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Getting healthier can be a source of anxiety for many people, in particular if you have an existing condition that is a cause for concern. It irks us when we need to work our way out of long-held habits and enter into a new world for creating healthier habits- but we have to and need to!



Health is always a choice. And the simpler we make our choices the greater the health benefits will be, largely because we end up moving toward lifestyle changes rather than short-term shocks and quick fixes.

And being healthy isn’t all doom, gloom, and denial! Making things fun can be a massive motivator. We are far more likely to stick to something when we are receiving some kind of joy or happiness from it. So don’t feel like you need to slog away at the gym for two hours to be considered “healthy”! Get curious about your health and about how well you can be when you focus on adjusting your daily regimen- little by little.

Health is simply making smart choices each day that benefit your body and overall well-being. It is that simple! So… if you need some inspiration, here are 3 fun ways to get healthier!

1. Move away from the constant need to see results. Yes, health is about seeing the physical results of your efforts, but when you focus too sharply on results, you may lose heart when they maybe don’t happen as fast you’d like. We’ve all had the disheartening episode on the bathroom scales- checking our weight to see if we’ve dropped another pound only to see that we’ve added one on! Especially if you are working out and building muscle- you may not see any real changes to your weight for several weeks- but don’t let this stop you from staying active! It’s not fun to constantly goad or berate yourself. Celebrate your smallest efforts instead. 

2. Try something new. Often, when we are on a “health kick” we revert to what we did before to get healthier, such as the fad diet, the excessive time in the gym, and the denial of good tasting, whole food. But if it didn’t work to keep you motivated before, then it is unlikely to do so again. So try something new and inject some fun into your health plan. Perhaps try out some new healthy recipes, or give a new supplement a try. 

Whatever the case may be, aim to put some joy into the whole idea of “getting healthy”!

3. Take yourself out of the gym. There are many ways you can get fitter and healthier that don’t involve going to a gym. If you have an existing health condition, it can make it quite scary to visit a gym and see all these weird-looking machines around you that you are afraid of! It’s good to feel a little nervous but the thought of exercise should not be something you are scared of, it should be something that you enjoy and embrace. Try walking, dancing, swimming, or leisure activity with a friend. Find the fun again! 



All in all, health is made over-complicated so it’s up to each of us as individuals to simplify it according to our needs and goals. Gumi Nutrition believes in fun things- supplements in particular, that help you toward health.

Gumi was created to prove that good nutrition can come with great taste! They’re changing the game by offering high-quality vitamin gummies that are simple, flavorful, and fun. They aim to deliver products that work for everyone- from the marathon runners to the couch surfers!

“At Gumi, We’re Different. We believe nutrition shouldn’t be so hard to swallow! Our unique gummies are USA- made with clean, natural, 100% gelatin, and gluten-free ingredients, and topped off with plenty of perks. But the best part is the taste! It’s a nod to nostalgia - the candy shop on the corner, a pocket full of chewing gum, a tangy lollipop. We offer serious nutrition without taking ourselves too seriously!”- Gumi

Each supplement is carefully formulated to provide the optimal dose. It’s a small, tasty bite that packs a big punch. And these gummies are as unique as you are! Gumi never takes a one-supplement-fits-all approach; they focus on your wellness, your way.

“We offer supplements in a wide range of areas. With products that cover everything from mental alertness to keratin, we’ve got you covered from head to toenail. Whether you’re looking for gut health or oral health, immune support or weight loss, detox or shuteye or something in between, choose from a buffet of benefits by visiting our website and picking out the products perfect for you”- Gumi

Here are two great gummies from the Gumi range: Pure Collagen as well as Turmeric & Ginger Gummies. All of their gummies are 100% vegan except for the Pure Collagen!

Pure Collagen Gummies- Gelatin Free 

With these gelatin-free gummies, you can receive all the benefits of collagen without the hassle of pills, powder, or capsule supplements. Gumi Nutrition has injected some fun into supplementation and made it uber-easy for you, all you need to do is chew!



Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body- however, levels begin to deplete as early as your 30’s. It has a multitude of benefits for your health, here are just a few:

Hair Health*

Collagen provides amino acids that may lead to new and stronger hair, heal damaged hair, prevent hair thinning, and even slow graying.*

Skin Health*

These Collagen gummies may help reduce the effects of aging by adding moisture to the skin, improving skin elasticity, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.*

Nail Health*

Collagen peptides strengthen and feed the nail bed, helping the nails grow and stay healthy.*

Ingredients: Collagen (99mg from cod haddock and polluck).

"All my life I've been a nail biter and have soft thin nails. Since taking GUMI pure collagen my nails are longer and stronger than EVER before. They usually start tearing off one at a time until I get frustrated, clip them all off and start again. Two months into Gumi pure collagen not one of my nails has torn and they ARE strong! My hair and skin also have improved! My order was a three-bottle deal and I'll order again deal or no deal!"- Jerri J. - Verified Buyer



Turmeric and Ginger Blend Gummies - Gelatin Free!

Turmeric and ginger have notable anti-inflammatory benefits. They have been used since ancient times for joint pain relief but they carry a host of benefits for boosting immune and digestive function also.



Gumi nutrition has developed these Gumi’s to take your health to a higher level, simply chew your way to the many benefits of these herbal remedies!

Joint & Muscle Support*

Turmeric & Ginger have been used together traditionally in eastern cultures as herbal remedies for joint health, pain relief, and overall health.* 

Energy & Total Health*

Curcumin, the key ingredient in Turmeric, may help protect the body against harmful free radicals, promote energy production, enhance the immune response, contribute to skin health, boost brain function, improve circulation, and the list goes on! 

As a bonus, supplementing Turmeric with Black Pepper Extract has been shown to help increase Curcumin absorption by up to 2000%.*

Ingredients: Turmeric Extract (250mg), Ginger Root Extract (12mg), Black Pepper Extract (100mcg)

"What a relief to have something I can pop on my mouth daily and just chew and go that overall help eases my pain in my joints. I’m so happy I’ve tried these- what a great experience"- Kelmesha H. - Verified Buyer

Gumi invites you to grab a bottle, feed your inner kid, and enter into a whole new world of health supplements! 

“We don’t only want nutrition to taste good; we want it to be convenient, too. That’s why we provide different options when it comes to delivery. Purchase products individually or build a subscription box so you choose the Gumi goods that meet your needs. You can customize your order, choose how often you want your subscription delivered, and pause or cancel at any time. Get on the go goodness whenever you need it… and get it all with a money-back guarantee!”- Gumi

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Gumi Nutrition are not intended to provide medical advice. Please always consult your health care provider if you are taking any medications or have any medical condition. Individual results may vary.

* In partnership with our friends at Gumi Nutrition L.L.C.Photo courtesy of Gumi Nutrition L.L.C.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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