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When thinking of health and well-being, a couple of things come to mind; supplements, protein, minerals, etc. Yes, you heard that right - minerals. Now you’re probably wondering, who worries about minerals? Well, people typically do, they just don’t talk about it as often in the health and wellness space. The word “minerals” is not typically displayed across huge bottles in fitness or holistic stores.

Minerals are in fact essential for your well-being and play a huge role in maintaining optimal health. For instance, calcium is a mineral that is essential for the strength of your bones. Potassium is also a mineral that maintains a proper heart rhythm. Iodine helps regulate growth, metabolism, and development. Eating the proper amount of minerals is important and having an imbalance could lead to health issues down the line.

Now, how can you ensure that you are receiving the proper amount of minerals? Eidon Ionic Minerals can do just that for you.

Eidon Ionic Minerals is a family-run business that offers an extensive line of all-natural, essential liquid minerals to support a state of optimal mineral balance. The brand was founded in 1996 and their mission has always been to communicate to the world that minerals are the building blocks of life.

These ionic liquid supplements are naturally derived and are simply the mineral element(s) in purified, deionized water. There are no additional sugars, colors, flavors, preservatives, or glycerin, making the brand’s minerals safe for all ages. Eidon Ionic Minerals are highly bioavailable, 100% vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and are made at a solar facility in Poway, CA.

Customer satisfaction is evident through the raving reviews on the website and under the majority of products, each with a high-star rating. Plus, the brand has 100% customer satisfaction since their customer service team is very quick to respond.

The brand aims for their products to be accessible. This includes quantity discounts, senior discounts, and refills bottles. In addition to singular and blended minerals, Eidon Ionic Minerals has various types of products including mushrooms, skincare, other supplements, and even chocolates. There are also educational materials, such as a book titled, “The Synergy Between Minerals and Important Physiological Processes” and a website link to a scientific resource called, “Institute of Mineral Research.” Eidon Ionic Minerals also has an Amazon storefront, making its product more accessible than ever. This ensures a broader reach for those seeking to incorporate wellness into their daily routines. Getting your daily dose of minerals has never been easier.

Eidon Ionic Minerals’ most sought-out products are its Liquid Silica and Liquid Zinc.


Silica is a compound consisting of silicon and oxygen. When referring to health supplements, silica is used for its benefits to the skin, nails, and hair. Silica is so important for collagen production, as well as calcium management. It enhances the strength and flexibility of connective tissues, and supports bone health.

As we age, our silica levels drop, contributing to the physical effects of aging. This includes easily-breakable nails, hair loss, diminished skin elasticity, and potential implications for bone health.

This is where liquid silica comes in. It serves as an important element that is crucial for the reconstruction of collagen within our bodies. It plays a catalytic role in the fact that it influences the Glycosaminoglycan enzyme (enzymes are the cellular protein components that make the human body function properly) present in our tissues, which initiates the synthesis of collagen. This in turn enhances the body’s natural capacity to generate collagen. In addition to this, silica also helps the body by supporting gastrointestinal health, strong cartilage, and joint function.

Collagen has been a topic of conversation in the beauty and health space for ages, and is especially trending now in the social media space. Many brands tend to get collagen from animals. Unfortunately, this is not the type of collagen that our body takes to automatically rebuild the collagen that we lost. Our bodies produce collagen by using the raw materials we obtain in our food, water, and supplements.

Customers are raving about this extremely beneficial product. “I will keep taking this as our diets are probably void of this mineral in processing. No taste and easy to use,” mentions Sheila. “I am very pleased with the change in the condition of my nails, and nothing in my supplement regimen changed except for adding your liquid silica,” says Caprice in a recent five-star review.

The product has 4 different sizes to choose from depending on the individual’s specific health needs including a 2oz concentrate with 30 servings, 18oz regular strength with 36 servings, 19oz concentrate with 285 servings, and 1 gallon concentrate with 1,920 servings.

Many individuals do not get the adequate amount of silica in their everyday diet. Eidon Ionic Minerals’ Liquid Silica is the best and easiest way to get the correct amount into your body. In fact, no digestion is required and one will be getting the element in the most responsible way for human collagen production in a very bioavailable format.

Here are recommendations on how to incorporate Liquid Silica into your daily routine:

  1. Measure out 30 drops or 2 droppers full, using the provided dropper.

  2. Mix the drops into a 4-8oz glass of any hot or cold liquid.

  3. Take with or without food, anytime of the day.

Make sure to consistently take the Liquid Silica on a daily basis to get the most benefits.

Eidon Silica can also be used topically to soothe the skin. When applied regularly, silica can help with skin elasticity and be used to address skin concerns in general. Many people even use it in their facial, skincare routine or in their lotion.

To use topically:

  1. Use clean fingertips to massage a small amount on the skin.

  2. Allow the product to dry.

  3. Add your favorite body lotion or oil.

This product is truly great for health and beauty on the inside and outside!


Another popular product from Eidon Ionic Minerals is Liquid Zinc. Zinc is an essential element for various bodily functions. It is crucial for maintaining immune system strength and overall glandular health. Zinc happens to be the tenth most abundant element in the human body.  It is present in organs, tissues, cells, and is even involved in the function and activation of many cellular enzymes.

When someone is going through stress or an illness, zinc can rapidly deplete. Exposure to heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, and lead, can also decrease the body’s zinc levels.  Zinc can be found in foods such as meats and nuts, but many individuals do not get the proper daily dosage.

This is where Liquid Zinc comes in. Zinc promotes immune system health by activating the production of white blood cells (these types of cells attack bacteria and viruses). Zinc can also activate the production of many compounds necessary for growth and development. It helps to support the endocrine system, including the pituitary, thyroid, parathyroids, adrenals, pineal, pancreas, and reproductive glands. It can also help with combating occasional stress, enhance taste and smell, support healthy skin and hair and eliminate body odor. Liquid Zinc is truly a micronutrient, vital for overall well-being and physiological processes in the body.

This product has over 150 reviews speaking about the ease of taking the product, how it’s been helping those who are going through a cold, and how it has even improved skin with daily use.

The product has 4 different sizes to choose from depending on the individual’s specific health needs including a 2oz concentrate with 30 servings, 18oz regular strength with 36 servings, 19oz concentrate with 285 servings, and 1 gallon concentrate with 1,920 servings.

Here are recommendations on how to incorporate Liquid Zinc into your daily routine:

  1. Measure out 30 drops or 2 droppers full, using the provided dropper.

  2. Mix the drops into a 4-8oz glass of any hot or cold liquid.

  3. Take with or without food, anytime of the day.

By simply adding Liquid Zinc into your wellness schedule, you will be receiving a handful of benefits!


Eidon Ionic Minerals is a well-trusted brand that has been in the mineral business since 1996. The brand is dedicated to quality and commitment towards educating the public about the true functions, requirements, and benefits of minerals.

Liquid Silica and Liquid Zinc are the most popular products, and for good reason. Known for their purity and effectiveness, these supplements are a testament to the brand providing high-quality mineral solutions.

Minerals are the building blocks of the universe and everything in it, whether it is alive or not. Research indicates that in order to have optimal health, we need to have optimal cellular balance of minerals.

Minerals play such a vital role in structural support, energy production, and proper cellular function. They act as catalysts for the enzymes our cells continuously make in order to do what they are intended to do.

We cannot make minerals in our bodies and must consume them via food or water.

Fortunately, Eidon Ionic Minerals has various minerals to easily take and incorporate into a daily wellness routine. Join the Eidon Ionic Minerals journey to better health!


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