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Alternative Remedies for Immune Support and Vitality/ 495

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    Spring isn't just about flowers and rain showers, but it's also about decluttering our homes and embracing the good ole' tradition of spring cleaning.Unfortunately, due to the labor intensive duties that go into many of our spring cleaning rituals...

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    Studies indicate that a high-carbohydrate diet (sugar) increases our chances of heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and other diseases.

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  • Beer, if consumed in moderation, has many health benefits, including the obvious: stress reduction.  It, like other alcoholic beverages, has been linked to cleaner arteries as well.

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  • A colonoscopy-based case-control study that included 3,166 polyp-free control subjects, 1,597 adenomatous polyp cases, and 544 hyperplastic polyp cases revealed that dietary omega-3 fatty acid (typically found in fish) intake reduced production of prostaglandin E2 (an inflammatory agent) production. Higher intake Omega-3...

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  • Here’s one more reason to have sex. Recent studies have shown that regular sexual activity can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. 

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