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How valuable is life? It’s a priceless treasure because we can never know how long we actually have to make the absolute best of it. Yes… we often take our longevity for granted because we live so much in either the past or planning for the future, and this impacts our ability to remember that all we really have is now!



The choices that we make toward our health are now; the good intentions we may have to improve our health in the future are not relevant to the present time- the clock is always ticking!

Ask yourself, what can you do today, right now, to enhance your health and longevity? Start with the simplest thing that you can think of and begin to implement it now.

Sometimes, thinking more simply is a difficult thing to do- as human beings, we have a natural tendency to over-complicate matters and create the very thing that we do not want more of… stress, disharmony, confusion, and anxiety.

It really doesn’t need to be that hard when we begin with the basics and streamline our thinking.

Steve Jobs shared a really great quote on the beauty of simplicity, here it is: “That's been one of my mantras- focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains”.

And there you have it, think of your health and longevity and what you can do to work toward it in the most simple way. Start now with the small things: it’s the accumulation of all the small, seemingly minor things that make the biggest difference to your health.



  • Water! Water is essentially life. We could go a number of days without food- but not without water. Do you drink tap water or bottled water? Which is better for you? There is many-bottled water – look for ones that have a balanced pH level- essentially higher in alkalinity and avoid flavored waters that are artificially sweetened. Staying hydrated with good quality water is one of the most powerful and simple ways that you can enhance your health.

  • What do you nourish your skin with? Whatever we absorb into skin not only affects the way we look, but also the way we function and feel. Toxins, pollutants, and parabens are very easily absorbed into our bloodstream through the skin. Take a quick look at the products you use to bathe/shower with, the cosmetics you use, and the soap or detergents you do your laundry with. Look for products with naturally sourced ingredients that are better for you.

  • Simplify your eating habits and your sources of nutrition. This is often something we struggle with because modern day living is full of the temptation of convenience foods. Plan ahead when you shop so you don’t shop out of convenience; think of just one thing each week or even each fortnight that you can adapt to live a healthier lifestyle. Become “food wise”… check ingredients and food labels, steadily increase your intake of the good stuff like raw fruit and veg as you cut back on the not so good stuff like processed foods. Remember- keeps it simple in both planning and preparation! The human mind does not deal well with too much mental clutter.





Above all, when we simplify our thinking, then our doing inevitably follows. Pay attention to your mental and emotional energy and direct it in a way that empowers you to feel your best as often as you can!

  • Practice mindfulness, spend time outdoors and make time for rest and relaxation!

  • Express your emotions, journal your thoughts, and spend time doing things that you enjoy!

  • Value your health and minimize stress by doing something small each day that inspires happier, more harmonious living.


You look after yourself for you, and the people around you that you love and care for- and this is always worth the effort because you are worthy of the best life that you can create for yourself. Keeping it simple and taking small steps to better health reduces your anxiety about what’s ahead. Nothing is certain... but it is what you do now that inspires what comes next!



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