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It's Time To Glow With The Power Of SonicDerm

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Take control of your beauty and release your inner glow. Here are two solutions to at home beauty treatments.  


SonicDerm SD-102 Professional Cleansing System helps you clean, moisturize, and massage your face and body in a safe manner by using effective sonic vibrations, which is less abrasive than rotating brush heads. SonicDerm SD-102 sonic vibrations is a PERFECT skin care tool for SENSITIVE SKIN.


SonicDerm SD-102 promotes a healthy, clean and clear face, reduces fine lines and blemishes, removes oily areas and dry patches on your face, making your skin feeling younger, softer, and tighter and looking healthier and refreshed. Two different brushes can be used to clean all skin types.


SonicDerm SD-102 can be used with 4 various attachments:
1. Dermabrasion Cleansing Brush to peel off dead cells on the skin to reveal a fresh and young looking face
2. Sensitive Cleansing Brush - Extremely soft bristles, gentle enough for most sensitive skin types
3. Moisturizing Sponge to apply your favorite moisturizer, leaving your skin feeling ultra soft
4. Wrinkle Reducer/Massager  to massage your face and body, and reduce wrinkles

SonicDerm SD-102  comes with a storage cradle.


SonicDerm Professional Cleansing System SD-801 is your revolutionary home spa beauty tool. SonicDerm SD-801 helps clean, moisturize, soften and massage your face and body. SonicDerm SD-801's revolutionary bi-directional rotation features a counter or counter-clockwise rotation. SonicDerm SD-801 also features three speeds and is waterproof.

SonicDerm SD-801 provides a deep microdermabrasion and exfoliation experience for your face and whole body, revealing a cleaner and clearer skin.

SonicDerm's revolutionary feature is its bi-directional rotation. SonicDerm SD-801 has the ability to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, preventing the constant pulling of one directional motor brushes.



SonicDerm SD-801:

  • uses a rotating / spinning brush head to help keep your face and body clean

  • removes embedded dirt, oil, dead skin and makeup, allowing your younger, natural skin to breathe and rejuvenate

  • reduces fine lines and helps minimize pores to display a younger and healthier skin

  • minimizes blemishes, age and sun spots, and acne, creating a better skin tone and texture

  • is gentle for cleansing all skin types, including sensitive skin conditions such as rosacea and acne

  • comes with 5 reusable applicators including a medium body brush (exfoliate and preps the body for lotion), normal brush (deep cleansing), moisturizing sponge (massages lotion into skin) pumice stone stone (gently remove calluses and dead skin) and a massage head

  • is for your whole body from face to toes and is perfect for men and women

WATERPROOF! Convenient to use in shower and bathroom!


  • SonicDerm SD-801 has a bi-directional brush motor, rotating clockwise or counter-clockwise. The bi-directional feature combats the constant pulling of your facial skin from one directional rotating brush motors by reversing the rotation

  • offers three rotation speed levels: low, medium and high. Uses 4 "AA" batteries (Not included)

  • has an IPX7 rating, making SonicDerm SD-801 waterproof and safe to use in the shower. Note: SonicDerm SD-801 should not be submerged in water

  • provides an intelligent motor protection system

  • comes with 5 attachments brush heads: Normal Brush Head, Medium Body Brush Head, Moisturizing Sponge, Pumice Stone and Massage Head. SonicDerm SD-801 comes with a Storage Cradle.also


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