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Happy and healthy living develops a better way of life for us all. Uncertainties in life are many and many things are often actually out of our control- but our health is the one thing that is within our reach when we work toward it! 


Healthy Adaptation

Happy and healthy living encompasses many things and as we age and grow these will be subject to change and adaptation. By the same token, if we do develop some kind of chronic condition or illness, then we need to review and re-adjust our focus. For our lives, we may combat many things that impact our health, such as stress, injury, hormonal changes, weight gain, weight loss, and ailments due to age. 

The most important thing is to maintain an adaptable and open approach so that your emotional, mental, and physical needs are taken care of through health regimes and self-care initiatives that truly benefit you. 


What Does Self-Care Look Like? 

In recent times and with the rise of mental health problems, self-care has grown into a health regime of its own. Self-care places you, as a person, as the primary focus and this helps to promote better mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Anxiety, stress, and poor mental and emotional health all play a role in depleting our immune function and this leaves us prone to infections, illnesses, and diseases. 

To put this into perspective, a study conducted in 2019 for mental health noted that over 44m adults in the US have a mental health condition- these figures to around 18 percent. We can only work to reduce that number through self-care and health promotion directives. 

When we work toward self-care, we naturally move toward happier and healthier living. For many people, the demands and challenges that are placed upon their shoulders are immense and without a healthy self-care protocol, health and wellness can easily fall into a rabbit hole. 

Self-care expands your vision of health to the whole body rather than just the physical aspects of it. Self-care may mean taking time out when needed, going for nature walks, trying yoga and meditation techniques to help relieve stress, and of course working with your nutrition to ensure you get the best from food to support your bodily function. 

Think of self-care and health as a flower…when you nourish and nurture the seeds, the buds bloom. 



Searching for Whole Body Health

You may think that it’s hard to find “whole body health” living in such complicated, demanding, and even “crazy” times. You may even think, “How can I keep the same energy or vigor of my youth, or why does it seem so difficult to stay on top of a healthy body, mind, and soul, and who can I trust for wellness advice- where do I go?”. 

There are many questions but it’s important to know that you are not on your own! How to feel and look good and be healthier both on the inside and outside of your body is something we are all searching for in some way or another. 

The truth is, when you begin to take your health into your own hands, that’s exactly the right path to get you where you want to be! 

KuKista believes that too. They think every person should have a whole health team tailor-made especially for them. 

“We believe there can be the perfect balance between traditional modern-day medicine and natural herbal supplements, each a different player to your health team. Keeping with our commitment to whole-body health, KuKista offers a total body herbal consultation that addresses your health concerns”- KuKista 

KuKista means “from the flower,” and for the first time, they are now online. Their country lifestyle is a way of living, and they call this lifestyle “the KuKista way.” This approach supports a whole-body outlook on health. 



A Whole Body Approach with Kukista

The whole-body approach involves a physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental way of living, and medicinal herbs are a very intricate part of that lifestyle. 

Kukista carries 50 different medicinal tinctures extracted in small batches, hand-shaken, hand filtered, and hand bottled. These tinctures include 7 healing balms and 3 massage oils, all-natural, of course. 

“We love plants, especially healing plants. Our collection of herbs addresses our bodies’ physical issues from head to toe and inside out. Some of our tinctures promote effective meditation while others promote emotional healing. Still, others provide mental clarity for maneuvering through rough terrain we call life”- Kukista

Two of their most exciting and powerful full-body healing plants are Olive Leaf and Ashwagandha Root

Olive Leaf- A symbol of hope and life


The olive tree is one of the most resilient of all trees; it can survive the harshest of conditions. Olive Leaf extract does just that for you too, it helps to give your body a healthy resilience. 

  • The anti-viral properties of the Olive Leaf help to fight viruses that quickly spread from person to person. It also may stop the virus from spreading into healthy cells. This means Olive Leaf can help our cell’s protective layer to keep the bad stuff out.  

  • As part of our Warrior Collection, Olive Leaf helps protect your body from harmful toxins that constantly surround us 24/7.  

  • Some herbs can lose their effectiveness if you use them too often, but Olive Leaf can be used regularly to create a barrier between you and potential illnesses.

Ashwagandha Root- A vital herb for everyday living



Ashwagandha Root helps to push back and balance the commotion and stress from day to day living or an extra challenging lifestyle. 

  • It’s well-known to stimulate, rejuvenate and relieve chronic stress and anxiety giving the body it’s much-needed stamina to move through life’s constant demands

  • Traditionally, Ashwagandha Root has been prescribed as a nerve tonic and adaptogen—an agent which helps the body adapt to various emotional and physical stressors

  • Ashwagandha Root can help to strengthen the immune system.


“At KuKista we are a woman-owned and operated company, and we talk every day about which tinctures we need to be currently using. We talk about ourselves, our children, our friends, and our childrens friends. Ashwagandha and Olive Leaf are always at the top of our lists to use. They are some of the KuKista family’s favorite extracts”- KuKista

Herbalists, Naturopaths, and individuals interested in healing herbs love these two herbs too because they are both powerful for improving overall body health. Most people love Olive Leaf because it is a gentle herb with strong healing properties and can be used for things like the common cold and the flu. On the other hand, Ashwagandha is popular because it is a mighty herb that can help calm and quiet our body and soul. 

“We know it’s easy to get lost in a big world of information, and we know how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle. We think if you take care of whats on the inside- the inside will take care of you. At KuKista, we say eat well, sleep well, play hard, and take your tinctures! Here’s to happy, healthy living”- KuKista

* In partnership with our friends at KuKista  Photo courtesy of KuKista

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