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Japanese Secret for Better Immunity and Digestion

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Immunity and digestion are always hot topics for health because they can make such a massive difference to our overall wellbeing, and they are both heavily linked to each other, read on for some tips to keep you feeling “tip, top”!



Our immune and digestive functions are inextricably linked; if you aren’t absorbing the nutrients from your food then this will inevitably strain your immune function as well as other bodily systems. Food needs to be as functional as it is tasty and satisfying.

And perhaps this is where we go wrong sometimes with nutrition in particular because we all want to savor good, sumptuous foods, but they may not always be functional in terms of keeping you well.

So, here are 3 top tips for your immunity and digestion!

  1. What you want to avoid is putting more of a strain on your body. Modern living is often stressful enough and so you really need to try and maintain or support balance as much as you can within your body. Many processed and packaged foods can cause inflammation to build up in your body over time. Inflammation can lead to numerous health concerns and it will definitely impact your immune and digestive function. Take time to plan and prepare your meals, try and ensure they are functional in terms of how they will benefit you- think vitamins, minerals, probiotics, fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6… the list goes on! Choosing the right nutrition is effectively a healing process for your body- there are foods that harm, yet also many that heal. 

  2. Try new things. A varied diet is a sure-fire way of doing your best to get your recommended intake of vitamins and minerals. A diet that is too repetitive and restrictive can impede your immune and digestive function (as well as other fundamental processes within the body). When this occurs, your body is working harder to work for you and it ends up putting a strain on your health. New foods, creative recipes, and natural supplements can help to keep your body well- in winter and beyond. 

  3. Choose effective supplements. A lot of the time, we don’t make the efforts to research the supplements we include as part of our nutritional intake. Aim to choose natural supplements that have a high bio-availability and work well with your body. How well you absorb the nutrients from food is just as important as the actual food or supplements you are utilizing. 

Hopefully, these little tips have helped you to reset and get organized with your nutrition. Eating well keeps you well- it’s that simple!

Sonomono understands the importance of food and supplementation for wellbeing and longevity, this is why Sonomono creates supplements that nurture your body rather than straining it. Their line of probiotic powders is created solely using pure and natural ingredients.

As written about in a previous read, Japan has a rich heritage of agricultural, marine, and fermented food produced with natural ingredients. Sonomono believes it is worthwhile to commercialize those products in their purest form without additives, conservatives, and GMOs.

They collaborate with producers, local governments, and researchers in diverse projects that enhance people’s health, countryside natural resources, and local culture. 

“Through food science, we aim to create a “new model of life” that showcases countryside life’s bounties and attracts people from the cities”- Sonomono

About Natto

Sonomono specializes in Natto products. Natto is a highly popular food in Japan, though not mainstream in the USA. Natto has many benefits for your immune, gut, and digestive function. It is an acquired taste but this should not deter you from giving it a try- especially if you feel you can benefit from the support Natto can provide for your body. 

Natto is made from fermented soybeans, so the ingredients are clean and simple: Soybeans (whole), Bacillus subtilis (a potent probiotic). 

The great thing about Sonomono’s Natto is that it is in powder form, so even if you aren’t keen on the taste, you can take great delight in creating recipes with this powerful Natto powder! 

“Natto is a traditional Japanese food made by fermenting soybeans with the Bacillus Subtilis bacteria. It is naturally rich in probiotics, vitamins K1 and K2, Amino acids, and enzymes. The Japanese have been consuming Natto for over 1000 years to support their health and longevity”- Sonomono

Sonomono offers two types of Natto powder, Mild Powder and Classic Powder. The mild version features less Natto smell and stickiness, making it an excellent option for baby food or people who find the Natto aroma a little overwhelming.

Some Recipe Ideas! 

Natto is versatile so it can easily be added to your meals; this means you can gain all the benefits of Natto Powder as part of a nutritious meal. 

Here are just a few ideas for you:

  • You can mix Natto Powder into your favorite topping for a baked sweet potato or butternut squash for instance. This is a comforting meal for autumn and is loaded with vitamins. 

  • For the breakfast bunnies, try sprinkling some Natto powder on top of your eggs, whether you have them scrambled or poached, Natto powder adds that extra bit of immune-boosting benefit to your morning meal. 

  • Go Crackers! Crackers are a great snack at any time of day. For added advantages to this versatile snack, simply mix in some Natto Powder with your cream or cottage cheese. The Vitamin K in Natto is further boosted by the calcium-richness of cheese and dairy products.

  • Winter Soup. Natto is a fine powder so it really can be added or mixed into anything, even into a homemade soup. A tomato-based soup can complement the immune and digestion-boosting benefits of Natto because tomatoes are so rich in many vitamins also. Now you can get your probiotics in without your usual probiotic yogurt in the morning! 

“Boost any food with natural Japanese probiotics, vitamin K, enzymes amino acids, minerals, and more! Just add Sonomono Natto Powder to your favorite foods… that is all!”- Sonomono


Here’s some further info on these amazing Natto powders: Sonomono Natto Powder Mild and Sonomono Natto Powder Classic 

Here are the benefits your looking for from the Mild Natto:

  • Supports Immune System and GI Health. The intestines contain approximately 70% of the body’s immune cells. B, subtilis is a microbiome regulator. Microbiome balance is related to adequate intestinal barrier functioning and immune system response. 

  • Higher healthy effects than raw natto. Sonomono’s freeze-dried powder concentrates more probiotics than raw Natto, billions of CFU/g.

  • The freeze-drying also decreases soy protein deterioration and increases nutrient body availability 1.5 times. 

  • Reaches the Intestines alive and produces vitamin K2. The probiotics of Sonomono powder are in spore form. Protected by the spore, B. subtilis passes through the gastric acid and reaches the intestines where it continues producing vitamin K2 and the enzyme nattokinase. 

This Natto Powder carries the same benefits as the mild version. The difference is that it offers full natto aroma and flavor.


Here are the benefits your looking for Classic Natto:

  • Supports Immune System and GI health.

  • Higher healthy effects than raw natto.

  • The freeze-drying also decreases soy protein deterioration and increases nutrient body availability 1.5 times. 

  • Reaches the intestines alive and produces Vitamin K2.

  • Adds UMAMI to your food. Natto is one of the best sources of umami, the characteristic flavor of Japanese food. Umami enhances the food's natural flavor; it can be used to cook with less sugar and salt!

“Our Natto products are highly popular in Japan and they are tasty, effective & easy to use. Natto powder offers endless cooking possibilities just by sprinkling and mixing with your favorite food. This product has appeared several times on Japanese television, newspapers, magazines, and social media”- Sonomono

* In partnership with our friends at Sonomono * Photo courtesy of Sonomono
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