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Harnessing Balance for Longevity

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Creating balance is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to help you reach a healthier state. Longevity is not a lofty ideal; it’s just something that needs to be worked upon with passion and diligence day by day. Balance asks you to pay heed to all the little things that can so easily impact health and harmony down the line. 



You never lose anything by working on yourself. And by focusing upon ourselves we are better able to help others and those we care about. We can only give outwardly what we have first nourished within ourselves! 

That being said, how do we achieve a healthy balance? There may be a number of answers to this question but essentially it is all in the smaller, finer details and the things we do each day. Through changing habits we create healthier lifestyles, through a healthier lifestyle we harness balance, through balance we work toward health and longevity. 

We cannot always receive what our body needs through food and nutrition alone. Modern living has affected the nutrient value of what we eat- no question about that! This is where dietary aids and supplements can really help to shift us forward where we were once stuck. 


The key to a healthy balance and longevity

A dietary supplement supports your lifestyle and wellness objectives. If not, it would be called “dietary everything”. The actions you take between doses are just as important to harnessing balance and longevity (so we should not use them as a total replacement for food!). 

Do you go to the gym? Eat a healthy diet free from processed food and sugary drinks? Do you meditate? Get enough sleep? How much stress do you have in your life? These are all questions to ponder and reflect upon regularly. Keeping a check on your state of health allows you to adapt and take action where and when needed. 

There are 3 factors to ideal health and balance. These are Mind, Body, and Spirit. Any upset within either will impact your health and wellbeing so it stands to reason that a holistic approach to health creates a broad spectrum of opportunity to adapt, improve, and grow. Here are some things to think about! 



Do you have a growth mindset and do you continually read, learn, and soak up knowledge? Do you have a forward-thinking outlook and do you train your mind to be optimistic? It is easier said than done and we cannot be positive all the time but we can look for the positive in any seemingly negative experience, this helps to shape a new perspective and find solutions rather than more problems! 


Do you treat your body affectionately and respectfully? How often do you indulge in self-care so that you not only look your best but feel at your best too! The first step to self-mastery is first controlling what you put into your mouth. Eat and supplement with purpose, care, and discipline; putting your health first strengthens your ability to help yourself and those around you. 


Do you take moments of self-reflection and seek out fresh perspectives? Meditation, prayer, taking time out in nature and positive affirmations are powerful tools that have been shown to have a positive and inspiring physical effect on the body. Maintaining a “Young at Heart” perspective helps to lift your spirit so you keep looking forward to new experiences. 


B12: Cracking the Youth Code 

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of feeling young is actually having the same level of energy that you had in your 20’s and 30’s.

As we get older it becomes more difficult for our bodies to retain and absorb B12. And as our food becomes more processed, we are depleted of these essential vitamins. A deficiency in B12 may result in chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, and exhaustion. 

There’s a rare form of B12 called Adenosylcobalamin, which produces more energy than the conventional B12 used in about 99.9% of all supplements. 

This form of B12 is a superfood for your cell’s mitochondria, which is the powerhouse of the cells within the body. This is the part of the cell that turns sugar, fats, and proteins into energy; this reinforces its importance to your health and longevity. 





Ideal Infusion is passionate about remaining wild and young at heart! They understand that true health consists of a balance between the mind, body, and spirit.  

A healthier lifestyle allows you to have the energy and vigor so you can take more risks and fulfill your unlimited potential! 

Ideal Infusion put their unique spin on every product and carefully crafts something that is even better for you and your body. They consider themselves anti-aging pioneers and truly believe that proper supplementation can be a vital step forward towards drastically slowing the aging process. 

They adopt a minimalistic approach to their supplement formulas; here are two from their range! 


Introducing B-Bomb B12: Vitamin B12 + B Complex by Ideal Infusion




B-Bomb contains an infusion of the Coenzyme forms of B12 (Methyl +Adenosyl) and energizing B-Vitamins. B-Bomb may have an aggressive name, but it has a gently sweet taste! 

  • Organic Spearmint

  • Stevia

  • Sugar-Free

“Build up your own natural energy reserves without the crash, jitters, or insomnia caused by caffeine or energy drinks. Just spray the formula under your tongue and the B-vitamins will absorb through the salivary glands and into the bloodstream within minutes!” – Ideal Infusion


Harness the Power of the Sun with Vitamin D3 (Plus K2) by Ideal Infusion

Ideal Infusion’s D3 uses Cholecalciferol derived from wildcrafted lichen and they use the highest quality vitamin K2 (MK-7) from fermented Natto. 

  • Vegan Formula- Get a 5000 mcg dose of the sunshine vitamin in a delicious blend of natural flavors.

  • Vitamin K2 plays an important role in binding calcium to bones. Vitamin D3 and K2 supercharge bone and cardiovascular health. Vitamin K2 also aids with supple skin and reduces inflammation.

  • Premium quality, this means Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Keto, Sugar-Free, and tested for heavy metals.

CinnaPlum Flavor is the flavor of fall! If you are tired of liquid vitamins that taste like cough syrup, alcohol, or have a medicinal aftertaste that lingers, Ideal Infusion’s formula was carefully crafted using organic plums and cinnamon with a sprinkle of stevia. It is arguably the best tasting liquid vitamin D3 supplement you will ever try! Just remember, it isn’t candy! 


“We aren’t just passionate about longevity and anti-aging…we’re obsessed! We provide cutting edge nutrition to anyone who wants to stay wild at heart and is equally devoted to their youthful vigor and appearance! – IDEAL INFUSION

Ideal Infusion is committed to quality. GMP Certified Facility. Their products are formulated in a GMP Certified facility, in an FDA Registered Lab and made in the USA. Their supplements use Vegan Formulas and No Colors or Artificial Flavors! 

* In partnership with our friends at Ideal Infusion * Photo courtesy of Ideal Infusion.

* Statements in this article have not been evaluated by the FDA. Eneuvos™ Bionutriceuticals products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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