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A three-step process to perfect skin

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Refreshed and youthful looking skin is a journey and not necessarily a final destination- it is something you work towards daily to enhance your natural beauty and not something a magic potion can fix in a few days…everything requires a process of action to keep it at its optimum! Firstly… here are some amazing skin facts for you! 

1.    Your skin from tip to toe amounts to around 15% of your body weight...            amazing huh?!
2.    Your skin (on average) covers an approximate area of 2 square meters.
3.    Your skin renews and regenerates every 28 days
4.    Your skin is at its thinnest on your eyelids, and thickest on your feet!
5.    Almost 9lbs of dead skin cells are shed from your skin…each year!

These are all quite astounding facts and highlight the value and importance of the skin that surrounds you, enfolds you, and protects you! With this in mind, here we look at a simple three step guide to great skin…embrace the journey and achieve the balance!

You are what you eat…and drink!
Nutrition and hydration (Water!) rate high when it comes to the lovely skin for good reason, it is always what you put in that either positively or negatively affects things externally. Of course, there will always be phases where you eat too much or drink too much alcohol on occasions but essentially it is always about balance. A good, nutritious diet around 80% of the time is a good marker to work within and allows for flexibility to enjoy a few treats- find your happy medium! In summary, you need those all important vitamins and minerals to counteract the harmful pollutants and toxins that are unavoidably met with daily. Feed yourself with the good stuff as much as you can…and your skin will love you for it! 

Our bonus tip just for you! Vitalize with vitamins A, C and E, Calcium and Omega-3 fish oils or flaxseed oils which are like your ‘skin angels’! Collectively they aid in skin repair, skin cell maintenance, collagen production, combating premature aging, hormone balance, and provide remedying hydration and moisture to your skin cells. A varied diet is abundant in all these nutrients!

Cosmetic freedom!
Cosmetics should only ever really enhance your natural beauty so the better care you give to your skin, the more radiant it looks naturally and this lessens the need for heavy makeup that clogs up your pores and doesn’t actually rectify any skin issues- it just disguises them and potentially (over time) exacerbates any imbalance or blemishes also. It is perhaps more beneficial to work on a beauty and skin care routine that is less dependent on cosmetics…and maybe opt to have at least one day where you are make-up free, giving your skin the chance to breathe and just be free! Celebrities do it too…! 

Cleanse and moisturize- always!
Cleansing and moisturizing should not be understated for both men and women; it really can make all the difference to your skin's natural glow when you use the right products for it- seek guidance from a dermatologist if needed but normally skin types are categorized as oily, combination or sensitive. Remember that the skin around your eyelids is thinnest and more fragile so take extra care around your eyes when you cleanse and use products. Generally, you should aim to cleanse and moisturize at least twice a day… too much can strip your skin of its natural suppleness. Gentle exfoliating once or twice a week can help to remove dead skin cells and lift dry, tired or dull skin…take care to avoid harsh exfoliation that can damage skin just the steam from a shower can act to exfoliate...so simple! 

Our skin is a renewable resource (regenerating every 28 days!) constantly turning over and making new, healthy cells. It’s never too late to start taking good care of your skin; our skin responds very well and pretty quickly to high-quality nutrition and hydration. We introduce Kate Ryan Skin Care which is a mother/daughter business, thus representing two generations of women. Founders and co-owners, Erica Finnan is a mother of four in her mid-30’s and Bev Steinbicker is in her mid 60's. They believe that great skin is not the result of a “miracle product”, or even one great ingredient, no matter how powerful or beneficial. Healthy, beautiful skin comes from a consistent daily skin care regimen, using a synergistic blend of scientifically proven, active ingredients. Just as a healthy body requires nutrients from many sources, the key to your best skin is feeding it with many different actives, each with a different purpose and benefit. 

Erica and Bev created Kate Ryan Skincare (KRS) having done the research for their customers- busy moms, working women shopping on their lunch hour, someone looking for a great solution to a skin concern but doesn't know where to start; and anyone looking for better, real ingredients, as well as active people who want natural skincare that’s honest and can be trusted. 

•    Each of their formulas contains a core blend of antioxidants, providing protection from free-radical damage. Nutritional ingredients work to repair past damage and provide for the basic needs of the skin – cleansing, exfoliation, and moisture. 
•    Kate Ryan Skin Care believes that everyone deserves to have healthy skin that feels comfortable and gives him/her a feeling of confidence! An important goal of their company is to keep quality products affordable for a greater number of people, and always provide real value and results. 

•    Their products contain only ingredients with a purpose. Leaving out fillers that are of no value and hand-select ingredients that are synergistic and effective. 
•    They diligently protect the quality and potency of natural active ingredients by manufacturing in small batch quantities and maintaining inventory in ideal conditions. 
•    All of their products are refrigerated until shipped directly from Kate Ryan Skin Care and each KRS product label contains a batch number and expiration date. The best results come from fresh, high-quality ingredients that are used consistently!

Kate Ryan Skin Care work hand-in-hand with professional and state-of-the-art practitioners; they are advocates for a comprehensive and holistic approach to achieving beautiful, healthy skin. Their blog features timely articles on nutrition, healthy habits, and general wellness as a primary skincare foundation that is enhanced by our high-quality topical formulas. 

“We endorse the great treatments available from aestheticians and medical practices. Our philosophy is that clients achieve optimum results when they combine a program of regular professional care with a consistent at-home, skincare regimen. We believe that using quality skin care actives at home extends the beneficial effects of professional treatments. Great nutritional products prescribed as aftercare can also provide a calming effect for the skin after more aggressive peels or procedures. We encourage everyone to demand great ingredients. Our most loyal clients find us online via their own research for the best ingredients, then seeking those ingredients in products. Our most frequent comment is, “When searching for the top skincare ingredients, your company come up on all of them” said KRS.

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