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15 Snack Ideas To Satisfy Your Cravings Without Guilt – part 1

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The Best Healthy Snacks in Your Basket  : 15 snack ideas to satisfy your cravings without guilt - PART 1

Stores are full of new products advertised as “Healthy Snacks”. The trend for healthy organic and natural products is on everyone’s mind these days and many companies have picked up on it. But not necessarily all the products labeled as Healthy Snacks are all that healthy. Here at Wellness we have taken on the challenge to select, taste, compare and provide you with the answers as to which Healthy Snack is worth your Healthy Snacking.  

We have selected 15 of our favorite products, which give you more than just an energizing calorie punch but fibers, nutrients, proteins and other goodies that make this snack worth enjoying. A good snack should contain roughly 150-200 calories for an average adult while providing essential nutrients. Some of our favorites are a bit higher in sodium or sugar than we would like, but most have less fat and saturated fat than other similar snacks while containing great perks like fibers and proteins. We recommend eating one to three snacks per day. In Part 1 of our selection, we cover 8 satisfying snacks that balance healthy fat, fiber, whole grain, lean protein, and/or other nutrients that will keep you in a positive mood and give you good energy.

Here are Wellness Magazine’s healthy snack choices:

Organic Rice Chips (Lundberg Family Farms) Lets start with a WOW… a real“Brown Rice Crunch Sensation” – some serious snacking power here! A must try – fantastic product! New on the market, Organic Rice Chips are USDA Certified Organic, made with the Lundberg Organic brown rice. Every bag proudly bears the Whole Grain Stamp and the Non-GMO Verified logo so you know you're getting a wholesome, healthy-for-you snack. Organic Rice Chips are great right out of the bag or with your favorite dip or salsa – we prefer them plain to savor the taste, seriously it’s a must try. We enjoyed the classic taste of cracked black & white pepper with the delicious crunch of brown rice!Wheat-free. Gluten-free. Calories per servings 140. Calories from fat 50.


Chocolite  (HealthSmartFoods) If you’re looking for a chocolate buzz but don’t want to run that extra mile after consuming it, this is a product for you. Great tasting, delicious Chocolate Confections with all the taste - ½ calories of the leading brands. Sugar - Free, High Fiber, and only 1 Carb! It is the perfect low Carb Candy. Chocoliteis one of only a few Sugar-free Chocolate brands to be low enough in fat and high in fiber, to be acceptable for both the Weight Watchers Diet and Atkins Diet.  Only 30 – 115 calories each!! Chocolite is a perfect replacement for high calories, full of sugar candy and contains a nice kick of protein. The best of both worlds!  Whether you’re looking for Low Carb Candy, Sugar-free Chocolate, Weight Watchers Chocolate candy or something in between these little guys are for all chocolate lovers. Our favorite: Chocolate Crispy Carmel and Peanut Butter Cup Patties.Only $ 1.49 per package of two. Get them at www.healthsmartfoods.com


Karmic Krunch (Karmic Health) Granola meets trail mix, what a great idea! Karmic Krunch is not only healthy but also unique and fulfilling, making one great snack mix. A power punch of a hand made blend of eight premium nuts and seeds. It’s moist and crunchy and has a caramelized taste that is unlike any other snack. Weather you want to pick out your favorite nuts, crunch the crunch or eat by the hand full, we recommend.  Karmic Krunch ingredients contribute to many health benefits and promote digestive health, protection against heart disease, anti-inflammatory effects, and immune support while supporting bone health. Karmic Krunch is naturally sweetened with organic Agave Nectar, which is a low Glycemic Index sweetener (meaning low conversion to glucose) and will not elevate the sugar level in your body. Great snack for on-the-go or for the - I need to snack right now - moments. Calories per servings 190. Calories from fat 130. Available in 4 oz and 10 ounces bags. www.karmic-health.com