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Keeping Well on the Go

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The world is fast-moving and we seem to spend so much time just trying to catch up with ourselves. Modern living paints a stressful scenario of everyone just trying to do their best and yet often losing themselves in the process. 



Looking after ourselves falls further down the to-do list and this is an unhealthy approach to our mental and physical wellbeing. We aren’t necessarily more productive just because we are busy a lot of the time! The mind, body, and spirit need downtime to rejuvenate and restore. 

With some objectivity and planning, time can be spread out a little more mindfully so that we can still keep well. The more we can practice healthy behaviors, the better we become at navigating through our daily lives. And this is especially true as we age and everything starts to feel a bit more challenging! 


On the go

Of course, we live in a far from an ideal world, and so we do need to be prepared for the times where we are busier than usual. Luckily, we have many resources, tools, and mechanisms that can help us to achieve better health, or at the very least, stable health. 

Here are some tips or reminders to help you stay well on the go:

  • Be prepared! As much as possible, prepare for what is ahead. Naturally, things may come up that will catch you off guard or put your best intentions on a temporary hold, however, if you are mentally and physically prepared then this helps you to feel more confident and in control. Being prepared means planning a little ahead of time where you can but allowing a little wiggle room for other things that may crop up! 

  • Eat well. The energy for daily life and the busyness of daily life depends quite significantly on how you manage your food intake. If you are missing meals or not eating appropriately, this just adds to the stress of the day and depletes you even further. There are numerous wellbeing supplements that can help you fill in the gaps but it really is important to have a strong base of nutrition to spring from. Be objective about your eating habits! It’s easy to fall into unhealthy behaviors but nipping them in the bud allows you to keep moving forward! 

  • Ask for help. It is the one thing many of us find hard to do, ask for some support! As the well-known phrase goes “no man is an island”. Having the right support at the right time can truly make a world of difference to your health and keeping well. Don’t suffer in silence or be a martyr! If you need a little assistance through a busy spell don’t be afraid to ask for a helping hand. 



Natural herbs and remedies in the wellness world can help you toward feeling better and maintaining a busier schedule. Wellness teas have become increasingly popular as people try to cut back on sugar-laden sodas or caffeine. And for wellness teas, Dr. Rox’s come with great product reviews. 

Dr. Rox Wellness Teas was inspired by her personal health challenges, her ongoing battle with rheumatoid arthritis, and a condition that forced her daughter to become wheelchair-bound during her pre-teen years. 

Dr. Rox experienced how unpredictable and quickly a healthy set- back can not only snatch away an individual’s ability to perform simple tasks (such as texting or cooking) but also one's ability to engage in health-promoting activities such as exercise. 

She began to research and incorporate more homeopathic remedies into her daily routine and into the treatment of the health conditions she and her daughter have battled. She turned to nature as her medicine to restore her mind, body, and soul. 

The improvements and residual health benefits were quickly evident. This inspired Dr. Rox to share her new-found love of natural remedies to help others better manage their health conditions and achieve their desired wellness goals. 

Dr. Rox holds a Ph.D. in Health Psychology, is a Certified Health Coach, Certified Meditation Instructor, and has been in the field of health promotion and fitness for over 22 years. With all this knowledge and experience, she applied her research skills to the development of her wellness tea blends. 

She not only worked with a tea specialist to develop powerful effective blends of premium herbs, but she also used research-based focus groups of individuals with various health ailments and wellness goals to test the effectiveness and tastiness of each blend. 


Here we look at two of Dr. Rox’s top sellers: MENOPAUSE RELIEF and RESCUE ME tea blends.


Menopause Relief (QTY: 14 bags)

Menopause Relief tea blend is caffeine-free and can help your body to find balance through menopause. It is a natural herbal blend that has a peach flavor with a sweet cinnamon subtleness. 


This tea can help you with:

  • Decrease hot flashes and menopausal night sweats

  • Limit vaginal dryness

  • Increased levels of estrogen

  • Enhance your mood 

Ingredients & Benefits:

  • Black Cohosh: Increases estrogen and improves vaginal dryness.

  • Licorice Root: Decreases hot flashes and increases estrogen levels.

  • Gingko Leaf: Enhances mood.

  • Red Clover: Decreases hot flashes.

  • Eleuthero Root: Reduces night sweats.

relief is a premium organic tea! Allow it to steep for 5-7 minutes for the best results. If you would like a sweeter tea, simply add honey or another natural sweetener! 

CAUTION: This herbal blend contains licorice. If you have high blood pressure, excessive consumption of this tea should be avoided.

Rescue Me (QTY: 14 bags)

Rescue Me is a tea blend that can help to limit or minimize bloating and gas. It can help to ease digestive discomfort and works very well as a detox tea! 

This tea can help you with: 

  • Significantly limit the absorption of fat

  • Naturally, burn stored fat

  • Boost energy and focus

  • Improve your digestive function and heart health

“This pu’erh (pronounced poo-air) tea blend is a favorite due to the myriad of health benefits packed into this ancient healing tea! It has a simple light lemon taste which makes it delicious served hot or iced. Additionally, pu'erh is the only tea which blocks fat & releases stored fat!”- Dr. Rox 

Ingredients: Pu'erh tea, natural flavors, lemon verbena, and lemongrass


Use this tasty blend as a "rescue" tea if you slip up and eat a fatty or carb-loaded meal. Drinking the tea 1 hour after your meal will reduce bloating and gas effects significantly AND block fat absorption. Rescue Me is a premium organic tea, allow it to steep for around 2-3 minutes for the best results! 

Although most competitors sell their teas “loose leaf”, this is to save money. Dr. Rox Wellness Teas absorb the cost to individually bag each service for the customer’s convenience so they can just grab and go! 

However, if a consumer would rather use a tea steeper to allow the herbs to expand more, they just need to cut open the bag since the herbs are premium, full and fresh! 


Roxane E. Hearn, Ph.D. is affectionately known by her clients as “Dr. Rox”. She is a passionate Health & Wellness Psychologist with over 22 years in the field of health behavior change. 

Her greatest success has come in working with hundreds of clients helping them to lose weight, reduce stress/anxiety levels, manage heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and adopt lifestyles that foster health & happiness. Dr. Rox also works with employers to develop fun, effective, engaging, yet results-driven employee wellness programs! 

FDA Statement -These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Rox’s products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For educational purposes only. Consult your physician before using any herbal products. All matters regarding health require medical supervision. Neither the author nor the publisher shall be liable for any loss, injury, or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestion on this page.

* In partnership with our friends at Dr. Rox  Photo courtesy of Dr. Rox
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