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TOP Strategies for Well-Being Each Day

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Health and well-being require a good dose of strategy to keep it going. It is incredibly easy for well-intended eating plans to fall by the way-side, or perhaps you don't manage to get to the gym or exercise for a couple of weeks. So what do you do when this happens?

Well, there are many choices but what you want to avoid is giving up. Having a strategy for getting back into your health and regimen allows for the right mindset to succeed down the line. And the idea is to keep setting new goals so that you are on a route to continued progress.

So, if you find yourself stopping and starting, with your health goals (with great big gaps in between) read on, here area few strategies that will help you take charge again!

  1. Keep it simple. This is arguably one of the best strategies you can implement for health, wellness, or another objective you may have. As an example, setting too many goals at once, making things overly complicated, or chopping and changing without giving things a chance to work sets you up to fail. So why do it? When you keep things simple your mind and body have an opportunity to process any changes you are making to your wellness regimen. 4-8 weeks is usually a reasonable time frame for you to notice results from changes you make. Keep it simple and show patience in your endeavors!

  2. Choose products and supplements that have multiple or combined resources for optimal benefit to your health. Many natural-based supplements are the result of particular blends that work well within the body to harness potency. For instance, vitamin C, Iron, and Zinc work well together to support immune function. Choosing your products and supplements mindfully and purposefully allows you to streamline your resources, helps to keep things simple, and means you can save some money too! Supplementation can be costly, especially if you rely on them to bolster or support a specific nutrition plan.

  3. Keep a wellness diary or some kind of log for when you start new things. We want to see the results of our efforts, don't we? Otherwise, there is no point! Keeping track of your progress can help act as a motivating force when you need it. Everyone has off days but it is how you recover from them that makes the difference. And sometimes you can only move forward once you take a step back to reflect and review! If a diary doesn't work well for you, try post-it notes as little reminders of the journey you are on, or short notes that you can put on your fridge! This can be a great strategy to keep you mentally focused on your goals and motivated, each day.

Your wellness regimen should always be under some kind of review- that is how you keep moving forward. Javita coffee and products are sold by the Dollar Coffee Club,and, they toobelieve in taking charge tohelpothers achieve the best for their health, mind and body

Javitasells caffeinated products to help people enjoy the benefits of coffee while improving their well-being. Their range of coffee is not just coffee! It is so much more than that. You can use their blends as a supplement to increase your energy throughout the day, enhance your mental focus, and alongside your diet or nutrition plan. Javita’s coffee contains natural herbs, all in a super-tasting beverage.  

Javitahas a unique plan to distinguish its coffee from all other coffees!

“We are creating a unique line of great-tasting, instant, gourmet coffees by infusing healthy herbs and other natural ingredients into estate-grown South American blends. Every great-tasting cup will not only give you what you already expect from coffee but also provide the benefits from the natural herbs.” —Javita

Javitawants to help you get to where you want to be. They are high achievers and strive for the best in what they offer to you. Their fantastic range of coffees is not only super-tasting, but they are also great supplements to improve your health.

Javitais created by coffee lovers for coffee lovers!

Here’s a peek at their two best-selling products: Energy + Focus and Burn + Control. Each has specific benefits to enhance your well-being, each day!

Energy + Focus

Energy + Focus is specially formulated with Robusta and Arabica coffee beans and Bacopa Monnieriand Gotu Kola.

Bacopa Monnieriextract is used for lessening the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, memory, anxiety, and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

The benefits of Gotu Kula are preventing gastric ulcers, enhancing memory and circulation, repairing skin, and ameliorating depression and anxiety.

The benefits of Energy + Focus

  • Contains Bacopa MonnieriandGotu Kola

  • Gluten-free

  • Works with many diets such as Paleo, Keto, South Beach, Atkins, and more

  • Is certified Kosher

  • Improves Focus, Memory, and Concentration

  • All you have to do is add water!

Burn + Control

Burn+Control has a wide array of benefits, it’s formulated with two key natural plants, namely,Garcinia Cambogia and Yerba Mate.

Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical fruit that has been used to aid with weight loss because it blocks your body’s ability to make fat and curbs your appetite.

Similarly, Yerba Mate helps with energy, performance, and mental focus, helps you lose weight, protects against infections, lowers your blood sugar, and boosts your immune system.

The benefits of Burn + Control!


  • Made with a 100% South American blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, fully micronized to aid “mixability” and consumption

  • Contains natural plants Garcinia Cambogia and Yerba Mate

  • Is friendly with most diets, like Atkins, Paleo, South Beach, and Keto

  • You can just add hot water and enjoy it without having to brew a whole pot!

“Javita and the Dollar Coffee Club (DCC) understand what you want from your coffee—which is why ours not only includes bold flavors and delicate notes, we've infused natural botanicals (yerba mate and garcinia Cambogia) that are as satisfying to your waistline as they are your taste buds!"- Javita

Having some kind of variety can prove another great strategy for health and well-being each day. Boredom is a passion-killer and a major de-motivator! What better way to introduce some variety into your life than with the healthy range of coffee blends offered to you by Javita.

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