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Innovation can be defined as “something created for the first time through the use of imagination.” Imagination, in turn, has been called a “high form of seeing.”

Some innovations today result from stepping back from technology and looking at nature to make better products and services. Think about the food you ate ten years ago; how often did you hear the words “grass-fed” or “free range?” What we eat and drink has begun to be questioned and scrutinized.

Who would have thought that organic food would be so popular? Yet it’s popular because the world is starting to wake up and care about what goes into our bodies. People are beginning to care about the processes used to create these products. We are demanding better quality of everything, and in turn, some companies are innovating and creating high-quality products while keeping things sustainable.

Walk down the aisle of any supermarket, and you will see people reading labels and scanning ingredients. It is a commonplace occurrence now, where it was rarely seen before.

It’s a fresh way of thinking that starts with keeping things simple—simple ingredients and processes, and getting as close as possible to what nature intended. If you think about it, the greatest pleasures in life are often the most simple. 

Another societal norm being upended is the idea that people should buy big houses and accumulate more stuff, and the person who dies with the most toys wins.

There is an entire industry related to this. Think about the number of mini storage units within a ten-mile radius of you. Does this industry even make sense to you? Why would you rent something so you could continue gathering things?

Nowadays, we tend to focus on experiences rather than stuff. More and more people are waiting to buy a home or even start a family because they want to go out and enjoy the world. They want to see things they’ve never seen, and experience smells and tastes they never knew existed.

These changes in thinking have also led to a different view of alcohol than previous generations. It’s no longer about drinking volume. It’s about enjoying a delightful drink. Craft brewers and fine small spirits distillers are innovating with unique flavors and creating something new. Why rehash the same old gin, vodka, or whisky? Why not enjoy something original? Who cares if it's not your Dad’s spirit? The people have spoken, and they want flavor. They want their spirits to be an experience, and they want uniqueness.

With these truths in mind, Brendan Bartley, a Gin connoisseur, head bartender, and famed mixologist at Bathtub Gin in New York City, has developed a world-class, one-of-a-kind spirit that will undoubtedly leave you with an experience to talk about and a taste you will not soon forget.


As Brendan was honing in on what he wanted this new gin to taste like, he focused on a few key things:

  • Creating an all-natural gin, infusing the botanicals into the distillate rather than flavoring it using sustainable distilling and farming practices

  • Sourcing the finest botanicals worldwide and locally

  • Selecting plants for their ethnobotanical roots (how they have been used for centuries in a functional, culinary, and spiritual way)

Brendan also knew what he didn’t want. There were too many gins out there that either flavor bombed with one strong flavor or the mix of multiple flavors was overwhelming.

So, after much tasting, tinkering, and tweaking, he created:

Revivalist Garden Gin:

Now, you may be thinking, “What’s the big deal? Why all this to introduce a gin?” Well, it’s genuinely a gin like no other. There’s never been a spirit that combines these delicate flavors:

  • Hints of citrus from lemon verbena

  • Floral notes from Rose hips and rose petals

  • Plums bring stone fruit sweetness

  • Nuttiness is added with hemp seed

All of these mingle with the herbal notes of ashwagandha. All-natural, sustainably produced spirits are here. This is the purest and freshest-tasting gin you could ever experience. That’s why the distillers of this fine spirit say:


The flavors from these delicate botanicals are infused. Now, this is different than creating a gin and then flavoring it. These botanicals are steeped using a cold maceration process that brings out the optimal expression of each.

So, if you’re one of the innovators, risk-takers, and experience-makers, this could be just the spirit for you. Throw off dull drinks from makers that don’t care. It’s possible to have it all.

A spirit that is sustainably sourced, distilled and full of flavor, Revivalist Garden Gin is for the discerning yet adventurous who care about how the products they enjoy are created.

Click the link above, order a bottle, and try the finest cocktail you’ve ever had.


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