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Top 5 Ways to Keep Healthy - All Year Long!

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If you are looking for ways to sustain your summer high, or just stay well no matter the weather, you’ve come to the right place! The change from summer to fall can catch many of us out. All that life-giving energy emitted by bright days and warmer nights begins to drift away as we head deeper into fall. Our energy levels may begin to decline, our immune system may start to falter, and we may just feel below par physically, mentally, and emotionally. 





That being said, there are ways to stay on top of your game so the descent into fall and winter isn’t so dramatic. Looking after your wellbeing all year round promotes a happier, healthier you through all seasons! Here are 5 ways to keep healthy- all year long! 

  1. Stay on top of your nutrition. It’s easy to fall into bad habits and lapse into comfort and convenience foods as we head into fall and winter. If you kept a fairly good diet through summer, why change it now? Generally, we eat fresher foods when it’s warmer and we are more cognizant of our weight, especially if we had a holiday away somewhere! But the very things that inspired you to manage your food through summer will be the very things that do so for later months. Think of a goal, something to keep aiming for something to keep you motivated. Just because summer fades, it doesn’t mean your motivation for eating well should. 

  2. Ensure you make time for rest as well as play. Summertime may have meant that you got through the day with less rest and those bright, sunny mornings may have put paid to a lie-in. Give yourself a break. As the mornings get darker and colder, you may need to get to bed a little earlier. Sleep is one of the best natural healers and regenerators so don’t feel the need to stay switched on all the time. You’d amaze yourself by what an extra 30 minutes of sleep could offer you. Cognitive ability, immune function, and energy levels are all supported with better sleep- in quality and quantity too! 

  3. Update your vitamins and supplements! Seasonal changes are a great time to adjust and update your vitamin and supplement intake. For instance, you may need to start taking a Vitamin D supplement as summer wanes (Vitamin D is known as the “sunshine vitamin” that is naturally produced in warmer, sunnier climes). Or you may need to increase your intake of vitamin c and iron to improve your immune function as the prevalence of viral and bacterial infections rises through fall and winter. There are many variables; if you are uncertain, speak with your health professional or do a little home research. 

  4. Stay active. If summer meant that you got up a little earlier for a walk, run, or gym workout, try to maintain it! Generally, those of us that get our workouts/exercise done earlier in the day are more likely to sustain our fitness regimen. If you keep leaving your exercise until after work- your tiredness will always be the deciding factor as to whether you complete it or not. Exercising early in the day can help your energy levels, mental alertness, and productivity for the day ahead. 

  5. Prepare and protect your skin. Your skin is the outer you, but its appearance reflects how well you take care and preserve the inner you. Good nutrition, exercise, sleep, supplementation, and a good skin care regimen can make a difference to your skin and complexion. Make sure to moisturize and exfoliate maybe once per week. Nourish your skin as you nurture your body. 


The most important (and valid) takeaway here is that you don’t look or feel better by accident. Your wellbeing is by your design, so design a higher state of wellbeing! 


Mushroom Design is on hand to help you get there and redesign or re-invent a happier, healthier you! 

Mushroom Design is a go-to place for health, mind, and body care. They are the first of its kind multivitamin with immune, cognitive, and cellular support from a variety of functional, healing mushrooms.




Functional mushrooms, meaning, NOT the psychedelic kind! They have been used for centuries to support wellness at a preventative, fundamental level as well as aid the body’s immune system in combatting viruses, bacteria, and infection. 

“It’s important to recognize that some days, we just don’t get all the nutrients we need from our diet — and that’s where a daily vitamin comes in. Most supplements are missing a solution beyond simply essential nutrients; something that fits the bill for improving focus, maintaining sustained energy, supporting cellular metabolism, improving memory, and overall supporting the immune system’s ability to not only fight free radicals associated with aging but also to combat viruses and infection”- Mushroom Design


This is where Mushroom Design makes a difference. Individual mushrooms each possess their range of benefits, which is why a blend is better than taking just 1 type. 





All mushrooms possess beta-glucans and polysaccharides that support general immunity, but then there are the additional *special* properties within each. For example:

  • Chaga: supports healthy cholesterol with its betulinic acid and inotodiol

  • Cordyceps: supports cellular metabolism via nucleosides and nucleotides  

  • Reishi: betulinic acid and ACE inhibitory peptides support a healthy heart and circulatory system. 

  • Maitake: great for blood glucose level maintenance and immunity overall— contain specific molecules called MT-α-glucans, Maitake-D-fractions (MDF), Maitake Z-fractions (MZF), and GFPBW1 

  • Shiitake: another mushroom that’s great for healthy cholesterol through its purines, including eritadenine. Also supports immunity through Lentinan and the antioxidant L-ergothioneine

  • Lion’s mane: (known as the brain mushroom) supports gut health. As we know, the gut is considered the second brain, the special compounds responsible for these benefits are diterpenes hericenones and erinacine, as well triterpenes.

  • Turkey tail: contain specific beta-glucans PSK (polysaccharide-k) & PSP (polysaccharide peptide) that support immunity— turkey tail is often used as adjuvant cancer treatment

  • Oyster: contain a natural stain, melinolin, that supports healthy cholesterol. Also full of niacin, which supports cellular health. It also contains pleurostrine and pleuron for additional immune support. 

  • Agarikon: contain lanostane triterpenoids (antiviral), chlorinated coumarins (antimicrobial), and agaric acid that supports immunity


While all of these mushrooms are wonderful additions to your health and wellness routine, it’s also entirely possible to consume too much! 



Mushrooms support the immune system, essentially, by activating it — they perk up the “neighborhood watch” to be prepared for defense when the bad guys (viruses, bacteria, etc) arrive. But the neighborhood watch can get tired if it’s constantly being provoked, the same can occur if you take too many mushroom (or any immune-boosting) supplements. For this reason, Mushroom Design is formulated with several mushrooms that support, but do not overstimulate the immune system. Ultimately, it beholds all the benefits without the negative potential side effects!  Plus — a lesser-known discussed topic in the supplements industry, but very well known in the scientific and research community - is that an overactive immune system contributes to reduced cellular longevity— in layman’s terms, that means faster aging. 

“Nothing feels better than waking up and feeling, well, awake — when your body is getting the nutrients it needs, coupled with the brain and body benefits of mushrooms, you can truly experience your days with sustained energy and productivity to guide you through work and workouts!”- Mushroom Design LLC .


* In partnership with our friends at Mushroom Design LLC. Photo courtesy of Mushroom Design LLC. 
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