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Here's How to Deal With Bad Breath and Gum Issues!

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As we age, much of our health begins to waver and deteriorate. This includes our dental and oral health. With the cost of dental care rising, we should be doing all we can to preserve our teeth, our oral health, and of course our smile. 

Dead brain cells cannot regenerate and of course, neither do our teeth! Yet, we rarely apply the same focus to our dental hygiene and health as we do to the rest of our body. In a nutshell, look after your teeth! 



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Here are a few amazing facts about teeth and dental health that you may or may not know! 

  • The enamel on your teeth is the hardest substance on your body, even harder than bone!

  • Your teeth cannot heal or repair themselves. Once decay begins on a tooth, it cannot be reversed. 

  • If you do not floss regularly, then you are missing that all-important cleaning that needs to occur between your teeth and the gum line. 

  • Drinking fizzy or sweet drinks like soda a few times each day can mean that you are over 60% more likely to suffer tooth decay or tooth loss. 

  • On average, a person in their lifetime spends around 38 days brushing their teeth. 


So what does this all mean?
Essentially, we can all take steps to improve dental care and oral health. This also includes teaching our kids the importance of looking after their teeth and hopefully encouraging better oral health habits as they grow into adulthood. 

And for the older population, here are some quick points: 

  • Brush at least twice daily with a good quality dental brush and toothpaste.

  • Use a good quality mouth rinse in between brushing.

  • If you don’t floss… start now! 

  • Reduce your intake of sweet foods and fizzy drinks that eat away tooth enamel. 

  • Stay up to date with dental visits and dental hygiene care. Ideally, you should have a dental check-up every 6 months. 


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When Looking For Dental Care and Oral Health Products
Always aim to choose more natural varieties. There are several kinds of toothpaste and rinses that have been developed to better protect you through natural means, here is where Trusted Health Products can help! 


Trusted Health Products have been formulating healthcare products since March of 2001 and have over 240,000 thousand Happy Smiling Customers! They aim to provide clean, pure, and effective products to everyone seeking a natural alternative. 

They have gone above and beyond to ensure they produce pure, wholesome, and remedial products. To go a step further to improve their customer’s health, they use Bio-Electric Mapping! 


Bio-Electric Mapping 

Here’s how it works. Whenever your body takes an ingredient in, whether it be orally, on your skin, or as a food, your body has nutrient interactions with that ingredient. Your body breaks it down so it can be either used or rejected.

Trusted Health Products has observed these nutrient interactions and discovered a way to map them. Sometimes your body will go through hundreds of interactions with an ingredient to get it to the place where it can be used by your body. With this valuable information, they can accurately formulate the precise combination of specific ingredients that will give the body optimum nutrition to perform at peak levels. 


“Our formulation technology, Bioelectric Mapping®, developed from over four decades of research embraces the biodynamic electric activity generated by your body. We have observed previously unrecognized nutrient interactions and related processes within the body. Armed with this information we can accurately track nutrient conversions. This enables us to correctly source pure ingredients with the specific properties, ratios, and combinations that effectively match the body’s nutritional needs both inside and out. This gives the body the optimal nutrition it needs to function at peak performance”- Trusted Health Products


Simply put, Trusted Health Products work well with your body! Here’s a peek at on of our favorite oral healthcare products from their range: OraMD Breath Spray 



OraMD Breath Spray

OraMD Breath Spray is made from the same powerful formulation of pure all-natural ingredients as the OraMD Original. The combination of the compact size of the bottle and the sprayer makes it easy to treat bad breath on the go. OraMD Breath Spray doesn't just leave your mouth minty fresh, but it also promotes healthy teeth and gums. 

The oils in the breath spray still effectively kill periodontal bacteria which makes this a wonderful addition to every Oral Hygiene Routine!


"Just a quick spritz is all it takes to kill off bad breath" -  Carolita



Collect Your FREE Breath Spray NOW! (retails for $8.95) be one of the 240,000 thousand Happy and Smiling Customers Today!

“We believe that “Nature Provides the Best Answer” for your health. All of our liquid products are made from 100% pure botanical and essential oils with no chemicals or GMO’s of any kind. Our formulation technology, Bioelectric Mapping®, developed from over four decades of research embraces the biodynamic electric activity generated by your body”- Trusted Health Products


* In partnership with our friends at Trusted Health Products  Photo courtesy of Trusted Health Products
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