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“Biome” is a term we don’t hear frequently in the health and skincare world, but it is a crucial one to take some time to contemplate and understand. Having a healthy biome is essential to maintaining health and of course, to give your skin the best chance of a natural, healthy glow. The skin is the largest organ in the body and it is heavily affected by what is placed on it as well as in the body through food and nutrition.

‘Biome’ refers to our skin’s micro-biome which is the balance of good and bad bacteria occurring naturally on our skin. Through maintaining a healthy gut microbiome, the skin is improved and left looking its very best!


The importance of Biome!

We know that our skin is often a reflection of our gut. A healthy digestive system has much to do with gut bacteria.  Our bacteria mix is unique to each of us with some bacteria good for our health and the other bacteria not so good!

Badly managed gut bacteria could have health consequences, such as a lowered immune function, poor digestive function, and impaired hormonal function. The gut is often termed as our second brain so it needs to be treated as such!  

The answer is to take care of the good bacteria so that they can flourish and keep bad bacteria at bay.  It makes sense to feed our good bacteria with prebiotics; once your gut microbiome is more balanced your skin will function and look better.

Manuka honey also has powerful antibacterial properties and as such, it is ideally placed to help balance your body and biome. Here are some Manuka Honey benefits!

  • It helps to reduce redness, improve the appearance of your skin and balance your skin’s pH level.

  • Naturally helps to eliminate excess or dead skin cells- this leaves your skin feeling super clean and fresh.

  • Many research studies support that Manuka honey has a role in fighting H.Phlori, the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers.

  • It is also an effective prebiotic that works hard to balance and strengthen your gut and your skin's microbiome.


The Power of New Zealand 16+ Manuka honey

As noted above, Manuka honey has an antibacterial component that sets it apart from other honey.

While all honey has limited anti-bacterial properties, in the case of Manuka, the activity is stable and doesn't lose its potency when exposed to dilution, heat, or light.

Some trials have also indicated that Manuka honey can heal wounds and skin ulcers that haven't responded to standard treatments, this is encouraging development in the world of natural and alternative medicine.

  • Manuka honey has been found to be effective against a range of bacteria, including those that cause most stomach ulcers, infected wounds, and sore throats.

  • In addition, it has proven potency against several dangerous bacterial diseases, including flesh-eating strains and the staph infection MRSA.

  • Manuka honey is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral.

  • It is also an antioxidant, meaning that while it can ward off infections, it can also help to increase vitality and immunity, particularly to the skin.


Natural Skinfood!

Your skin needs natural skinfood just as your body needs natural nutrition. Basically, more of the good stuff and less of the “bad” stuff!

Au Natural Skinfood is not just another skincare company trying to sell you their products. They want to provide real value to their customers and community. Tracy Ahern, founder of AU Natural Skinfood has 30+ years’ experience in the skincare industry and a genuine passion for helping people and supporting them on their journey to healthy skin. Because AU natural Skinfood understand the powers of Manuka honey, it is in Au Natural Skinfoods, skincare products

AU Natural Skinfood uses the term ‘Biome-positive’ because their products keep your skins micro-biome in balance; feeding the good bacteria and eliminating the bad. They want their community to understand this and ask themselves hard questions about what they are putting on their skins in the same way that they would about what they put in their mouths.

“Au natural skinfood celebrates the beauty of less. This means less unnecessary chemical fillers, less wasteful packaging, and less overpaying for underwhelming products. Our biome-positive skincare delivers clinically effective results without toxins and irritants that overtime block the pathway to healthy skin”- Au Natural Skinfood


Here are two of their natural skinfood products: AM Day Serum and No Soap Manuka Hand and Body Bar.


AM Day Serum (Vegetarian Certified) Manuka Honey Moisturizer

Au Natural Skinfood’s AM Day Serum is designed to use in the morning.  This serum is blended with concentrated, enriching ingredients to target your skin concerns powerfully and safely.  Each one of the ingredients in this serum has a mission. 



  • New Zealand Ponga fern has been for centuries used for wound healing. This unique ingredient will give your skin an instant lift and will help form an elastic, resistant, and continuous film that tightens the skin immediately.

  • Its lightweight texture and scent make anti-aging skin therapy a pleasure-driven ritual for the senses and prepares you for the day ahead. 

  • Your skin will be left feeling tight and soft, making this serum the perfect primer for foundation application.


Using a combination of Bioactive 16+ Manuka Honey and powerful antioxidants, this day serum protects, nourishes, and plumps skin of all types, while maintaining your natural moisture balance.

This product, like all in the Aú Natural Skinfood range, uses high-quality natural ingredients and replaces chemical components with natural alternatives (wherever possible) to ensure skin is fed with only the best.

When used regularly, and in tandem with other products from the Aú Natural range, designed to help the most sensitive of skins, this Biome positive wonder will work to reduce the appearance of fine lines, firm and tighten skin to combat sagging, and leave an overall appearance of plumper, more toned skin.

Aú Natural Skinfood’s AM Day Serum is the perfect skin primer for foundation application. This serum has a silky texture that will soak deliciously into your skin. You only need a small amount as the crème will spread easily.  Dot the product over the area to be treated and gently rub it into your skin. You could also apply to the neck and décolleté for firmer, supple skin.

AU Natural Skinfood is highly Environmentally Friendly through their ECO – Pouches

“At Aú Natural Skinfood we knew there was a better, less damaging way to produce and package products, so created an innovative plan to reduce waste throughout the entire process of your purchase, from design to development to delivery”- AU Natural Skinfood

  • AU Natural Skinfood reduced packaging size by 75%. Products are less wasteful and lighter to ship.

  • Products are packaged in chic aluminum bottles and stored in a tin case.

  • Even in the manufacturing process, all products are handled with reusable cotton shopping bags, reducing both plastic waste, and our carbon footprint.

  • Orders are delivered in a 100% home compostable courier bag.

  • The most innovative part, however, is this: all products come in 100% reusable containers that can be refilled via plant-based eco-refills that are carbon negative, rather than replaced.

“By slashing the amount of packaging, we manufacture, and using sustainable alternatives, our carbon footprint is dramatically reduced.  This is only just the start our R&D team are constantly exploring new technologies to reduce single-use plastic and practice a circular economy”- AU Natural Skinfood



* In partnership with our friends at Au Natural Skinfood Photo courtesy of Au Natural Skinfood
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