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4 Keto Reasons to Supplement Minerals

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Many of us will be beginning new diets or rejuvenating previous ones as we get set to welcome 2022 into our lives. Keto is one such diet that is becoming increasingly popular, but it is a tricky one to get right! If Keto is something you have been thinking about starting or getting back into, read on for some great information to help you.


Firstly, What is the Keto Diet?

The Keto diet pushes the body into using fats as fuel and energy rather than carbohydrates. It is not a diet for everyone so always make sure you check with your physician or health professional before you begin! That being said, there are ways to follow a keto diet safely, this involves preparing your body first with an adequate mineral supplementation regimen. Here are 4 reasons for mineral supplementation, especially if you are currently in a keto phase!


Electrolytes, Minerals, and Your Keto Experience

The science bit: A body in ketosis loses electrolytes more quickly and most people who use the Keto way of eating have heard that they need to supplement their electrolytes. What people are just learning is that in addition to the Big 4 electrolytes (Sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium), the body requires full-spectrum mineral supplementation.

  • The human body has about 37 trillion cells.  Everything in the body is made of cells and every single cell requires minerals and electrolytes to function.  The body does not make minerals, they must be ingested.

  • The human body needs more than the Big 4 electrolytes (Sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium). 17 essential minerals fulfill specific intended purposes in the body.  There are 40-50 more that science is just beginning to identify as having specific connections to chronic health conditions.

  • The human body requires a full spectrum of electrolytes and micronutrients to support a healthy keto experience at a cellular level. 

  • Even before starting keto, people have electrolyte and mineral deficiency issues!  When you add ketosis into the mix, many people experience acute depletion symptoms, characterized as the “Keto-Fu”, including cramping, body aches, headaches, intestinal discomfort, and sleep issues.  These are serious signs of depletion and should not be disregarded!!!

People who start keto are often doing so to improve their health.  It is becoming widely agreed among health professionals that mineral depletion is at the root of many chronic health issues.  So, for people who are thinking of starting keto, it is best to FIRST start by supplementing their electrolyte and mineral content, BEFORE they begin the process of teaching their body to be fat-adapted. This will not only be better for their body, but it will also ease the transition and in many cases, no Keto-Flu will be experienced.

How to get Electrolytes and Minerals Back Into the Body!

The world of supplementation can be confusing and usually includes a large handful of pills, powders, or awful-tasting liquids that we try to make ourselves consume daily. The fact is, not only is it very challenging to take so many supplements daily, it’s important to know that this is a highly ineffective method of supplementing.  It’s well-known that only about 10-12% of the electrolyte or mineral content in a pill, powder, or flavored drink gets absorbed into the body.  This is because they all need to be digested first, and many supplements are not easy to digest.

In addition, taking these “mega-dose” formatted supplements can further exacerbate the imbalances in your gut microbiome by providing much more of a particular mineral or electrolyte than your body needs. 

As an example, it’s fairly well-known that taking an excess of magnesium can cause a loose bowel while taking an excess of calcium can cause constipation.  It’s less well-known that consuming salt drinks regularly can be irritating to the kidney and bladder. Keto-BEAM has made it their mission to help people supplement correctly and they have the key to success with Keto!


Keto-BEAM specializes in Plant-based Minerals

Keto-BEAM products are made from plant-based minerals. It’s actually minerals and electrolytes derived from ancient, fresh-water plant deposits. 

Simply put, Keto-BEAM provides the key to Keto Success, here is why!

  • 100% Keto: Keto-BEAM products have zero carbohydrates and support for OMAD (one Meal a Day) or other intermittent fasting protocols as they can be taken on an empty stomach and won’t break a fast. 

  • 100% Full-Spectrum: Used daily, Keto-BEAM electrolytes and minerals provide ALL of the electrolyte and mineral supplementation you need to support healthy and effective ketosis. 

  • 100% Bioavailable: Keto-BEAM electrolytes and minerals are completely dissolved and require no digestion, making them immediately 100% bioavailable as soon as you ingest them.

  • 100% Pure: Keto-BEAM products supplements are extracted via a unique proprietary alkaline process that preserves the integrity of the precious electrolytes and minerals. Absolutely no chemicals are used . . . Ever!

  • 100% Plant-Based: Keto-BEAM electrolytes and minerals come from ancient decomposed plant deposits and are available to the body in the form Mother Nature intended.

Here is a Peek at Two of Keto-BEAM’s Products: Electrolyze and Micro Boost


ELECTROLYZE™ offers the best electrolyte-balance support for Keto!

Keep your electrolytes in a prime-balanced state as your body enters and maintains ketosis.  ELECTROLYZE™ provides the electrolyte support you'll need to energize your life and sustain a healthy Ketogenic experience. All you need is just 1oz per day!


  • Extraordinary electrolyte support for Keto

  • Boosts body’s innate energy production systems

  • Supports nutrient assimilation

  • Curb sugar cravings

  • Activates metabolism

  • Replace salts and powdered electrolytes

ELECTROLYZE™ is a liquid fulvic electrolyte mineral complex that provides super-charged electrolytes plus 70+ trace minerals and amino acids.

“Fulvic electrolyte minerals are super-charged and provide foundational cellular support for the body, stimulating optimal metabolism by providing transport for nutrients into and bio-waste out of the cells.  Electrolyze boosts the body's innate energy production systems, by delivering nutrients directly into the cells” - Keto-BEAM

MICRO-BOOST™ provides important micronutrient support for Keto and LIFE!

You can use this liquid mineral support when you are experiencing body aches and cramping associated with keto-flu. MICRO-BOOST™ provides necessary micronutrients and detoxes the body from environmental and bio-waste released when fat cells are metabolized during ketosis.

MICRO-BOOST™ Benefits:

  • Supports natural detoxification

  • Encourages digestive well-being

  • Relieves Keto-flu aches and cramps

  • Promotes restful sleep

  • Helps with elimination

  • Supports a healthy immune system

MICRO-BOOST™ is a liquid plant-based humic complex of 70+ minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, and amino acids in a highly bio-available ionic form.

“Humic complexes are best known for their extraordinary detoxification effects, carrying bio-waste, toxins, and free-radicals out of the body- making them the Mother Nature's finest anti-oxidant! The trace minerals in MICRO-BOOST™ are the key to sustaining healthy ketosis and are the "go-to" supplement when you are experiencing body aches and cramping associated with Keto-flu”- KETO-BEAM

Keto-BEAM is confident in their 100% “Tastes Great Guarantee”!

“Keto-BEAM liquid electrolyte and micronutrient supplements taste like water, making them one of the easiest supplements you’ll ever take.  They can be taken straight or added to liquids . . . just ½ ounce per day of Electrolyze and Micro-BOOST provides all the electrolyte and micronutrient support you need”- Keto-BEAM

Keto-BEAM has been dubbed the “Gold Standard” of Keto electrolyte and micronutrient supplementation by their customers.  If you are looking into Keto as a fresh way to enter 2022 or make some changes to your current Keto diet, Keto-BEAM has all you need! For more motivation check out their Instagram here! 


* In partnership with our friends at Keto-BEAM  * Photo courtesy of Keto-BEAM

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