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Unleash the Power of Tea! 2 Homemade Tea Blends that Will Do Wonders

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If you’re a tea drinker and are tired of the same old tea options lining the shelves at your local supermarket, you might be wondering where to look. Sure, in the age of the internet, there are tons of options to order specialty organic teas online, but how many are there that can truly speak to you? Not many! Most teas are, to put it gently, rather soulless. And this shouldn’t be the case! Tea is something you should be able to not just enjoy a few sips of, but connect with through your body and mind.

Homemade Tea from the USA: The True Difference

Back in 2014, Reno-based entrepreneur Jamah Dacus was looking to make a tea that was not only delicious, powerful, healthy, and good for your body, but something cool that you could be proud of as well. And with that, BOOM, ModestMix Teas™ was born!

With artesian tea blends designed to build your inner strength and empower your average tea drinker to be the best version of yourself, ModestMix Tea™ offers teas that are truly nothing like what you’d find in the supermarket aisle. Handmade in their commercial kitchen in Northwestern Nevada, each blend is custom-made to ensure that every herb, fruit, and spice that goes into your cup is going there for a good reason. With every notch of powerful aromas pouring out of your cup and down your throat, you can guarantee a top-end tea drinking experience with every sip. And it’s in every way as natural as you’ll get. Every ingredient is carefully sourced from vetted suppliers all over the world and grown organically, so you know exactly what you’re getting. And the blends are not processed at all—just the goodness of all-natural ingredients!

Jamah built ModestMix Tea™ as a tea brand with a personality, not just good products. She wanted to make tea for tea lovers who value strength, independence, and fun. A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body, after all, and the first step to a healthy mind is to start thinking positively! If you’re a positive thinker who values a bit of fun and also enjoys a nice, warm cup of tea, then we’ve got something for you here!

For Our Strong Babes Out There: The Badass Babe Blend

If you’re looking to celebrate empowerment and growth, have a warm sip of this powerful blend and let it take over your soul! You don’t have to look far to find the badassness of this mixture, as it starts right with the first ingredient: organic gunpowder green tea. Its unique, pellet-like appearance packs an incredibly powerful punch of flavor, mixing a warm, wintery chai with the coolness of sage.

The base ingredient in this badass blend—gunpowder green tea—is a true superpowered tea, packed full of antioxidants that give the power to our badass tea drinkers to be their badass selves. For those less familiar with these technical terms, antioxidants are tools that boost cellular metabolism, essentially creating more energy for your body’s engine to run on. And gunpowder green tea also packs a punch of natural caffeine to provide that extra little kick for your energy!

On top of its green tea base, the blend is rounded out with a careful selection of elderberries, sarsaparilla root, cinnamon, ginger, fennel seed, juniper berries, licorice root, and sage. The natural ingredients combine to create a badass power-punch of antioxidants—a real supercharge for your body. If you’ve ever had a fresh cinnamon or ginger tea, you probably know how refreshed it can make you feel, especially if you’ve been sick recently. Well, imagine that feeling just on steroids! That’s the power of the Badass Babe.

And the health benefits don’t stop there! Elderberries don’t only taste amazing and tart, but also contain high levels of vitamin C, flavonoids, and other powerful goodies to keep your body strong and healthy through the winter germ season. Fennel seeds might not be the most common tea ingredient, but they’re in this mix for a good reason, as they’re known to boost the digestive system’s power, which fuels the body even more and keeps junk like cholesterol out of the bloodstream. And finally, a touch of licorice is added, which goes well with ginger and cinnamon to soothe sore throats and keep your strong voice sounding all badass.

After a few sips of the Badass Babe concoction, we’re sure you’ll be feeling powerful, upbeat, and ready to take on all the challenges of this modern world. Unleash your inner power!

The Badass Mofo: A Blend to Refresh

Being a badass mofo ain’t always easy. No matter how badass you feel, we always have times that we’re not on A-game and just need a little boost of refresher to bring out that badass mofo in us.

Let’s have a sip of The Badass Mofo Blend!

The Badass Mofo packs the powerful, antioxidant punch of a gunpowder green tea base with a refreshing, rejuvenating kick of peppermint, to not only bring out your inner power and confidence but also rejuvenate the inner you from below the surface. Just what you need during those times you’re feeling a bit down!

The second ingredient in the powerful blend, fresh peppermint leaves, is one of the best natural decongestants you can find. That’s why any specialty tea lover will tell you that peppermint tea is the #1 sniffle and sore throat remedy.

But the Badass Mofo is much more than that! The combination of gunpowder green tea and fresh peppermint leaves gets the body flowing and moving in so many other ways. For starters, clearing the airways is a quick way to alleviate headaches, stress, and the general blahs you might be feeling. Which, for most of us, means a quick boost of mental and emotional power! It’s also a great kicker for your digestive system, helping your body battle off unwanted germs that might be slowing it down.

Preparing the Badass Mofo, as well as the Badass Babe, is super quick and easy, but might be unfamiliar if you’re not used to preparing non-bagged and non-powdered organic tea. All of ModestMix Teas™ come as fresh mixes, unprocessed, straight from the suppliers. This means that everything stays fresh, there is zero processing, and there are zero additives. It’s also better for the environment, of course, since you’re not throwing away paper bags after every cup. But it also means that you’ll have to use your brain for a quick sec when preparing the tea!

If you want to slowly sip on your badass tea, and keep your badass levels up for as long as possible, the best solution is a tea straw. Although uncommon in the Western world of teas, drinking tea with a tea straw is the norm in other tea-drinking parts of the world like South Asia, the Middle East, and South America. While in the US, we typically drink tea from teabags for convenience, much like everything else we do “for convenience,” they have drawbacks. As the teabag boils in your cup, microplastics melt into your cup, and you end up swallowing them in every sip. And yep, you can bet this is not the best addition for your health, which is why ModestMix Teas™ uses only pure, unbagged tea.

You can think of a tea straw as a long metal or wooden straw with a portable teabag on the bottom. When preparing your tea to be slurped through a tea straw, simply fluff the loose tea mixture into your cup, using approximately 1 teaspoon of tea per 8 ounces for the optimal strength brew. Then, fill the cup with boiling (or near-boiling) water, give it a minute to cool down to a drinkable temperature, and POW, your tea is ready to drink! Though it might not look like that – if you peek into the cup, it might look like you’re about to drink tea soup! And this is where the tea straw comes in. Place the bulb of your tea straw at the bottom of the cup and start sipping through the straw. The bulb of the straw acts like a teabag, filtering out the tea leaves and herbs and only allowing the flavorful goodness of the badass blend to pass through.

Another excellent option that even many who claim to be badass tea enthusiasts don’t know about is cold brewing. And what’s more, let’s let you in on this secret: Cold brewing is actually the easiest way to prepare specialty tea! It just takes some waiting. All you need to do is mix the tea leaves in a cup or bottle of cold water in the same proportions, and BOOM, the next morning you’ll have some freshly brewed iced tea to sip on! This method is definitely recommended for the Badass Mofo, as it’s rejuvenating peppermint punch tastes amazing when cold. Talk about a healthy, refreshing way to get your badass self out of bed!

For the Badass Babe especially, traditional teabags are also a great option for preparing the tea, though like all blends from ModestMix Teas™, it won’t come with any teabags. So you’ll need to improvise, which isn’t hard! ModestMix Teas™ sells its own sets of reusable teabags for only a few bucks!


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