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Sleep Deeply to Rejuvenate Your Mind and Soul!

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Stress, poor sleep, brain fog, and anxiety all have one thing in common - they’re not happening at random, and are linked to something else going on inside your body.

When something is negatively challenging your mind, sleep is one of the first things to be affected, whether it’s poor quality (not sleeping deeply) waking up too early, or falling asleep too late. Sleep is partially affected by hormones, and hormones are affected by numerous factors in our lifestyle - diet, nutrient deficiency, age, and lifestyle conditions.

The lack of sleep impacts our mood, our actions, and our behavior and can be a significant stressor. Stress can affect how we problem-solve, treat our loved ones, and handle our kids. Stress also impacts our sleep, so it’s hard to know which to treat first - the stress, or the sleep? They go hand in hand.

 Atomic Ormus

Over time, the weight of daily responsibilities, poor sleep, lack of energy, and brain fog starts to really weigh us down. It is like a domino effect of symptoms that all impact one another, and it’s very difficult to get them all back in sync at the same time. When we aren’t sleeping properly, then our brains aren’t doing the processing that we need to feel more at ease and problem-solve more efficiently throughout the day. It can take a lot of effort and diligence to give your body everything it needs to be in balance.

The solution is to find a way to treat all of the symptoms that are bothering you (poor sleep, stress, brain fog, fatigue) at the same time. Imagine a product that could bring you the deep sleep, energy, and mental clarity you’re seeking. This product exists.

Atomic Ormus is a formula that you can take 1-2 times daily that will help you sleep deeper, wake up energized, and feel calm but quick and sharp throughout the day. If you have a busy life that you need to be ‘on’ for, it will make you more efficient and productive at work, but also help you feel more grounded and at peace.

 Atomic Ormus

Benefits of Atomic Ormus

  • Improves cognitive function, memory and critical thinking

  • Regulates sleep cycles and leads to better quality sleep

  • Increases energy (perfect coffee replacement!)

  • Improves your reflex speed

  • Promotes deep sleep and lucid dreaming, which helps with stress, anxiety and problem-solving during your waking hours

  • Rich in iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, sodium and potassium.

  • Programmed and charged by a Certified Reiki Master to accelerate spiritual healing, bring mindfulness and calm, and restore balance

  • Non-GMO, vegan-friendly and made in the USA

How does Atomic Ormus work?

Atomic Ormus can decalcify the pineal gland in your brain, which means it decreases the among of calcium and salts. The pineal gland is a tiny gland located underneath the back part of your callosum. It’s part of the endocrine system, which means it controls your hormones. The hormone it’s responsible for is melatonin, which manages our circadian rhythms - our sleep cycles. Our circadian rhythms are what make us feel tired, fall asleep and wake up at similar times each day.

Rather than take melatonin as a supplement, which many do when they’re struggling with sleep, Atomic Ormus will treat the root cause of your sleep disturbances - by nourishing your pineal gland. Plus, there are all the other benefits of it too.

 Atomic Ormus

Who makes this life-changing formula?

Suspended Solutions, a small family-owned and operated company from Chicago, Illinois was founded by Gregory Harris and Jerome Martin III and is currently owned by Harris.

Martin is passionate about holistic wellness, detoxification, re-energizing, and increasing the electrical conductivity of the body.  This passion drove him to produce high-quality products that can help harness and support our body’s natural ability to heal.  founded by Gregory Harris and Jerome Martin III, and currently owned by Harris

Our physical, emotional, and mental bodies are bio-electric webs of communication that depend on the flow of electricity to carry the information needed. Martin found a way to use this to create products that tap into our mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.

Through the detox that Suspended Solutions formulas provide, we clean our channels to allow clear communication throughout our nervous system. Through re-energizing, we power the innate healing to perform its work, and through increasing bio-conductivity, we help communication throughout our system. Suspended Solutions developed Atomic Ormus and other wellness supplements in the spirit of supporting our expression at its highest capacity. 

From the teachings of a famous Japanese doctor

Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese doctor, author, pseudoscientist and businessman who believed that human consciousness could affect the molecular structure of water. In alignment with this work, the wellness supplements created by Suspended Solutions are programmed to hold a higher vibration which is stored in the memory of the solution. Alchemist Jerome Martin uses his gifts to specially program the Ormus, which increases consciousness and has a healing effect on the whole body, mind and spirit. The ingredients in the Atomic Ormus are programmed with light codes of the highest light frequencies to support the highest good for all that consume them.

Rearranged monoatomic elements are organic room-temperature superconductors or batteries that increase the light quotient and conductivity of the brain and nervous system.  Our nervous system sends and receives light images through photons and the conductivity of our body. It increases the ability of our body to transmit these photon light codes to every cell of our body and subtle body. The monoatomic elements also act as batteries that store these light codes increasing our body’s ability to store electricity for future demands. Having this energy stored and flowing throughout our body has been shown to increase memory and cognitive reflexes. This brings about a state of wellness that assists us in showing up for ourselves and the world around us at our highest capacity.

Monoatomic elements aren’t new! They were a part of ancient remedies

Monoatomic elements have been known to be created in Egypt for pharos and were made into breadcakes as offerings as food for the Gods. They consumed this as part of their spiritual practices with the belief in activating their immortal body of light and becoming fully multi-dimensional beings operating on many different levels of reality simultaneously.

By using his energy and love-infused formula, you’re providing your body with what it needs to get back into balance - spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Atomic Ormus is widely used and highly rated by people who have improved their sleep and mental well-being overnight.

There’s no need to delay feeling at peace when you could start feeling well now. Calm your nerves, and start falling easily into a deep, luscious sleep every night. The improved sleep will help your brain process any problems you’re having so that you wake up calmer, more energetic and feel more peaceful throughout the day. The only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t try this sooner. Grab your Atomc Ormus today!


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