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Probiotic Cleaners — Your Best Home Buddies

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If the lion is the king Mold Probiotic Cleaner of the jungle, probiotic cleaners are the new soldiers of the cleaning industry. But, what are probiotic cleaners and how effective are they? Do households need to invest in all its types? Let’s take a plunge into the scientific reasons behind them.

Who would have thought the benefits of probiotics are not only taken from nomming Greek yogurts but also in cleaning agents? In fact, these new probiotics have just created a phenomenal craze in town.

What really is a probiotic cleaner?

Recall what yogurt brands tell us about probiotics. Yes, probiotics are “good” bacteria. This goes without saying that probiotic cleaners also use good bacteria and they are the same bacteria we find in the kombucha drink.

Now, you might ask how these friendly microorganisms became notorious germ-killers.

How are probiotic cleaners made?

Well, probiotic cleaners are made of powerful ingredients that can dig deeper into the dirt and will do wonders in your abode. Plant-based products like essential oils are one of these powerful ingredients that are teamed up with these probiotics to come up with a cleaning product that removes any kind of dirt like mud and muck.

So, if you want an innovative way to clean your house and maintain its cleanliness all day long, probiotic cleaners can surely help you do the tricks.

What are the types of a probiotic cleaner?

Just like yogurts with a variety of flavors like strawberry, vanilla, and grapes, among others, probiotic cleaners also come in different types. They are air probiotic cleaners, fabric probiotic cleaners, and all-purpose probiotic cleaners.

What are Air Probiotic Cleaners?

What are air probiotic cleaners? As its name suggests, air probiotic cleaners are tasked to clean the air, bringing a good atmosphere to your home. Research shows that nowadays, indoor air pollution is far worse than outdoor air pollution. In fact, survey shows that each year, approximately around four million people die from this type of air pollution. Indoor air pollution has been observed to be the cause of people bringing in their dirty things like shoes which spread contaminants like allergens, dust, mould spores, and volatile organic compounds, to name a few.

This perennial problem is even anticipated to rise to five million by the year 2050 if nothing is done to address this issue. Now, this is where air probiotic cleaners should come to the rescue!

Since indoors is where most of your breathing is done, investing in air probiotic cleaners is, indeed, a good move. Here are seven reasons why you must invest in them:

  1. They reduce exposure to harmful chemicals - Air probiotic cleaners are environmentally friendly as they use non-toxic bio-detergents. Their live good microorganisms make this product trustworthy and safe. Using this product does not result in evaporation and release of volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere.

  2. They enhance odor control - Air probiotic cleaners have the capacity to control unwanted odors by absorbing organic matter which could be the source of the odor-causing bacteria. Unlike other cleaning agents, this product does not mask bad odors with air fresheners.

  3. They prevent biofilm formation - Since bacteria can spread at any rate, they can form colonies of bacteria swiftly called biofilms. Biofilms can block dust, dirt, and other particles which can be home to harmful bacteria later on. Air probiotic cleaners can prevent the formation of biofilms; hence, reducing possible air pollutants.

  4. They break down organic matter - With this product’s strong cleaning formula, it can break down organic matter such as dirt and residues.

  5. They keep working for up to 72 hours after application - The retention ability of this product allows one to keep surfaces clean and minimize, if not prevent, the accumulation of pollutants. As opposed to chemical cleaners that provide only temporary results, air probiotic cleaners can last longer; hence, prevent recontamination which usually happens after 20 minutes

  6. They restore microbial balance. This product helps to create a more balanced microbial environment. A more balanced and diverse atmosphere for microbes can help reduce the growth of fungi and other harmful particles.

  7. They reduce bio-allergens - Air probiotic cleaners eliminate harmful particles that are airborne like pollen, dust mites, and pet dander, among others.

Why invest in air probiotic cleaners indoors, especially in your home?

Again, the house is where you do most of your breathing. According to research, an average man breathes in 15 or fewer kilograms of air each day and 95% of a man’s presence is indoors, especially at home. This means that one breathes in polluted air at home for most of the 24 hours.

Considering that one spends 95% of his time at home, the air indoors, then, has the most influence over him. Obviously, nobody wants to inhale polluted air so it is vital to invest in air probiotic cleaners for your home and your health’s sake.

What are Fabric Probiotic Cleaners?

After aiming to get clean in the house, let’s continue to be clean and green in our clothing and fabrics. With the help of fabric probiotic cleaners, you can kiss goodbye to the bad and unwanted odors on your fabrics. This fabric cleaner is way better than the traditional cleaning agent which often fails to take away odors on fabrics, causing us to just put the garment in the trash. Fabric probiotic cleaners have cleaning formulas that eliminate exactly the source of the unwanted odor and turn your fabric into a fresh, clean-scented one.

Also, unlike traditional fabric cleaning products, fabric probiotic cleaners are cost-effective. They might be a little expensive but their effectiveness is priceless since they last longer, even without the need for frequent application. Hence, they will save you some bucks.

After cleaning your fabric with this green cleaning product, you might want to use probiotic fabric fresheners, too. They are usually sprayed on the fabric. Just make sure you maintain a five-inch distance from the fabric while spraying.

Here are the easy-breezy ways of using a probiotic fabric freshener.

  1. Check your fabric. Make sure it is dry enough to absorb the freshener. Dry-washing your fabric is suggested.

  2. Shake the bottle before spraying. Then, spray directly onto the odor or the source of odor to eliminate it.

  3. Check whether the freshener has been absorbed by the fabric. When it has dried, you can re-wear and re-use your fabric or clothing.

What are All-purpose Probiotic Cleaners?

Why choose only one when you can have all? Yes, you read right! There is this probiotic cleaner that can serve you well, the all-purpose probiotic cleaners. From your doorstep to your living room and to your toilet, this cleaner can practically give you your desired cleanliness around your house.

These cleaners are made of bio-based ingredients, namely; purified water, biosurfactants, a blend of probiotic strains and enzymes,  a blend of citrus extracts, and organic deodorant. This citrus-based cleaning product will leave you with an aromatic scent after application.

This powder-based cleaning product will do a good job on your house as it breaks down grease and grime and any dirt a surface has, giving you a clean and fresh effect.

Other cleaning agents may use artificial fragrances which can be from chemicals, yet these all-purpose probiotic cleaners do not contain harsh chemicals that might irritate one’s skin or nose upon inhalation. So, it is safe to use in cleaning surfaces with food contact.

All-purpose probiotic cleaners can practically clean just everything in your house in an effective, safe, and natural way. So, get your fill soon and enjoy the healthy and neat benefits of this product.

What are Pet Probiotic Cleaners?

You seem to have cleaned your living room, kitchen, toilet, and other corners of the house. What about your pet’s area? Well, let pet probiotic cleaners solve your never-ending anxieties brought about by your friend’s fur and stinky smell.

Also made of bio-based ingredients, pet probiotic cleaners can remove bad odors from your pet’s “poo and pee ritual”. It brushes away stains, leaving your pet’s space clean and fresh.

With the right amount of probiotics and fruit extracts, this product can wash the dirt from urine and feces while eliminating the source of foul pet odors.

What are Mold Probiotic Cleaners?

Some might think that molds are dirt that can only be eliminated with a simple wipe. But, if you are a meticulous home-buddy, mold probiotic cleaners will be your trusted partner in house cleaning.

This product’s name suggests that it can remove mildew stains and tough mold. The nice thing about this cleaner as well is it can remove dirt from molds, even the ones invisible to the naked eye.

Carefully made of bio-based ingredients, this product completely eliminates mold and even musty odors. Its perfect blend of probiotics can help prevent the growth of mold before it creates another problem.

Its citrus origin makes this product safe to use on materials that can be moist.

Probiotic cleaners, no matter what type it is, are very helpful to each household’s cleaning routine. The benefits that couples, singles, and families can get from these new probiotic cleaners surely outweigh their investments in buying them.

Air and Fabric Probiotic Cleaner from Pro Biome

Don’t you just dread the musty odor that sometimes fills your home on those days that fall between your cleaning days. Pro Biome has the perfect solution to that all-day, every day, just cleaned freshness. The Air and Fabric Cleaner from Pro Biome packs the punch of being probiotic-powered. They have infused this particular cleaner with a burst of citrus extracts that provides your home with instant freshness. The citrus aromatics create a welcoming, clean, refreshed environment that will have your neighbors wondering when you had time to spring clean. The best thing about this product is that it doesn’t simply hide bad odors, it actually eradicates them at the source. What more could you possibly want from an air and fabric cleaner.

Air and Fabric Probiotic Cleaner from Pro Biome is a versatile product that can be used on almost anything you can think of that is made from fabric. Some examples include furniture, toys, luggage, mattresses or bedding, car interiors, curtains, shoes, or even pillows. It doesn’t stop there! Use this amazing product to clean you trash can and fill it with the sanitized smell of citrus.

The fascinating blend of meticulously chosen ingredients that are bio-based is what sets this product apart from the rest.  Biosurfactants, purified water, aromatic citrus extracts, organic deodorant, and probiotic strains and enzymes that occur naturally are part of the magical make-up of Air and Fabric Probiotic Cleaner from Pro Biome.

All-Purpose Probiotic Cleaner

A good all-purpose cleaner is a vital tool in any home or workplace when it comes to keeping the environment you live or work in clean, hygienic, and most of all, inviting. The Pro Biome All-Purpose Cleaner is backed by probiotic muscle. The product easily cuts through grease and grime, leaving your surface gleaming, you may even see your reflection. The cleaner doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals which means you can even use it to clean surfaces that often come into contact with the food you are preparing for your family, colleagues, or friends.

The ingredient base is much the same as those that constitute the Air and Fabric Probiotic Cleaner from Pro Biome. Just think of the citrusy freshness your home is going to exude.

The All-Purpose Probiotic Cleaner can be used on so many different surfaces that you may not need anything else in your arsenal of cleaning weapons. Walls, doors, mirrors windows, electronics, sinks, shelves, appliances, and so much more can be refreshed and revitalized with All-Purpose Probiotic Cleaner from Pro Biome.

With these two products in your repertoire, you never have to worry about your home or office smelling or looking anything less than immaculate.

So, try any of the probiotic cleaners from Pro-Biome and enjoy the cleanliness it brings to your doorstep.


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