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Bring Out The New Year, You, in 5 Steps!

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Change is good. And there is no better time to embrace the essence of change than at the turn of a New Year. Consider it a new beginning and a renewal of self! Here’s your New Year’s guide in 5 steps!

Many of us are afraid of change, but it’s change that keeps us moving, keeps us growing, and inevitably keeps us well. We all form habits throughout the year that may not be so great for us. Whether it’s related to our fitness regimens, skincare, beauty, food choices, and of course, overall wellbeing and health - we can all struggle sometimes to get things right.

The important thing is that it’s never too late. Once you become aware of a certain habit or behavior that is harmful to you, empower yourself with the perspective to change it!


Here’s your New Year guide in 5 steps!

  1. First things first. What have you identified as not working well for you or being good for you? Chances are this will be a substantial list once you begin to look at things more closely. Don’t let this overwhelm you. What is your priority - think about that first! Anything that directly impedes your physical and mental wellbeing should take center stage for change.

  2. Look at the whole picture. Sometimes we can zone in on one particular aspect or thing and forget how it may link to something else. For instance, your relationship with food will directly affect your weight. If you tend to overeat when you are stressed or emotional, then over time this can pile on the pounds. You may need to look at ways of reducing your stress levels so that you become more balanced. This in turn will affect your diet and what and how you eat.

  3. If you’ve never worked out before, don’t be afraid to start. Sometimes beginning something totally new is a daunting experience. But it can also be exhilarating if you give it a chance. If you finished 2021 without a fitness regimen in place, take steps to create one for 2022. The numerous benefits of exercise on your health and wellbeing are well worth the effort and initial discomfort you may feel by doing something new. And if you already have a fitness regimen in place, how can you switch it up a little, or turn it up a notch?

  4. Be brutally honest with yourself. But do it with love and don’t procrastinate! If you keep putting things off, it won’t get done. Set some goals and start moving toward them in small, significant steps. Do you want to lose weight? Boost your immune function? Improve your heart health? These are all big goals, but once you begin dissecting them into smaller chunks you can move forward. For instance, if you have a weight loss goal, focus on a healthy weight loss of around 1-2 lbs. per week. If you want to spend less time with cold and flu bugs, start looking at a few healthy, natural supplements that can stimulate a stronger immune response.

  5. Remember that health is about what you can and can’t see. We can’t see our vital organs and yet, without them working efficiently our health suffers greatly. Think of your heart health, brain function, lungs, liver, and kidney function - what can you do to improve their efficiency and health? Remember, they are what keeps you alive! Make time for healthier habits. If you’re a late-night TV binge watcher, commit to one fewer show and more sleep. If you drink more than you need to, look at some alcohol-free options. Basically – look at your health beyond the mirror of what you can see.

You can create a new start for yourself at any time, but hopefully, our “New Year’s guide in 5” can act as your first reminder and inspiration! For additional inspirational support, turn to Body Kitchen and their supplement line fully equipped to see you through to a healthier 2022!  


Body Kitchen caters to those of us who want to put our health and beauty first. They know that nutritional ingredients are not created equal. That’s why their whole food extracts and proprietary ingredients are held to a higher standard of excellence. They’re nature-made, pure, and simple. It’s not the easy way—but it’s the Body Kitchen way.

“We use patented food methods to carefully dry, mix and prepare our fine ingredients. This ensures we preserve every ounce of color, potency, and freshness, without compromising integrity”- Body Kitchen

Here’s a peek at two of their food-forward products. First, making its debut is the highly anticipated Mega Quercetin, followed by one of their most popular supplements, Trim Glow - both ideal additions to your health routine for the New Year and beyond!

Mega Quercetin

Quercetin is one of the most powerful antioxidants for its ability to combat oxidative damage created by increasing levels of free radicals and toxins that rob your body of optimal wellness.

Mega Quercetin delivers 1,000 mg. of plant-based quercetin, a richly pigmented compound that fights unstable, age-causing molecules. Quercetin is combined with 100 mg of l-glutathione, an amino acid known as “the master antioxidant”. The synergistic effect of these nutrients results in a daily cyclic effect that supports body detoxification, healthy circulation, and a healthy immune response. 

The formula includes Black Pepper Extract, which has been clinically shown to improve nutrient absorption and bioavailability by as much as 30%.


This supplement has many health benefits including:

  • Support natural detoxification

  • Fights cellular oxidation

  • Promotes circulation for healthy heart and brain health

  • Supports a healthy inflammatory response

  • Promotes optimal immune function

If you’re looking for a total body antioxidant formula to target oxidation every day, look no further!

  • Plant-based ingredients

  • No artificial fillers

  • Enhanced absorption

  • Non-GMO

  • Veggie capsules

“Some ingredients are symbiotic—they’re better together. We carefully pair star ingredients with nutrients that play a supporting role. Together, they improve how your body absorbs, uses and benefits from them.”- Body Kitchen

Trim Glow

Trim Glow is a fantastic supplement that supports weight loss and can be taken without altering your diet. This means that losing excess weight has never been easier! This potent fruit extract promotes fat-burning by improving glucose uptake and use by the body.

Simply put, if glucose within the body is not utilized, it can lead to the storage of fat. Enhanced uptake and use of glucose within your cells help your body work optimally and efficiently. In return, it helps support a healthy weight, or can promote weight loss if you need to trim down.


Trim Glows’ targeted formula allows more glucose to be used for immediate energy, thereby leaving less glucose (sugar) to be converted into fats.

Here are some top health benefits: 

  • Trim Glow is fortified with DygloFit, a West African superfruit that works by supporting insulin sensitivity

  • Contains a fat-burning polyphenol complex to support glucose uptake

  • Enhanced with green tea extract for a healthy energy boost

  • Promotes an efficient metabolism

  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels with added chromium

  • 100% stimulant-free

  • Non-GMO and vegan

Body Kitchen’s supplements are all proudly made in the USA

Your health supplements should be as clean and natural as the food on your plate. This philosophy exists within every Body Kitchen product, from sourcing the best quality ingredients to preserving the highest nutritional potency. We maintain transparency at every step between our farms to your pantry”- Body Kitchen

Body Kitchen is a vibrant and experienced team of nutritional experts and scientists. This means they are obsessed with how food affects health - and they rely on proof.  Their products are backed by evidence-based science that supports how they activate health and beauty.

Let Body Kitchen be your new source for inspiration and change in 2022!


* In partnership with our friends at Body Kitchen * Photo courtesy of  Body Kitchen
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