!

•    Scientific researchers then proved through 2 separate human clinical studies, that Alpha-Fibe® provides safe & healthy weight loss, lowers cholesterol, balances blood sugar levels, and improves elimination in healthy men & women as well as obese and type 2 diabetic individuals.  Unlike any other studied weight-loss supplement, the participants in these studies did not follow a low-fat or low-calorie diet.

•    Each bottle of Alpha-Fibe® can absorb and eliminate over 15,000 fat calories and with continued use, Alpha-Fibe® is documented to raise your body’s key weight loss hormone ‘adiponectin’ that breaks down fat, an astonishing 100%!

Alpha-Fibe’s® special fat-absorbing properties are only activated when taken with food…so take two capsules with at least eight ounces of water directly after a meal or snack for the best weight loss results. For larger meals or snacks, take 3-4 capsules after meals.



The most recent innovation by Bio-Form Essentials is Alpha-Fibe Advanced®. Designed with the breakthrough concept of the Original Alpha-Fibe® fat-absorbing formula, Alpha-Fibe Advanced® takes weight loss benefits to a new level adding 2 natural proven ingredients: Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Beans to create a patented proprietary formula. These documented nutrients in a ratio balanced formula now make Alpha-Fibe Advanced® effective at shrinking existing fat cells and being a natural appetite suppressant and powerful fat metabolism enhancer, this is in addition to its overall unique ability to absorb unwanted fats from the foods you eat.

Check out Alpha-Fibe® and Alpha-Fibe Advanced® for nutritional support supplements which represent a Smart Clinically Proven approach to Weight Loss & Better Health!

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