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3 New Year Goals to Set

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2022 is right around the corner. Any time is a great time to set a new goal but doing so at the turn of a fresh year seems to add more significance and meaning to what you push forward. Are you ready to bring some new things in? Read on!

Goals are highly individual. They are an expression of how we want to move forward, what we wish to create, and how we intend on getting there- to this place we want to be. Maybe you want to lose weight, perhaps you want to focus more on mindfulness, or overhaul a lagging fitness regimen. Whatever the case may be, the fact that you are setting goals is amazing in itself because it means that you are committed to becoming a happier, healthier version of yourself.

Don’t waste time feeling unhappy and miserable with yourself. Focus your time and energy on what you want to move toward!


So, here are 3 ideas for new goals to set!

  1. Losing Weight! This is probably one of the most popular goals set. Many of us may be unhappy with our weight or body shape overall but it can seem like a constant walk on the hamster wheel if we don’t do things properly. If losing weight is a struggle for you, focus first on maintaining your current weight- not adding, not taking away- just finding some balance first. Once you have had a few weeks of leveling out your weight, you can get to work on implementing some more stringent measures to help you lose those pounds gradually.

  2. Energy! Where do you want to invest your energy? Setting a goal about what you put your time and effort into may seem a bit oddball but it truly isn’t. By outlining what is important to you, you can find ways to make the most out of your physical, emotional, and mental energy. Many things that put our heart into can actually drain us if we don’t step back to look at the bigger picture. So, set some goals about the priorities you have. Decide what you need more of or less of, and get to it!

  3. Stress less! Stress is a major hindrance to health and harmony. If the past year has caused you stress that was prolonged or overwhelming, think about what you can do to aim for a less stressful 2022. Of course, not all things are under our control, so a degree of flexibility and realism is always good to have. Life can never be 100% stress free but you can take that extra 5-minute break each day, go for a walk, reset your mental focus, take a quick power nap when needed or give yourself a small treat at the end of a long day as a token of affection toward yourself.

At the end of the day, time is energy, so use yours well and aim for the stars in 2022! And if you don’t achieve all your goals, don’t worry. Simply review, and reset. The important thing is to keep going, and keep moving forward to a more aligned and happier you!

Javita believes in achieving and they want to help you get to where you want to be. Their fantastic range of coffees is not only super-tasting, but they are also beneficial for your wellbeing.

Javita, and their Dollar Coffee Club, have crafted a coffee evolution just for you!

“We have a unique plan to distinguish our beverages. We are creating a unique line of great-tasting, instant, gourmet coffees, and teas by infusing healthy herbs and other natural ingredients into estate-grown South American blends. Every great-tasting cup will not only give you what you already expect (from coffee or tea) but also provide the benefits from the natural herbs”- Javita

Javita is a major coffee connoisseur; as such, there are numerous varieties of their expertly crafted coffee selections. Here are two main blends from their world of coffee, they include: Burn+Control and Energy Focus. Each has specific benefits to suit your mind and your mood and your body and spirit. All this, and still a great-tasting cup of coffee! 



Burn + Control Coffee

This is a Premium 100% South American Arabica, Robusta Blend Coffee which blends "Weight Management".

You can count on Burn + Control for:

  • The original: Burn + Control coffee is the original, herb-infused, coffee formulated to help support benefits like healthy metabolism and weight management.* 

  • Premium, delicious coffee: 100% South American blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, fully micronized to aid “mixability”, consumption and enjoyment. 

  • Infused with clinically supported ingredients: Garcinia Cambogia (patented super citrimax) and yerba mate blend to help support metabolism, craving control, and weight management as part of a healthy diet and exercise program* 

  • Diet-friendly: gluten-free, works with paleo, keto, south beach, Atkins, and more. 

Forget that overpriced coffee house, and forget the cost of ‘tall-s’ or ‘grandes,’ grinding and brewing – at a buck a cup – just rip, add to water (enjoy hot or cold) and stir for the perfect slimming cup anywhere, every time. You can use this coffee to lose weight or to maintain weight. It works through suppressing appetite and increasing metabolic rate as well as burning fat.

Ingredients: South American estate-blend coffee (100% Arabica and Robusta), Garcinia Cambogia extract, and Yerba Mate Extract.

“This slimming coffee blend was the first of its kind. Over the years, numerous manufacturers have attempted to duplicate it! It is created by coffee lovers for coffee lovers. We understand what you want from your coffee which is why our includes bold flavors and delicate notes, but we’ve infused natural botanicals (yerba mate and Garcinia Gambogia) that are as satisfying to your waistline as they are your taste buds.”- Javita



Energy + Focus Coffee

This is a Premium, Gourmet, 100% South American Blend, Arabica, Robusta. It blends "Energy and Focus" to assist you in reaching your goals.

“We start with South American coffee beans, picked at the peak of ripeness, slow-roasted to release the delicate flavor notes and expertly blended with targeted botanicals proven effective in supporting memory, focus, clarity and sustained energy”- Javita


Energy + Focus Coffee can help: 

  • Increase energy levels.*

  • Improve focus.*

  • Increase attention.* 

  • Reduce stress and anxiety.*

Ingredients: South American Blended Coffee (100% Arabica, Robusta), Garcinia Cambogia extract, Yerba Mate extract, Bocaopa Monnieri and Gotu Kola.

You can take great delight in drinking this coffee for all these reasons!

  • Focus & Concentration: Javita’s delicious, premium coffee is clinically formulated using carefully selected herbs (Bacopa Monnieri and Gotu kola) to help improve focus and concentration, and reduce stress and anxiety.* 

  • Diet-Friendly: gluten-free, works with paleo, keto, south beach, Atkins, and more. 

  • Certified Kosher: plus, fully micronized to ensure absorption and bioavailability. 

  • Just Add Water: forget the grinding and brewing! Simply rip, pour and stir for the perfect cup any time, all the time! 

  • You Can Enjoy: this coffee hot or cold- added bonus! 

We’ve infused natural herbs (Bacopa Monnieri and Gotu Kola) that can clear the cobwebs, narrow your focus and concentration, and sustain energy levels without harsh spikes and crashes.* Finally, a delicious, premium cup of coffee that gives you everything you want—more focus, energy, and clarity—and nothing you don’t (i.e., empty calories, sugar, and additives)”- Javita

* In partnership with our friends at Javita * Photo courtesy of Javita
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