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The well-being of our children is always at the forefront of our minds. Many of us are raising our children in a very different world to the one that we grew up in and that brings with it a catalog of worry a lot of the time. 



Children tend to do as we do rather than do as we say and so it bodes well for them if you build solid foundations for your wellness. Things, in general, tend to have a domino effect, and this applies to the good stuff as well as the bad! 

By looking after your wellbeing you can positively affect the same for your child. Ultimately, this means following healthy protocols when it comes to nutrition, exercise, patterns of sleep, and so on. Bear in mind that we now live in a world that is much heavier polluted and so environmental factors also play a big role in children’s physical and mental health and wellbeing. This can mean that your child/children may develop disorders and intolerances that were not heard of as much say 20, 30, or 40 years ago! 


Health Perspectives

There are many things to consider, and sometimes even a healthy child can develop issues with their wellbeing at some stage. As a child grows so should their body awareness and this is something that can help them toward healthier lives as young adults. 

Here are some things that can inspire better health perspectives in your children!

  • Encourage them to learn about their body. Young children learn through play so try to bring some fun into the mix! For instance, making meals and snacks that are fun, low in sugar, and creative builds their interest in what they are eating and why it’s good for them.

  • Exercise with them. Go for a walk, have a dance, go for a swim or bike ride- help them to learn about their body and the world around them through activity and play. 

  • Create better bedtimes by having a strong sleep routine. Perhaps read them a story or run them a bath before bedtime. They need to have an understanding of what self-care is! 





These are all basic things, but as busy parents, it is sometimes the basics that we lose sight of! We all want our children to be happy and healthy but the fact is, in these modern and increasingly stressful times many children are at a higher risk of becoming unwell due to several factors. 

What would you do if your healthy, vibrant child changed overnight? Where would you turn? Who would you trust? These are all scary and sobering questions. Here we look at the story of Pamela Wirth co-written with 3 doctors and 2 families in Hello Health®. 

This is the individual story of Hello Health® and should not be taken as a treatment protocol. Their story was their inspiration to formulate products that support normal health.

When Pamela Wirth’s nearly six-year-old son Ryan began to developmentally regress, she did what any parent would do: she took him to the doctor. 

Fortunately following several unsuccessful doctor visits (visit feedback ranged from “kids will be kids”, to allergies, to let’s wait 1-2 weeks, to he now has an Autism Spectrum Disorder) that could not adequately explain or treat his tics, anxiety, lethargy, or unusual vocalizations, she found a Neurologist that suggested to do a blood test and look for the root of the problem. 

The lab work showed 2 active viral infections and high strep titers even though he never had strep throat as well as low D3, low B12, and a genetic marker prevalent in much of the population called MTHFR. The Neurologist with this lab work cited it would take about a year and then recommended and worked alongside the Pediatrician and the Immunologist to treat each infection and vitamin deficiency. With the introduction of supplements and improved diet, subsequent lab work showed improved immune function and vitamin/mineral levels along with reduced inflammation. 

While the illness was ultimately categorized as an Autoimmune Disorder, the road to recovery was long but ultimately successful.

It was Pamela’s son who asked if the many daily supplements could be combined into one or two supplements. After several years and under the care of scientists, doctors, and other families, the answer is yes and Belly Great™ and Mighty Might™ were born.


Hello Health® provides holistic nutritional formulas, scientific education, and support for courageous families like yours to help your children live their lives fully.

 “Every day brings new headlines about how our minds and bodies are one. We believe that all children have a right to a happy, healthy life and that parents and carers like you can find natural, trusted wellness solutions and innovative support, without fear”- Hello Health®

Hello Health® is here to help provide doctor-formulated nutrition to assist your child in reaching their full potential. Their products are derived from natural ingredients and are: 

  • GMO-free

  • Gluten-free

  • Unsweetened 

  • NO wheat, yeast, milk, eggs, soy, peanut, or tree nut allergens.

  • As pure as possible, of course!

Hello Health's nutritional supplements are at the forefront of scientific research that includes findings regarding:

• Environmental triggers a child’s genetic predisposition to autoimmune disease.

• The revolutionary difference between conventional medicine and functional medicine.

• A fresh, new understanding of the connection between our gut health, our immune system, our mental health, and our behaviors.


Here are two of their specially formulated supplements: Belly Great™ and Mighty Might™, they contain premium natural ingredients for your child’s total wellness.

Belly Great 

Belly Great™ supports the immune system and helps maintain healthy digestion and bones. 

  • A special brain and body nourishing prebiotic and probiotic formula (15 carefully selected strains) including Vitamin D3 and essential natural ingredients. 

  • Formulated specifically to promote your child’s immune system, uplift mood, improve digestion, and support healthy bones. 

  • The right nutrients for your child’s unique needs in one easy morning serving.





Mighty Might

Mighty Might™ supports the immune system and helps soothe environmental stressors.

  • A rich brain and body nourishing botanical and omega formula full of healthy Omega-3s, Zinc, Frankincense, Curcumin, Organic Olive Leaf extract, and more. 

  • Formulated specifically to promote your child’s immune system, cleanse the body, and balance brain activity to increase focus. 

  • The right nutrients for your child’s unique needs all in one easy night-time serving. 

“As parents, we know that you have faced challenges. You have bravely searched for new answers and new impactful options. The Hello Health® community and all of our nutritional supplements are here to support, working together to encourage parents and carers like you to find trusted formulations and optimal wellness for your child”- Hello Health®

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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