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This topic is all about a delicious and common fruit - nuts! Now, this is probably not the first thing that you think about when it comes to fruits, but we will dive deep into the seed and the benefits of consuming it on a regular basis. We will then introduce Jewels Under the Kilt, which is a brand that specializes in nuts. They have a special way of making them, and we will give you a hint: they are based in Ontario. From there, we will display their two most popular products, as well as offer a unique discount code that you could use at checkout to receive free shipping when ordering from Jewels Under the Kilt.


Maintaining a well-balanced diet means that you should be including foods from the five food groups. These are dairy, protein, grains, vegetables, and fruits. All of the foods in these groups provide you with the proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are vital for your body’s functions. Dairy includes foods like milk, cheese, and yogurt which serve as excellent sources of calcium and vitamin D, which is great for strong bones and teeth. Meat, fish, and beans are just some of the proteins, and they help with supporting muscle growth, and for building and repairing tissue. Grains are like an energy source, offering complex carbohydrates that get you going throughout the day. Vegetables and fruits are very rich in antioxidants and fiber. They help with immune health and digestive health. One fruit that is not mentioned enough are nuts.

Nuts may not be the first thing you think about when someone mentions fruits. Well, in a botanical sense, a nut is a hard-shelled fruit that contains one seed. Examples of this include acorns, hazelnuts, etc. But, when we are speaking about the fruits that we regularly eat like almonds or cashews, they are actually seeds or fruits that have a hard outer shell. Regardless if you categorize them under fruits or just simply nuts, nuts are a great source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and more. They can also serve as a way to regulate your weight and help fight against heart disease and diabetes. The types of nuts that you consume also play a huge role in this. If your almonds are covered in salt or your cashews are dipped in sugar, you are probably not receiving the nutritional value that you were aiming to receive. This is why choosing the right nut brand is extremely important.


Enter Jewels Under the Kilt. Located in Fergus, Ontario, Jewels Under the Kilt is a fruit and nut  Orchard who’s roasting process uses the last tapping of the finest dark maple syrup to preserve the nut during roasting. This means delicious tastes and healthy nuts! Before diving into the brand’s most popular products, let us dive into the founder and their origin story.


In 2010, Elisabeth Burrow and her partner moved to a farm outside of Fergus, Ontario. They lived in the city for the majority of their lives, and people genuinely just thought they would not be able to last. Friends and family members knew Burrow as someone who was loud and smiley while living in the city, but she thought the opposite. In fact, she ended up proving them wrong and took in all of the great energy from her adventurous move. She explored every nook and cranny of her farm, the county, and the other surrounding areas. This was great for reconnecting with what she had always wanted. She went into things with full force. For instance, Burrow began to grow flowers and vegetables around her new area of land. One day, she realized that she could grow nuts as well.

As Burrow kept conducting her research, she realized that it was possible for her to grow nuts in her area. From there, her and her partner planted around 150 nut and fruit trees in 2013. At the same time, they were also receiving their families’ annual jars of maple syrup. Burrow was not a fan of the taste, but the maple syrup did serve its purpose. She would use it to mask the flavor of the nuts. When Burrow discovered this possibility, she began to continuously work on a recipe over and over again in her head. Finally, she created the patent process for roasting nuts. She found the knack and joy for roasting and creating flavored nuts naturally. This was when Jewels Under the Kilt was born.


Jewels Under the Kilt includes quality ingredients that are sourced locally. Everything that goes into the unique, artisan nut flavor is sourced from local suppliers who Burrow has developed relationships with over the years. Every product that they sell offers absolutely nothing artificial and a totally unique Canadian experience. Burrow is extremely focused and serious about her nut-making, and ensures that customers fall in love with her recipes as much as she enjoyed the process of making them.

Jewels Under the Kilt’s most popular products are the Plain Roasted Walnuts and the Salted Roasted Pecans.


The Plain Roasted Walnuts is a 250g box that is a great snack option! The high quality walnuts are carefully roasted to perfection, making their natural flavor ever-so present. Those who consume it will have a satisfying crunch with every bite. Walnuts are known to have amazing benefits for your nutrition. For instance, they are rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. What better way to receive this nutritional value than with a delicious snack? Some ways that you can enjoy the Plain Roasted Walnuts are by sprinkling it over your salad, adding it to yogurt for a different texture. One popular method is by including it in baked goods for an extra crunch and nutritional value. Also, the packaging for this product is great in the sense that it keeps the product fresh, so you are able to take it on-the-go.

The Salted Roasted Pecans include the perfect combination of the taste of butter along with savory salt. Being a product under Jewels Under the Kilt, each pecan is roasted to perfection, meaning that the crunchy texture complements the natural sweetness of the pecan. Including salt into the mix just enhances the flavor. Having just a handful of the Salted Roasted Pecans means receiving a lot of nutritional value since they include heart-healthy unsaturated fats, fiber, as well as minerals and vitamins. Some ways to incorporate this product into your daily diet include sprinkling it over salads or desserts.

Upon visiting Jewels Under the Kilt’s website, one can see a variety of nut options. There are hazelnuts, almonds, and even mixed nuts if you cannot decide on which is your favorite. Also, with the purchase of three boxes, there is free shipping. Just use code JEWELSSHIPPINGFREE at checkout.


Jewels Under the Kilt is truly a brand like no other. Many times, we think of nuts as a secondary option or sort of an add-on to meals. But, this brand makes you think about nuts in a different manner. Nuts have so many amazing benefits for your body, and consuming it on a regular basis can create great long-term benefits for you. The issue is that many nut brands in supermarkets have different types of unhealthy ingredients added onto them, which makes it difficult to get the nutritional value. But, Jewels Under the Kilt changes that narrative. They use their family’s homemade, natural dark maple syrup and only the finest ingredients to enhance the flavor of the nuts. You will be receiving every type of nutritional benefit, regardless if you believe that nuts are fruits or not.


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