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Meet zenytime, your breathing coach

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Breathing properly means that our bodies are being supplied with the right amount of oxygen, replenishing our brain and other vital organs with essential nutrients. If we are not breathing correctly, sooner or later our body will be screaming for help. “Slow, deep breathing is probably the single best anti-stress medicine we have,” says Gordon, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the Georgetown University School of Medicine, the founder and director of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM) in Washington. “When you bring air down into the lower portion of the lungs, where oxygen exchange is most efficient, everything changes. The heart rate slows, blood pressure decreases, muscles relax, anxiety eases, and the mind calms. Breathing this way also gives people a sense of control over their body and emotions that is extremely therapeutic.”

Unfortunately, we don't breathe properly. We're all breathing more rapidly than nature and generally don’t get enough oxygen to perform our best, and we all do it on average 20,000 times a day. This is not very impressive, but technology can actually help boost your well-being, even if all you have is three minutes.Good breathing is a major component of good health and wellness. Better regulation of the oxygen flow in your blood helps be more mentally alert, stimulate the brain and increase productivity.

Meet Zenytime, your breathing coach

Zenytime is the first device designed to help users improve their well-being by playing mobile games using only their breath. Mixing self-improvement and gamification, it promotes serenity, clarity and energy for busy minds and bodies in just a few breaks a day. It is not a wearable device but rather a small companion that fits in pocket, purse, bag, key-chain or any carry-on. Zenytime encourages you to take entertaining 3-minute breathers. It coaches you in the middle of your busy day, anywhere, anytime. Breathing properly can reduce your stress levels, boost your immunity to infections and illnesses, and improve your workouts and concentration.

The Zenytime solution enables gaming apps to act as breathing coaches thanks to a Bluetooth accessory called "the Puck" which features an exclusive patented sensor that tracks controlled breathing and translates it into game controls. To deliver a comprehensive experience, the Puck also captures heart rate and blood oxygen levels. It integrates Bluetooth 4.0 for long battery life and seamless connection with iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Zenytime games are founded on scientifically proven breathing patterns for improving stress management, cardiovascular health and cognitive and athletic performance. The Zenytime dashboard provides stats, tips and rewards toward a healthier you. "Our games have been designed to promote deep, rhythmic breathing to bring more oxygen into your cells and to trigger the many short-term rewards of controlled breathing," said co-founder Celine Vignal. "Zenytime games are adapted to people of any age, as well as exercise enthusiasts and professional athletes."

The Zenytime team is helped by highly qualified advisors, including Dr. Melissa Conrad Stöppler, recipient of a Physician Scientist Award from the U.S. National Cancer Institute; Dr. Jim Taylor, an internationally-recognized authority on the psychology of performance in business and sport; and Ultramarathon Man Dean Karnazes, named one of the "Top 100 Most Influential People in the World" by TIME magazine.Zenytime is currently developing games with key players in complementary industries such as yoga, fitness, sports and wellness. Designed to respond to specific interests, branded games will mix partners' expertise and Zenytime's competencies, and will be available for free to all Zenytime users. Zenytime is priced at $99 but is available at $79 during the pre-order period with free shipping in the US and Canada. 

Source: www.zenytime.com | www.ewellnessmag.com


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    monica said: Wed, 05 Nov 2014 23:43:00 +0100
    Great idea looks! Who would have thought! Definitely investing in this gadget!
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