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A healthy body is essential for a healthy mind and vice versa. Often we focus so much on the physical and aesthetic aspects of health that we miss out on what true health means. Certainly, being a healthy weight has many advantages, but so does a perspective upon health that zones in on the bigger picture and broader factors of it. 



True health means achieving equilibrium between the mind, body, and of course spirit. And feeling good should always precede looking good! After all, you can look amazing physically but if you don’t feel good energetically then it all feels a little empty. 

That being said, there are many things that we can do that positively affect all aspects of health and well-being. The most obvious ones are exercise, nutrition, sleep, and adequate hydration. A balance that we mindfully create within these components of healthy living builds a foundation for longevity and better health- in the short term and long term. 


Vitamin Supplementation

Try as we might, getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals we need for optimal health is not easily achieved through diet alone. Another point to note is that there is so much temptation to eat out of convenience in modern times, even with the best of intentions eating habits can take a downturn, particularly at stressful or busy times in our lives. 

Good nutrition offers a solid base to improve your well-being but supplements can act as a booster and help you to manage your health more profoundly. One of those supplements which is very much mainstream in the health arena is Collagen. 


Why Do You Need Collagen? 

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body; it is literally like the ‘glue’ that holds your body together via connective tissue such as skin, ligaments, tendons, and muscle. It makes sense to give it a boost via supplementation- especially as age takes hold and levels of collagen naturally decrease. 

For instance, collagen plays a crucial role in the hydration, strength, and elasticity of the skin. It has been shown that doses of 2.5-5grams per day help to decrease skin dryness and improve skin elasticity. Here are some more benefits! 


  • Daily intake of collagen can help your body maintain healthier functions and support your skin, hair, and nails. It can lessen the look of wrinkles as it can aid the body in the natural production of other skin-supporting proteins.

  • Collagen can help to ease joint stiffness, it helps to maintain the framework of cartilage, support the ligaments and joints, increase muscle mass, and prevent bone loss. There are several mechanisms at play in this collagen benefit, but reducing joint inflammation is one of them, and helpful whether you are suffering from acute joint pain or not. 

  • Collagen can help to improve your heart health by supporting your arteries and increasing the levels of good cholesterol within the body. This helps to prevent narrowing of the arteries that can potentially lead to several heart-related health issues such as Atherosclerosis. 

Overall, there are many benefits (in addition to the above) for providing your body with a collagen boost. Collagen is a simple, healthful addition you can make to your day; the ideal way to get your requirement of collagen starts with a couple of squirts of Coffee Booster in the morning…! 


Coffee Booster Beginnings

The Coffee Booster brand is solidly rooted in fitness and personal wellness. The company itself was started by a passionate health & fitness enthusiast- founder Chris Tester, in 2014. 

After graduating from Carleton University with a degree in International Business, Chris quickly realized a typical 9-5 career path was not in his future. Turning his passion into a way of life, Chris branched out into helping others live healthy and active lives as a personal trainer. From there, he joined supplement start-up Liquid Nutrition, and later KeHE Natural Food Distributor, where he deepened his understanding and knowledge of the supplement industry.

Growing dissatisfied with the pill-popping nature of nutritional supplements, the founders of Coffee Booster knew there had to be a better, easier way for people to get the nutrient boost they were after. Many people, after all, don’t like swallowing pills. The better way was Coffee Booster -a flavorless health booster that blends seamlessly into hot beverages.


The Coffee Booster Formulation

Now available in 6 formulations, Coffee Booster was formulated using heat-stable ingredients that could change the way health-conscious people consume their supplements. Through research with various hot beverages, the Coffee Booster team finally discovered the unique fact that the character of coffee completely masked any residual odor or flavor produced by the liquid supplements. Coffee Booster was born! 

“Collagen provides a natural way to ease joint stiffness and promote healthy skin. With Coffee Booster Collagen simply adding two squirts to your coffee will give you 1,200 mg of collagen. And if you are looking for some brain food, wake up your synapses with Coffee Booster Mind. Packed with L-Theanine, B-Vitamins, and glucuronolactone, Mind lets you sip your way out of the common afternoon slump.”- Coffee Boosters



How do Mind Coffee Boosters work? 

Many people drink coffee and tea to improve their mental focus at work or at home. Caffeine has shown many effects on increasing cognitive function. 

  • One of Mind’s main ingredients, L-Theanine, has been shown to improve attention and focus both on its own and when combined with caffeine. One bonus is that L-Theanine will do all of this without increasing your heart rate. It has been shown to promote a reduction in resting heart rate which highlights some of its relaxing properties. This makes it a nice balancing nutrient to the energy effects of caffeine. 

  • Along with L-Theanine, Mind is chock full of B vitamins many of which positively impact the brain through a variety of avenues. From aiding the creation of red blood cells which transport oxygen to the brain, to helping to create neurotransmitters like Dopamine which helps the experience of happiness and pleasure possible, B Vitamins are a crucial piece to providing the brain with the tools it needs for achieving optimal daily function. 

  • As a final touch, Glucuronolactone is incorporated to help support the benefits of your coffee’s naturally occurring caffeine.


Coffee Boosters are quick, convenient, and enjoyable, they are specially formulated to provide you with the overall health support of vitamins without the discomfort of having to swallow multiple pills! They are available in 6 different product types, including Vanilla, Mocha, Energy, Vitamins, Mind, and of course, Collagen.

* In partnership with our friends at Coffee Booster  Photo courtesy of Coffee Booster

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