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Alternative Remedies for Immune Support and Vitality/ 495

  • Health

    Success should not come with the price tag of our health upon it, and so we need to be more mindful of how we go about being successful. Essentially, we should be seeking out ways to work smarter- and not always harder!

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  • Anatomy of Comedy

    Anatomy of Comedy|Wellness magazine

    Delivering comedy has two immediate benefits: a natural physiological response experienced by both the sender and the receiver, and a “humanizing” effect ...

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  • Top 10 Ways to Free Yourself from Negative Emotion

    We are all part of the eternal pursuit of happiness. Our happiness dictates the choices we make from the relationships we form, the career path we choose to the lifestyle we lead. But what happens when negative emotions get in the way of our happiness?

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  • “Tossing and Turning, Turning and Tossing”|Wellness magazine

    “Tossing and Turning, Turning and Tossing” (I tossed and I turned all night). Remember that song?  It was written in 1965 and here we are in 2015 with sleep difficulties reaching an epidemic proportion. Women, men and even children are affected by this stressful condition.


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  • Secret Island Herb That Fights Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks| Wellness Magazine

    It rips through your body like a buzz saw, tensing every nerve, pushing your adrenal glands into overdrive and robbing precious years from your life. Stress is no joke. Can you help yourself by simply spraying a few mists of natural spray under your tongue, and sooth your stress and anxiety in no time? Yes, you can.

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  • Psychologists are turning to a new form of therapy: Music.

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  • Sit Back, Relax, and Meditate!| Wellness magazine

    Meditation helps to master the mind and the body.

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