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The Importance of Daily Vitamin C

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We should not underestimate the importance of maintaining your vitamin C levels throughout the day. It is a water-soluble vitamin and so it is not stored by the body in the same way as fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, and E. 



When you consider a fresh organic orange only has 70mg of vitamin C and most experts recommend at least 2000mg spread out throughout each day, it is impossible to receive the Vitamin C your body needs through food and nutrition alone (Hence why Vitamin C supplementation is so commonplace nowadays!). With so many supplements to choose from, it can get confusing. But hold tight! We will be looking at one company “GMO-Free Vitamins” that can hopefully help you find just what you need in terms of high quality and effective Vitamin C. 

Firstly, here is a reminder of the importance of daily vitamin C! 

Vitamin C has numerous benefits for your health and in particular your immune function. Here’s a brief overview of how daily Vitamin C is so vital to your health and wellbeing: 

  • Vitamin C helps to protect and maintain the arteries and assists in reducing the levels of bad cholesterol within the blood. It effectively helps to lower LDL cholesterol and it can also help to lower blood pressure. All in all, it is super for your heart health! 

  • Vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant; it helps to fight free radicals and inflammation that create oxidative stress within the body. This is the reason Vitamin C is widely used and acclaimed as anti-aging! This is also because it plays a big role in collagen production. Collagen aids in your skin's resiliency and elasticity and essentially helps you to maintain younger-looking skin! 

  • Vitamin C boosts your immune system’s natural defenses. There is much debate as to whether vitamin C can rid you of a cold or the flu, Dr Robert Cathcart, who treated over 30K patients with vitamin C, explained that the key was sufficient dosage, and published a peer reviewed paper on vitamin C dosage during health or illness. There is at least a consensus now that vitamin C will certainly reduce the time and lessen the effects of a cold/flu bug. When you see the doses Dr Cathcart used to treat a cold or flu, upwards of 30-150 grams (not milligrams) per 24 hours, it’s easy to see how dosage could be the issue. Vitamin C also enhances the production of white blood cells which help protect the body from infection and harmful toxins.

  • Vitamin C helps your body to absorb iron much more effectively. Iron is a vital mineral that is needed for red blood cell production and transporting oxygen through the body. Anemia or iron deficiency is fairly common in pregnancy as the demands of oxygen double to provide for the baby. Vitamin C is also critical to the transport of oxygen within the body.


And this is just the tip of the iceberg with Vitamin C. As we head into winter, Vitamin C can help provide you with added support for overall health and wellbeing. But Vitamin C is not just for winter! Maintaining your vitamin C levels throughout the day can make a massive difference to how you look and feel as well as provide a layer of protection from common ailments and conditions. 


GMO-Free Vitamins was opened in 2013. They are built on a passion and purpose to provide you with the best Vitamin C supplement that is GMO-Free, made in the UK, and contrary to 90% of the vitamin C on the market, made from UK ingredients and not inferior quality ingredients sourced from China. This supplement is a super-fine ascorbic powder, known as Quali-C. 

“After struggling most of my life with asthma, severe allergies and chronic fatigue, even though I had been taking, without noticeable effect, 500mg of vitamin C daily (over 5 times the RDA) for years, my life changed overnight when I learned how to determine the proper dosage of vitamin C”- Founder, GMO Free Vitamins




Here we have a Q and A on GMO-Free Vitamin C! 

The Great Vitamin C Debate! Synthetic VS Natural Vitamin C and Which Supplement Is Best?

There is a source of flawed rhetoric in the natural treatment industry, claiming that synthetic vitamin C is only the “empty shell” of a “real” vitamin C molecule, which, according to them, needs to be complemented with flavonoids and other naturally occurring co-factors found in food-sourced vitamin C to be the “complete” vitamin C molecule.

However, whether extracted from the fruit, or made from sugar, the final molecule of vitamin C is identical, and that molecule is ascorbic acid, period! Mineral combinations are sometimes made with ascorbic acid to reduce acidity, as in the case of sodium ascorbate, and/or to deliver other complimentary minerals such as calcium or magnesium. However, the mineral forms only have half the antioxidant properties of ascorbic acid. They're generally used for those that have ulcers or very sensitive teeth. Diluting the daily dose of ascorbic acid in large volumes of water 30 -50 oz (bottled or filtered to protect the vitamin C) usually eliminates the acidity concerns.

“Whether it is from a natural or synthetic origin, vitamin C is nothing more (nor less) than a molecule of ascorbic acid- identical from either source The important difference in vitamin C products is purity, as well as avoiding counter-productive other ingredients such as sugar or sorbitol”- GMO-Free Vitamins

Eight years before opening this company, the owner decided to go and interview Dr. Cathcart and several other prominent pioneers of Orthomolecular Medicine. Their interview videos and transcripts are freely available to the public on omarchives.org. Many of their papers have been re-published there as well. 


Here we learn a little more about “titrating to bowel tolerance” and Dr. Cathcart’s study on Vitamin C: 

GMO-Free Vitamins owner had read Dr. Robert Cathcart’s paper on titrating to bowel tolerance and increased his vitamin C dosage from 500mg to 20g daily (due to asthma and severe allergies, most healthy adults would need between 4 and 15g per day as per Dr. Cahtcart's protocol). 

The premise “behind titrating to bowel tolerance” is to find the amount of vitamin C, distributed throughout the day, which makes you feel well but doesn’t cause gurgling in the gut or loose stools. 

“It’s very intuitive and even young children are capable of determining the dosage they need! When taken regularly, the amount varies depending on stress, injuries, illness, and activity level. The half-life in the body of vitamin C is 30 minutes, so after 2 hours there’s virtually nothing left of the initial dose. It's recommended to stop early in the evening not to have trouble sleeping and to also supplement with a fat-soluble vitamin-like E or D3 to maintain anti-oxidant protection through the night without having too much energy from the vitamin C”- GMO-Free Vitamins


In respect of the fact or fiction debate surrounding Kidney Stones developing as a side effect of megadose Vitamin C:

Dr. Robert Cathcart treated over 30K patients with mega-dose vitamin C. He reported fewer incidences of kidney stones in his patients and would even treat the rare cases of kidney stones by giving them B6, magnesium, and actually increasing their vitamin C intake! 

Here is a helpful quote from Dr. Levy's reply (1) to ABC7 Denise Dador's industry propaganda piece (2) instructing you to ditch your vitamins and take more drugs!

“Individuals who took regular multi-gram doses of vitamin C not only did not develop stones, they were statistically less likely to develop them. Other studies confirmed this conclusion, and at least one study even showed that multi-gram doses of vitamin C were able to help dissolve pre-existing kidney stones.” 



So, why choose this Vitamin C by GMO-Free Vitamins specifically?

This supplement is UK sourced and manufactured and it contains no other ingredients

GMO-Free Vitamins discovered that 90% of vitamin C on the market is Chinese, which always is a concern in terms of quality control and exposure to pollution. Most people don’t realize that labeling laws dictate that you label "Made in the USA", just because the ingredients are packaged there. I had to sign a waiver to print “Made in the UK” even though that’s where this vitamin C is manufactured.

 “The final product sold is exclusively ascorbic acid with no other ingredients. This is what you're looking for to mega-dose without the issue of your body needing to process excessive fillers. Many vitamin C products sold in pharmacies now have sorbitol added to them, which is a laxative that inhibits the body’s ability to absorb the vitamin C. How clever of them! They claim it “eases digestion”!”- GMO-Free Vitamins


Why Non-GMO is So Important! 

The 5 big manufacturers in the U.S. all use GMO corn, (Genetically modified organisms). This leaves us with DSM; the only major manufacturer left that is not using Chinese or GMO ingredients. 

“They use exclusively grown corn in Great-Britain and manufacture ascorbic acid from it in their plant in Dalry, Scotland. They produce Quali-C which is the purest and highest quality ascorbic acid powder on the market. They didn't sell directly to the public, so to get it for myself and my family and friends; I opened this company, hoping others were searching for the same thing. They were!”- GMO-Free Vitamins 

GMO-Free Vitamins only sell their Ultra Fine ascorbic acid powder; this is the highest grade of the Quali-C product family and is available through Amazon or their website gmofreevitamins.com.


Deals are not always the way they appear

GMO-Free Vitamins often get comments from their customers that say they love the quality but find it to be much more expensive than the competition. Which it is, but you need to understand why! The Chinese government subsidizes vitamin C production, on top of the fact that companies there already benefit from much cheaper labor and ingredient costs. The only other seller of DSM's Ultra Fine vitamin C powder actually charges twice as much!

 “For added assurance on our product, see the Amazon review summary from our customers! The main points they highlight about our vitamin C are Non-GMO, Made in the UK, No other ingredients, increased energy, immunity boosting, natural pain relief, easy on the stomach, superior dissolution, DIY Serums, acne relief, DIY liposomal, and great taste! Try the worlds finest vitamin C at ½ the price of the competition, and  C for yourself”-  GMO-Free Vitamins

* In partnership with our friends at GMO Free Vitamins   Photo courtesy of Pixabay and GMO Free Vitamins

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