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Ways to Feel Better for December

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December can be a dark and cold month- even with holiday festivities to look forward to, and sometimes it’s those festivities that can drain you and affect your mood and overall wellness- we aren’t all party animals! If you are looking for some ways to feel better for December, we are here to help!




It’s safe to assume that we will all get times when we feel a bit below par, drained, and lackluster, we are only human after all! But there are some things we can do to help ourselves feel a little better, awakened and more alive. 


Here are some tips for you, for a better December! 

  1. Let go of what you cannot control. Things will inevitably go wrong. Even the best-laid plans can somehow be distinguished in a blink of an eye- and this is OK. Knowing when to let things go is a “super-strength” and it encourages a sense of adaptability to a circumstance that can be very healthy for mind, body, and spirit. 

  2. Stressless. This loosely ties in with the point above but it’s worth mentioning! Stress is heavily linked to many diseases and chronic conditions. Even in the short term, it can affect your mood, ability to focus and the emotional intelligence to rationalize. So how can we do this? The main thing is to act quickly when you feel that stress is overwhelming you. It is natural to feel a certain amount of stress day to day, but when you feel like it is creating waves of anxiety and affecting your well-being it is time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of how to manage life better. 

  3. Focus on eating well. Especially will the holiday season around the corner, food can be a niggly point for many of us. It’s important to maintain a sense of balance- especially if you are increasingly social at this time for family or work gatherings. It’s OK to say no to that extra spoon of dessert, that extra glass of wine, or that additional plate- whatever it may contain. Eating well is something that we need to do daily for the best benefit. It’s easy for rich foods to clog up your digestion, and this can increase feelings of lethargy if your body can’t excrete toxins out of the body or efficiently absorb nutrients. 

  4. Supplements! Supplements are a great way of giving your body just that little bit more of what it needs to function well or bridge a gap for enhanced nutritional balance. If you find your energy levels are waning, you may want to hot the caffeine a bit more than normal or reach for something sweet to provide a boost, but a good quality natural supplement will be a lot more helpful to you in the long run. Keep a check on your B complex vitamins for energy, magnesium for relaxation and better mood, and of course vitamin D- the “sunshine vitamin” that we may lack during winter.

  5. Get a good night’s sleep. Even with all the late nights, parties, or gatherings, your body still requires a certain amount of rest each evening to regenerate and rejuvenate you. Try not to let this slip! Aim for at least 7-8hrs each night and encourage a relaxing sleep regimen by eating well, exercising, and taking a vitamin/mineral supplement. 


Hopefully, if you focus on the above you will have a smooth and healthy December! If you are on the hunt for natural supplements, Natural Science Creation has just what you need to keep you going! 


Natural Science Creation was founded in 2014 by Sam Bishop, an industry veteran with years of experience in both dietary supplements and personal training. Built around the concept of product innovation and specializing in products that create change in the user’s overall health and physique, Natural Science Creation stands alone in both quality and efficacy.


Unwind: The Mind, Muscle, and Gut Relaxation Miracle

Stress, Exhaustion, and Weight Gain can all be linked to a deficiency of one essential mineral- Magnesium. 


Available on Amazon Prime with FREE 2 day shipping!


“What if I told you that 50% of the worlds’ population is Magnesium deficient and 80% of those people are deficient in all the necessary forms of Magnesium for optimal health? Since the 1950s, most of the soil in the US has become increasingly low in magnesium, so even ‘Magnesium-Rich’ vegetables contain less Magnesium than they should. So how do we combat this ‘Hidden Pandemic’?”- Natural Science Creation

The answer is simple: you need to feed your body with the Micro-Nutrients that are missing. With all this in mind, natural Science Creation formulated the ultimate Magnesium Complex with additional MIND/MUSCLE/GUT relaxation support, and aptly named it “UNWIND”. 

Within an hour of taking it: 

  • You will feel your muscles relaxing and those small aches and pains dissipating

  • Your mind and body will enter a calmer, relaxed state

  • With daily usage you will find yourself sleeping easier, recovering faster, and feeling less stress and anxiety throughout your day. 

  • Unwind can also assist you for a deep, uninterrupted sleep at night as well as feelings of serenity throughout the day

  • You may also notice enhanced digestion with less stomach discomfort. 


How so? Well, Magnesium is the body’s “master mineral”. It is responsible for 600 critical reactions, including detoxification, fat metabolism, and energy production. As noted earlier, even digestion is influenced by the presence of magnesium. 

“Most supplements, such as multivitamins contain only 1 or 2 forms of magnesium. However, there are at least 7 different forms of Magnesium that your body needs and benefits from, and Unwind contains them!”- Natural Science Creation

Intending to create the BEST relaxation agent available, Natural Science Creation included full doses of Lemon Balm Extract and Ginger Root Powder

  • Lemon Balm extract is known for its anti-anxiety effects and studies have suggested that rosmarinic acid (which is found in lemon balm) increases the availability of neurotransmitters in the brain known as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) 

  • Ginger Root Powder is a powerful relaxant for your gut, easing discomfort from overeating, gas, bloating, upset stomach, and menstrual cramps.



Brain Awake: A Natural Brain Booster Supplement for Focus, Memory, Clarity, and Energy


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Brain Awake stands alone as the most powerful, non-stimulant Nootropic (Brain-Boosting) product on the market. 

The reason is simple, it is the ONLY product that contains nGin®, a specialized Panax Ginseng extract that contains over 80% Ginsenosides. 

  • This ingredient alone gives a powerful, all-natural energy boost

  • It gives increasing feelings of joy and wellbeing while having ZERO crashes as it wears off. 

  • Paired with the nGin are several novel ingredients, including a powerful form of Rhodiola, to enhance your memory and ability to focus and learn at the moment.

Brain Awake (Also known as “Super Mom Brain Awake”) has been voted as the best “Energy Pills for Women” and “Best Brain Focus and Memory Supplements for Women”. Every focus pill is fortified with a patented version of Panax Ginseng and Lipidox - This is the real deal and not just a cute mom supplement. 

“If you are looking for a natural pick-me-up, that contains zero caffeine, so you can still drink your favorite coffee along with it, then Super Mom Brain Awake is what you need! All-natural, no sugar, no calories, just enhanced energy and focus so you can accomplish more each day, feel better about yourself, and become the person you want to be!”- Natural Science Creation

* In partnership with our friends at Natural Science Creation * Photo courtesy of Natural Science Creation
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