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Immune and health support is a common focus through winter time but it’s a year-round focus that can help to improve it! It is what we do day to day and with the consistent effort that provides the best support for our body. 



The immune system is always at risk of being lowered through overwork, poor food choices, too little exercise (or too much!), lack of sleep, and an overload of stress. However, it is never too late or too early to take steps to increase your immune support. 


The right nutrients 

The right nutrients fortify the body; a supported digestive function enables your body to receive and absorb more of the vital nutrients from food and health supplements, this, in turn, builds up your immune function. 

As winter kicks in, flu and cold bugs make their way; protecting yourself may not always mean that you won’t get symptoms, however, the symptoms you do get may not be as pronounced. Immune support can lessen the effects of many cold and flu bugs. No one likes being knocked for six by an infection, especially during the holiday season! 


Here are some crucial nutrients to help protect and support your immune and digestive function! 


Vitamin C

The benefits of Vitamin C for health, wellbeing, and heightened immune support are well documented. It’s important to note that people on a restricted diet may struggle with the right amount of Vitamin C in their diet. Smoking also depletes levels of vitamin C. 

So what is the right amount of Vitamin C to have daily? The recommended dosage of Vitamin C for an adult is between 65-90mg per day. However, this is the absolute minimum; it is a lower limit. The higher limit is 2000mg per day. Levels higher than 2000mg may cause digestive issues. 

Important to note! Smokers and people on restricted diets or people that exercise a lot may need higher levels of Vitamin C (closer to the 2000mg mark). Pregnancy and heavy exercise may also reduce levels of iron; however, Vitamin C can assist in absorbing more iron. 


Vitamin D 

We commonly think of Vitamin D to support our bone health, however, Vitamin D is also a vital vitamin for improved immune function. Many people may be deficient or lacking the right amounts of Vitamin D in their diet. 

Over winter, we get fewer daylight hours and less sunshine, this may impact our levels of Vitamin D, specifically Vitamin D3; the body naturally produces it through the sun’s rays as well as being absorbed through our nutrition. Vitamin D3 is often referred to as the “sunshine vitamin”! A lack of this fat-soluble vitamin may leave you more susceptible to infection through lowered immune function.

Vitamin D3 helps to modulate the immune system response. Good food sources of Vitamin D3 include fatty fish (rich in Omega 3 fatty acids) and egg yolks; this vitamin is commonly found through animal sources and so vegetarians and vegans may need supplementation. 


These nutrients are just the tip of the iceberg for increased immune function. Alongside these, it is important to include good food sources of Vitamin A and Vitamin E, as well as iron, zinc, and selenium in your diet. 

Having the right anti-viral and anti-oxidant support can offer your body all that it needs to stay well, through winter and beyond! 

Greska’s Carbon 60 is a super-antioxidant! Greska's Carbon-60 is a carbon-based dietary supplement that can be taken orally or applied topically over muscles, joints, or organs. 

Greska’s Carbon 60 is odorless and tasteless and it is the only non-solvent, food-grade Carbon 60 product on the market. Its nano-size and shape make it a super, highly available antioxidant that quickly stabilizes free radicals eliminates oxidative stress and neutralizes toxins.


Carbon 60 has numerous benefits! 

Once you appreciate the role of oxidation, aging, and the benefits of antioxidants, you realize the value of Carbon 60 to your immunity and overall health. 


Here is the science bit for a little better understanding! 

Free radicals are molecules in your body that are missing an electron. These electron-deficient molecules impair healthy bodily functions by stealing electrons from neighboring healthy cells. This can impede your immune function and leave you more prone to several conditions and infections. 

This “electron stealing” sets off an electron stealing chain reaction and the result is known as oxidative stress. Oxidative stress damages and impedes your optimal cell function. As a consequence, this process then leads to inflammation, tissue damage, cell deformation, and accelerated aging. (All the things we want to avoid for a healthy life!)

“As we age, our body loses its ability to fight free radicals and eliminate oxidative stress. We take longer to mend, and our body has to reallocate more energy to maintain itself. Thus, as we age, we lose strength, power, and energy”- Greska’s Carbon 60


How can Carbon 60 help you? 

An antioxidant is a molecule (a group of atoms bonded together), which is so stable it can share or donate an electron to a free radical. They stabilize free radicals without losing their stability.

Most antioxidants are found in foods, but these are large and bulky; they often cannot get around the body and reach everything.

Carbon 60 is a super antioxidant that is made up of only 60 carbon atoms, thus the name Carbon 60! 

This molecule is about 4000 times smaller than antioxidants found in foods. Its smaller size allows it to travel throughout your body with ease, reaching down to the subcellular level! It can get to unstable molecules (free radicals) faster and more effectively than any antioxidant known to man!

“If you can neutralize imbalanced electrons, by providing stability, you can halt cell degradation from oxidative stress and neutralize the toxins damaging effect."
 - CEO and founder Bob Greska of Carbon-60, Inc. 


Quite Simply, Greska's Carbon-60 is in a league of its own! Greska’s Carbon -60 is a unique supplement for four valid and valuable reasons: 

  • Food Grade: Greska's is the only food-grade Carbon 60 manufacturer in the world. 

  • High Quality and Organic: After much scientific research and laboratory testing, Greska’s Carbon 60 chose to suspend their Carbon 60 in a highly filtered, cold-pressed, non-GMO, Certified Organic Sunflower Oil.

  • Value for Money: Greska's Carbon-60 supplement is the most potent and best value Carbon 60 product on the market. Each bottle of Greska's provides a 45-day supply at less than $1.69 per day. That is amazing value for such a powerful health product! 

  • Bioavailability: Each serving (2/3ml) of Greska's Carbon-60 contains over 100 billion Carbon 60 molecules and has more than 1,000 times the bioavailability Carbon 60 per serving compared to other Carbon 60 products. 





Greska's Carbon-60 is pure, clean Carbon 60.

“We are one of the few Carbon 60 companies to convert our own raw Carbon 60 powder. Our exclusive non-solvent manufacturing method produces Carbon 60 in a non-aggregated, non-crystallized, spherical molecule of Carbon 60 that is smaller than all other solvent extraction-based methods. Greska's process uses no solvent thereby, only the natural black color remains. Greska's Carbon-60 is Good Manufacturing Practice certified for all Carbon 60 powder conversion, blending, bottling, labeling, and order fulfillment in Littleton, Colorado, USA”- Greska’s Carbon 60 

With Greska’s Carbon 60, you can explore a better, healthier you! 



* In partnership with our friends at Greska’s Carbon 60 Photo courtesy of Greska’s Carbon 60
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