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Immune support is never as straightforward as it seems

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Presently, in the COVID time, immune support gathers even more significance through fall and winter because we all want to avoid the common cough and cold. If you need some extra support, here are 5 smart tips to bolster your immune function!



Immune support is never as straightforward as it seems. It may appear as simple as taking the extra odd vitamin C tablet (when you remember) but it is far more than that.

Your body needs a daily supplement of Vitamin C as it is a water-soluble vitamin, and so the body does not store it in the same way as Vitamin D for instance (a fat-soluble vitamin). Armed with this knowledge, it makes sense to keep your vitamin C levels topped up daily- be it spring, summer, fall or winter.


Here are 5 tips for immune support!

  1. Vitamins are a science, and there is a synastry or compatibility with vitamins and minerals- some just naturally work better together or enhance their support when combined. So, it really does help to look beyond the vitamin bottle and understand the effect of vitamins and minerals on your body. For instance, Vitamin C aids in better absorption of iron into your body. And a smoker may need more Vitamin C as smoking depletes levels of Vitamin C in the body. Think of vitamins and minerals broadly, get to know them and your body better. 

  2. It’s not just about vitamins- it’s about food and nutrition. There is little point in loading up on vitamin supplements if your daily diet leaves a lot to be desired. Vitamin and mineral supplements work best when combined with good, solid nutrition. They cannot replace a healthy meal but they can add a bit of extra support and narrow the gaps in balancing your body so that you aren’t missing out on what you truly need to function well. 

  3. Speak to someone! Too often we take shortcuts with our health. Especially in terms of immune function and digestive processes. Everything we think we need is so readily available to us that we don’t think to stop and ask a healthcare professional for their opinion and advice. Basically, get specific with your supplements. You are an individual so cater to them accordingly! 

  4. As mentioned earlier. Immune support shouldn’t just be your priority in fall and winter. If you look after yourself through all seasons then you are setting yourself up for better wellness all-round. The same goes for your heart and brain health, hormonal balance, and digestion. Too often we start pill-popping when a problem or health issue arises; however, prevention is better than a cure so aim to look after your wellness needs on a daily basis. 

  5. Don’t forget that you are a whole person. When you focus just on one aspect of health, another may fall down the rabbit hole. Wellbeing is about looking after your whole being. This includes your mental and emotional health as well as the physical side. If you are mentally and emotionally low, your physical wellbeing is highly likely to be negatively affected, and your immune and digestive function can suffer in particular. 



It is all about finding the right balance and looking at the bigger picture of wellness. As stated above, talking to a healthcare practitioner can really help you streamline and identify your needs. This is where Persona Nutrition can help.

Leading the Personalized Nutrition Movement, Persona Nutrition is a leading science-based personalized nutrition company. 

“Persona offers unique supplement recommendations to each customer who takes its free 3-5-minute nutritional assessment, offering more than 86 high-quality supplements including vitamins, amino acids, herbs, and other botanicals. Vitamin packs are designed with purity, transparency and the highest absorption, delivered to a customer’s door every 28 days in individual packages”- Persona Nutrition

Persona’s proprietary algorithm used for the assessment is based on scientific research reviewed by the company's team of medical doctors, registered dietitians, and nutritionists, and factors in lifestyle, individual needs, health goals, and prescription medications to deliver vitamin and supplement recommendations as unique as each customer. 


Protecting Against Drug-Nutrient Interactions

When someone takes prescription medication – whether it is something they are taking indefinitely or something they are prescribed for the short term – that medication might change the way the body absorbs or utilizes certain micronutrients, raising overall levels, especially if the person is also supplementing with a daily vitamin. 

On the flip side, the daily vitamin, herb, or other supplements may impact the effectiveness of the medication. These are called drug-nutrient interactions (DNIs) and they play an important part in overall wellness, yet they are rarely discussed.


Immunity and DNIs

During cold and flu season, people stock up on immunity-supporting nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc. Because dietary supplements – including those for immunity – are readily accessible over the counter, many people don’t even think about speaking with their health care provider before adding them to their daily routine.  


The two most prominent drug interaction concerns among ingredients found in immunity-supporting supplements or therapies include:

  1. Zinc—When taken simultaneously with some medications, zinc can bind with the drug in the stomach and form complexes making it more difficult for the body to absorb the medication. With zinc-containing supplements, it is often important to separate administration from medications by 2 to 4 hours to avoid this type of interaction.

  2. Vitamin C—Vitamin C may increase estrogen levels by altering the way the body metabolizes the hormone. (1) This effect is usually more pronounced with the higher doses of vitamin C commonly found in immunity supplements. This can increase the side effects a patient may experience with hormone replacement therapy or oral contraceptives containing estrogen.


It is important to speak with a health care practitioner or turn to a personalized vitamin company – like Persona – that checks its recommendations against prescription medications before starting a vitamin program. Persona cross-references more than 2,000 prescription medications to ensure the vitamins and supplements being recommended to customers do not interact with their meds.

Here are a few of persona’s specific support supplements: Immune Support and Beauty Wake and Beauty Sleep


Persona’s Immune Support

Persona’s Immune Support supplement uses an ingredient blend of botanicals, including AP-Bio™, astralagus, reishi (yes, mushrooms!) and beta-glucans to help support the immune system. 




In a randomized clinical trial, supplementation with 200mg of AP-Bio™ Andrographis botanicals for five days promoted immune function and supported respiratory comfort. Together, the ingredients harness the power of mushroom-derived compounds, which have been used for centuries for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


Persona’s Beauty Wake and Beauty Sleep

Sleep goes hand in hand with feeling beautiful, so Persona’s new Beauty Sleep supplement contains ingredients to help promote a more stress-free state. 



This formula contains collagen, horsetail extract, magnesium, floating hyaluronic acid, and L-theanine. The Beauty Sleep supplement complements the Beauty Wake formula, which features a small translucent pink capsule consisting of horsetail extract, magnesium, and floating hyaluronic acid, along with other ingredients for energy support. Beauty Wake helps maintain health from the inside out.

These supplements are a part of Persona’s personalized vitamin program. You can get started today with a free nutritional assessment at Persona Nutrition.


1. Vihtamaki T, Parantainen J, Koivisto AM, et al. Oral ascorbic acid increases plasma oestradiol during postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy. Maturitas 2002;42:129-35. 

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