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Yes, you’ve heard it thousands of times before.  Take this medication for this and this medication for that.  Some of the most common bodily issues that people consult medication for are lessening anxiety, helping with relaxation, trying to fall asleep, as well as alleviating pain and inflammation.   It seems like there is a new medication coming out every single day of the week.  One of the biggest problems with these types of medications is that a lot of them don’t have the most natural ingredients.  In addition, a lot of them have bad side effects and are very addictive.  Not only are a lot of the medications out there very expensive, but so many of the types of medication that are put on shelves only help with one aspect and not another.  That makes people feel compelled to purchase one medication for anxiety, another for pain and inflammation, and another for sleep.  Wouldn’t it be easier to just use one product that covers all your needs and is also healthy and not addictive?  You are in luck!  Did you know? Maine Drops has products with lots of CBD oil, which helps address many important aspects of healthy living all at once.  Make your life easier and healthier all at the same time.



Benefits of CBD Oil

Helping with Stress and Anxiety

Helping people with their stress and anxiety is one of the biggest benefits of CBD.  Millions of people everywhere use medication to help control stress and anxiety in their lives.  Stress and anxiety are extremely common among so many people.  The stress of everyday living is astronomical.   The pressure to fulfill all the responsibilities of life can contribute to a lot of tension in one’s mental status.  We live in a super competitive world.  Whether one is a high school or college student or someone trying to make it in the working world, everyone is trying to outdo one another in terms of their accomplishments.  This competition causes people to think way too much and not stay in the present moment.  Being present and remaining in the moment is about being calm and relaxed.  There is certainly nothing wrong with someone trying to improve themselves, but when one clings to the idea of competition so much, their stress and anxiety levels go to the extreme.  People who have families experience stressful and anxious moments.  It’s very difficult raising young children while also working and taking care of household chores and just the general needs of everyone involved. 

While the factors in one’s life can certainly contribute to huge amounts of stress and anxiety, many people are just naturally prone to become anxious and react negatively to stressful situations.  It doesn’t matter if they have a hectic schedule or not; they are just more likely to exhibit the features of an anxious person, even in the most minimally important situations.  Regardless of what causes someone to experience stress and anxiety, CBD has been proven to help reduce it.  It has a special reaction with one’s central nervous system.  This reaction contributes to better overall moods in people and helps regulate their responses to stressful situations.


Helps With Sleep

Instead of sleeping pills, products with CBD help one get some of the best sleep ever.  Sleep is important.  Getting enough rest enables people to approach their everyday tasks better as well as feel good throughout the day. Sleep is related to various aspects of both physical and mental health.  For one whose daily tasks involve constant physical movement, the amount of sleep they have had can determine how fast and efficient they can be while performing the action.  Other people have daily tasks that involve more mental action.  The mind needs to rest, too, so it can think clearly. When one has not gotten adequate amounts of it, they increase the likelihood of becoming ill.  In addition, people may be irritable and in a bad mood as their mind has not been able to rest.  It’s a vicious cycle. 

Just like with stress and anxiety, the reasons for lack of sleep vary with individuals.  Some people might consume too much caffeine too close to bedtime, while others are just naturally wired.  Oftentimes, people who are very active and on the go throughout the day have trouble settling down, even if their body is tired.  Insomnia is a common problem among a lot of people and can be very harmful to one’s health and well-being.  The amount of anxiety that one experiences certainly influences sleep patterns.  Many people who experience anxiety have racing thoughts.  As mentioned, CBD helps to reduce anxiety, and these racing thoughts, which, therefore, can enable someone to sleep better.  For those who suffer from insomnia, CBD helps in its own unique way.  Studies have shown that many people that suffer from insomnia have high cortisol levels, especially at night.  CBD works in a way to balance one’s cortisol levels and contributes to a relaxing, peaceful sleep.

Helping Fight Pain and Inflammation

Chronic pain and inflammation are very common among people.  Everybody’s body is different.  Some people obtain injuries and don’t recover from them for quite a while.  Depending on the specific injury and its severity, the recovery time is often associated with periods of great pain.  Although everyone’s body is different, huge amounts of pain and a slow recovery process can be related to high inflammation. As people get older, they often start to experience slower recovery rates from injury in general.  Also, a strenuous activity that strains muscles and tendons starts to build up and causes consistent pain.  Arthritis is an unpleasant condition that needs proper treatment.  For some people, fighting off inflammation and arthritis can be quite a challenge.  It’s hard to locate the right type of items that are loaded with just the right ingredients to help with specific tasks of the body.

In fighting chronic pain and inflammation, CBD works with certain receptors that are in our tissue.  The process that takes place not only reduces inflammation but also reduces specific types of pain that are very hard to treat.  For people with arthritis, CBD can be applied to one’s skin to help reduce its effects.


CBD, What exactly is it?

CBD is short for cannabidiol.  So, what is CBD?  It is a cannabinoid (naturally occurring compound) found in hemp plants.  The extraction from hemp plants is CBD Oil.  Hemp is very much related to marijuana.  However, it does not cause the psychoactive reactions that marijuana does.  It’s only the calming and relaxing techniques that are similar.

How does CBD work exactly?

The way in which CBD works is quite a unique process.  In introducing the process, it’s important to mention a system of the body that is directly related to it.  The endocannabinoid system (ECS) regulates one’s immune system, nervous system, and mood.  Two types of cannabinoid receptors make up ECS.  One type (CB1) is located within the brain and nervous system, while the other (CB2) is located throughout the entire physical body.  CBD works with these receptors. The signals contribute to positive moods and overall good health.  

Maine Drops

Maine Drops’ mission is to create trustworthy, effective CBD oil products comprised of all-natural, organic ingredients and to provide 100% transparency into the soil-to-oil process.  In 2017, the founder, Sophie Laird, started taking CBD oil regularly to understand the hype (and to hopefully replace her use of Advil and unnatural sleep aids.)  Within a week, Sophie noticed she was sleeping better, recovering from workouts faster, and managing stress more easily and consistently.

When Sophie Laird started researching CBD oil products, she realized that there wasn’t that much variety.  The ones that were available came from a small number of mass manufacturers.  Laird decided to work directly with successful farmers in Maine to grow CBD-rich hemp.  In addition, she tested organic plant extracts, called terpenes, to mix with CBD oil.  When these terpenes are mixed with CBD, they produce powerful effects inside our body and mind.  This CBD solution was to be used in the products of Maine Drops.

Maine Drops- Calm Drops




Calm Drops from Maine Drops are a lemon/lime flavored CBD oil solution packed with lots of terpenes.  They help relieve stress and calm the mind.  Calm Drops are a natural solution to daily stress and anxietyOne’s daily stress and tensions are conquered with the use of Calm Drops.  Also, one’s brain, which is often prone to overthinking and having racing thoughts, becomes calm. The body becomes calm, hence the name. Start getting calm today with just a drop.


Maine Drops- Sleep Drops (HERO PRODUCT)



Sleep Drops from Maine Drops are natural sleep aids consisting of CBD oil and sedative terpenes.  They are an all-natural supplement that is safe to use and good for the body.  Instead of relying on sleeping pills, Sleep Drops are a safe alternative.  You will experience awesome sleep and not wake up groggy.  Start sleeping better today with just a drop.

“Move on Over Medications and let CBD Take Over”

Handling stress and anxiety is a huge priority among a lot of people, as well as it should be.  Since both are so prevalent in people’s lives nowadays, they can contribute to a variety of physical and mental issues.  It’s up to people to know how to treat them the right way.  We as people cherish sleep and a good night’s rest.  Just like with eating, the body needs sleep.   To help one sleep, just like treating stress and anxiety, the healthiest measures should be taken.  Instead of abusing your body with expensive over-the-counter sleeping and stress pills, try treating yourself the natural way.  In addition, you can take care of pain and inflammation in the same way.  Maine Drops has healthy and natural alternatives to everyday items that may harm your body.  They are filled with powerful CBD oil that can do wonders for one’s health.  Try Calm Drops and Sleep Drops from Maine Drops.  The medications have got to go.  It’s time to feel better and not let the stress of everyday life take us down. Start sleeping like you never have before.  It’s time to take care of all your needs with something simple. It’s time to become a better person. The time is now!!

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