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How to Soothe Stiffness

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Are you feeling achy and stiff after a workout, or struggling to get back on track after an injury?

Whether you consistently exercise or are just getting back into it after a brief break, muscle recovery and repair should be a critical part of your training program. The danger is that we do not spend enough time on recovery and repair and this means our body struggles to keep up with training. Without enough rest and recovery, you may be more prone to injuries- and that isn’t helpful or healthy at all! 

Especially as winter sets in, muscles are cold, joints may feel a bit stiff anyway, and so spending some time implementing some repair time could save you a lot more soreness and pain down the line. It can also help you to work out more effectively as your body is better prepared. 

So, here are 3 ways to soothe stiffness! 

  1. As mentioned above, it’s getting colder! A general warm-up before your main activity session should last approximately 5-7 minutes; an adequate warm-up prepares your body for the training that is to follow. Don’t skimp on your warm-ups. Make sure you incorporate lighter or easier versions of exercises that you will complete in your main session. Use exercises that involve the larger muscle groups: chest, back, and legs. Warming up properly helps your muscles, bones, and joints stay supple and strong. 

  2. Get your sleep in. The body rejuvenates and regenerates whilst asleep. This regeneration aids in muscle repair and hormonal balance- two key areas when training. Any work-out will feel hard if you haven’t done it before, or if you have increased your activity load- so bear this in mind also. Even gentle exercise to a deconditioned person can really affect your body, and if you feel too sore or stiff for days after then this will only demotivate you and leave too long in between your training sessions (and thus, the cycle repeats!). Rest well, sleep well, and give your body a chance to catch up! 

  3. Massage! Massage helps to ease out knots in your muscles, remove the build-up of toxins, and reduce inflammation. And you don’t need to at athlete level for massage to pay its dividends! As stated before, even a gentle workout can feel tough on the body if it is not accustomed to it. Many people give up their well-intended training regimens because they feel so stiff and sore after them. Massage can help to promote a faster recovery and this means you can continue keeping yourself well through exercise. 


With massage, the use of essential oils can help to add a further dimension to the healing process that your body may need pre and post-activity. Essential oils have been used for centuries for their wide and specific healing power. UNDRBUDR has fused its massage products with essential oils for this reason. They develop high-performance, nature-inspired skincare, and recovery products for active people before, during, and after activity.    

“Experienced athletes know proper recovery allows for higher training stress, and everyday active people need it to minimize pain and soreness associated with getting back in shape or just maintaining their current physical health. Muscle BudrTM was developed with all people in mind to help speed up recovery and repair”- Rich Ferraro, UNDRBUDR

Their flagship product “Muscle BudrTM” has quickly become the “go-to” muscle recovery choice based on real-life feedback and impressive formula specifications:   

  • Ranked 2x more effective than other topical recovery formulas

  • 6x higher concentration of Arnica and Comfrey than typical formulas

  • All-natural - 100% natural ingredients

Here’s why you need it! 

Pain and muscle soreness can be a serious obstacle to any training program and especially for those trying to get back in shape- perhaps after an injury or health condition. Another challenge many encounters is a training plateau where gains become minimal and this is usually a red flag where your body is telling you a recovery period is needed. 

For those looking to help their body be healthy again, it is uplifting to know that a natural product can help them reach their goals. At UNDRBUDR they are well-accustomed to helping people do just that! 

Muscle BudrTM

“In developing Muscle BudrTM, we researched countless ingredients and products on the market including chemical-based, as well as naturally derived, each with different modes of action. Our conclusion was that time tested natural herbal remedies such as Arnica and Comfrey plus many other essential oils had very compelling clinical data supporting the reduction of muscle pain and inflammation”- UNDRBUDR

These natural ingredients also address what can be described as secondary forms of training stress, such as the other types of physical stress we feel after activity including back pain, joint, and tendon pain, stiffness and even cramping, and muscle spasms. 

The Key Benefits of this formula include:

  • Overall reduction of pain, muscle soreness, particularly with frequent use

  • Shorter recovery period requirements between exercise

  • Increased flexibility

  • More restful sleep

The base of all Muscle BudrTM products consists of rich, carrier oils like apricot and jojoba which are infused with Arnica and Comfrey. 

Arnica and Comfrey were specifically selected for their natural active ingredients which address pain and inflammation and have been frequently cited in medical journals as well as noted healthcare providers like the Sloan Kettering Institute.  For example, Helenalin is a key active ingredient in Arnica. It helps block symptoms very early on at the cellular level. NF-kappaB (NF-kB) proteins comprise a family of elements that are involved in the control of cellular processes, such as inflammatory response. Research indicates that Helenalin blocks the signal pathways & cascade of biological processes that would ultimately trigger pain and inflammation.  

“We have developed a proprietary infusion process that achieves maximum extraction of key these ingredients without denaturing their effectiveness. Our base formula is 6 times more concentrated than typical off-the-shelf Arnica and Comfrey-based topical muscle recovery products. In addition, we add an array of essential oils that are known for addressing secondary forms of training stress” - UNDRBUDR

  • Camphor is noted to address pain and inflammation but is specifically noted in peer-reviewed publications such as the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine as a direct topical ingredient for immediate relief of back pain 

  • Eucalyptus is known to reduce joint pain and osteoarthritis

  • Cypress, Cedarwood Atlas, and Sandalwood are known for their antispasmodic, and anti-cramping benefit

The concentrations used are considered therapeutic grade, not like aromatherapy, and should only be used by adults. UNDRBUDR also combines additional infused and essential oils for fragrance as well as specific applications; energize, ground, or de-stress. 

“Our two most popular formulas listed below are application-specific. Each formula is offered as a massage oil for covering larger areas and massage therapy, or a salve which is great for targeted areas and quick application”- UNDRBUDR 


"Simmer Down" Massage Oil 

Simmer Down is a soothing herbal infusion. It helps you to wake up feeling great rather than achy, stiff, or sore! 


Highly concentrated arnica and comfrey for pain & inflammation and to promote repair & recovery. Supporting 5 main functions to help you feel your best:

  • Reduced inflammation, easing of general pain, relaxing muscles

  • Relieving joint, tendon, and muscle soreness

  • Reduced cramping, spasms, and nerve pain

  • Carefully selected oils feel luxurious and maximize transdermal penetration of key ingredients

  • Fast-acting, 100% natural muscle repair and recovery

It's ideal for use to destress, promote repair and recover post activity. Rather than chemical menthol, UNDRBUDR only uses the good stuff! Ingredients are pure and concentrated. This formula contains peppermint alongside other complementary essential oils for natural relaxation. Simmer Down contains carefully selected oils and butter that feel luxurious and maximize transdermal penetration of key ingredients. It is fast-acting and encourages 100% natural muscle repair and recovery. 


"Anytime" Salve

Anytime is a grounding herbal infusion.  As the name suggests, it's suitable for use anytime - day or night. For instance, try it before or after activity for general pain & inflammation and to promote repair & recovery. The essential oil blend has distant aromatic notes of citrus and herbs for a grounding feeling without distraction.



Anytime supports 5 functions to help you feel your best:

UNDRBUDR recommends applying enough product to a specific area to last 5-10 minutes while rubbing before nearly completely absorbing. Frequency is always person-specific but at least one application should be done within 1hr of working out. Most will cover a considerable portion of their body right after workouts and then a smaller amount in the morning the next day for targeted areas that persistently cause pain.

“Helping your body feel healthy again or whatever your goal may be requires recovery as a physical necessity. Self-care is more about the mental part. People who use our products describe a sort of ritual they undergo as part of their routine. Whether it’s manual massaging, using a roller, or percussive therapy, the process starts with applying our rich oil or salve and working it in. This connection, complemented by the soothing sensation and fragrances we have developed specifically for each mood, creates a truly nurturing experience” - UNDRBUDR 

* In partnership with our friends at UNDRBUDR* Photo courtesy of UNDRBUDR  
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