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Breathing is something that comes so naturally to us that we rarely give it a second thought; air surrounds us and feeds us yet we don’t often pause to consider what we are actually breathing in! The air we breathe is made up of different components namely Oxygen and Nitrogen among other gasses and particles in the air that make up a much smaller percentage of what we inhale into our lungs. As we rush around in our daily lives we frequently need to remind ourselves of the preciousness of air and how it affects us to a great degree if it is of poor quality, for whatever reason. It is difficult during these times with so many air pollutants that can be damaging to our respiratory system and of course our overall health. Here we look at a few ways you can introduce more mindfulness around the air that you breathe! 

Get out into the open… absorb nature and greenery!

The best ways to relax, unwind, and breathe in all the good stuff is by surrounding yourself with it! When you have a lunch break at work don’t stay stuck at your desk… get out into the open, maybe a nearby park or just an open space and just take in the freshness around you. Spending time out in nature, even if it is just for 30 minutes whilst on a break can make a world of difference to your day. The beauty of nature is not only a great way to mentally disconnect, but all that greenery is supplying you will fresh oxygen and fresh air right into your lungs! Our top tip is taking a break… a proper one… and getting out into nature to explore a little!

Spring clean!

Dust and dirt particles on furniture, bedding, curtains and just around the house or at work make their way into the air that you breathe. Schedule in a spring clean at least once a week to keep things ‘renewed’ around you. Spring cleaning is kind of like the removal of old energy for the new to come in… it’s like a new chapter of a book; keep turning those pages! This is a small touch that can really help clear your space, and clear your mind! 

Room Temperature!

Temperature is something that is very individual and our bodies react to heat and cold in very different ways. The key thing to do here, particularly at work where there are other people to consider, is to find a happy medium! A stuffy environment that is being overly heated creates too much moisture and humidity which can be very uncomfortable; by the same token, excessive air conditioning can result in the same. There needs to be a balance that doesn’t negatively affect anyone’s working day...! So if you feel that your needs aren’t being met at work… don’t be afraid to make a point if it’s having a negative impact on you! 

Sleep, perfect, sleep! 

It is vital to have an environment you feel completely at ease in order to get the restful night’s sleep your body needs and deserves. Poor ventilation or bad quality air can really undermine your mental and physical ability to perform your daily tasks as you awake the next day… this then also has a knock on effect by ‘pressing buttons’ on your emotions and your emotional energy if you feel depleted of the sound sleep. Always aim to keep an internal door open in the bedroom if you can, air needs to circulate and if you close doors then it prevents the circulation of that air; having a very small window slightly ajar is also a helpful way to allow air to move around more freely so you stay well ventilated through the night. Soak into restorative sleep spaciousness!

We hope that these little pointers help you to feel happier with the air that you breathe in throughout your day; clarity of mind and emotional calmness allows you to make the very most out of each day you have! Ensure you always take a few minutes each day to take some deeper, more measured, or meditative breaths also… this is all ‘mind fuel’ that helps keep you focused and harmonized! 

If you feel that you need to search for some alternative solutions to enhanced air quality, GreenTech Environmental is a company that innovates, develops, and manufactures high-quality air purification products that positively impact people's lives, and health by improving the indoor environment where we live, work, and play. 

They are driven by a passion for combating the effects of environmental illnesses caused by poor indoor air quality; GreenTech has created a family of air purification products that use technology inspired by nature to produce a healthier indoor living environment.  

Here is some more info on what GreenTech and their products do!

•    GreenTech's PureAir products actively kill mold, bacteria, and viruses present in the environment; they remove allergens from breathing space, eliminate smoke and other offensive odors, and sanitize the air and surfaces in homes, vehicles, and work spaces. 

•    Air purifying is done through multiple healthy living technologies. Photo-Catalytic Oxidation technology; originally developed by NASA for the space station, it uses 100% safe vaporized hydrogen peroxide to kill biological contaminants and gaseous pollutants. Ionization technology is distributed throughout the entire breathing space to remove particles and allergens. 
•    HEPA and carbon filtration remove additional particles and allergens, keeping both your environment and the unit clean and healthy; and conveniently requires no filter to change!

PureAir3000 is…

GreenTech's flagship whole home air purifier offering air and surface purification to indoor spaces up to 3,000 square feet. It incorporates four separate technologies to actively purify the air, significantly reduce or entirely eliminate odors, smoke, pollen, dust, dust mites, pet dander, mold, carbon monoxide, bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds; and other unhealthy and potentially dangerous indoor contaminates. PureAir 3000 is the best solution for whole home air and surface purification and is easy to set-up and use.

PureAir500 is…

Designed to purify the air in a bedroom, office, kitchen, or living room sized space, pureAir 500 uses three advanced healthy living technologies to actively eliminate bacteria, viruses, odors, smoke, pollen, mold, pet dander, and more. These technologies help to sanitize everything in the air, embedded in walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, clothing, on countertops and other surfaces. PureAir 500‘s operation is just as simple as its design; choose the continuous setting for a constant clean or use the burst settings’ automatically timed increases in purification to deal with tougher odors.

PureAir Motion…

PureAir Motion is a compact air purification solution for your car that conveniently fits in a cup holder and looks like an attractive coffee mug! It actively removes particulate and odors from the breathing space in your vehicle and reduces bacteria and viruses; thereby making the air fresh and healthy! 

Used individually or in combination, GreenTech's PureAir products can offer an effective solution to the problem of indoor air pollution, allowing you to achieve a happier and healthier life when indoors! Have a closer look at the extensive range of GreenTech PureAir products to see how they may benefit you and those around you, at work, home, or in the smaller spaces of your beloved vehicle! 

Photo courtesy of freedigitalphoto.net, Green Tech Enviromental,BP photostock 

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