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Discovering Total Wellness

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Total wellness is a journey to self-discovery and wellbeing. It is the understanding that your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing are all heavily interrelated, and you can’t truly have one without the other.




As human beings we are innately complex; we serve ourselves and our health far better when we realize it depends on a whole lot more than exercise and eating right- although these are two major factors in wellness! 


Can we ever really be “healthy” if our mental focus is not on point or we are overcome by stress frequently? Are we really on a wellness path when we don’t take time out for our emotional health and develop methods for self-care and relaxation? Do we make the most out of our physical body through nourishment and movement? 

I guess these are questions we should ask ourselves and then seek to restore balance where it has been undermined! Every health plan or goal needs to be subject to a little scrutiny to keep it relevant and purposeful. 




So, as spring sets in, it is an opportune time to look at your health a lot more broadly. It is not just about fitting into that awesome bikini or swimming trunks you just bought for summer. Your health perspective needs to be a commitment to a lifestyle change for the better. Here are some thoughts and ideas for you!

  • Lifestyle change. Changes to your creature comforts and ingrained habits around food and exercise are not easy to implement, but highly worthwhile. As the old phrase goes “Don’t run before you can walk”. Ultimately this means taking small, simple steps toward better wellness. This may look like: breaking a bigger weight-loss goal into a smaller one- this is especially helpful if you have more weight to lose. Or it may mean you start with 20 minute walks at least 3-5 times per week before you begin incorporating some jogging into the mix! 

  • Supplements. Don’t go too mad on supplements that you may not need. Think about the areas of health that you want to focus on improving. Be it heart health, immunity, brain function, digestion, gut health, and inflammation- there are many aspects to wellness. If you suffer from colds and viruses frequently then driving your focus toward that area will strengthen you to work on others, such as digestive health. It’s difficult to improve your wellbeing if you are constantly feeling run down from a weak immune system! 

  • Seek support. We are mental and emotional beings, sometimes just talking things out with a close friend or a health professional can help to gain perspective on a particular matter or health issue. If you are feeling stressed, or going through a period of prolonged stress, discussing this with someone can help to kick-start changes for you! 


In health and wellness, there isn’t a one size fits all approach or answer. Treat yourself as the individual you are and keep moving forward! A healthier person contributes to a healthier planet, and this is what Complete Human are all about.


Complete Human seeks to redefine true health and provide the tools to support each person’s unique journey. They established themselves to help the world transition to a more sustainable and healthy way of life.


Each product in the Complete Human family is scientifically designed to support optimal health. From dietary supplements to coffee and teas, to cleaning supplies and beyond, they strive to develop products that ensure a better quality of life for their customers and suppliers.


Complete Human manufacture all of their products (no white label stuff here, except their label, is white!), they employ the highest quality control measures. They travel the world seeking the very best ingredients and use those ingredients to create products you and your family can trust.


“We began Complete Human because we are passionate about helping people achieve optimal health, about supporting small farmers and growers throughout the world, about creating sustainable products that encourage a healthier planet, and about giving back to the causes that will make a big difference in the lives of our children.” - Olav, Evan, and Janna – Complete Human’s Co-Founders



Here is a peek at a few of their products: Immunity, Res-Beet, and PRM Response!



Complete Human™ Immunity with Vitamin C, D, Zinc, Beta-Glucan, and Green Tea Catechins works with the body to support the function of Natural Killer (NK) immune cells. This is your first line of defense against viruses and colds.

The multi-mode of action formula in this supplement helps reduce the production and formation of free radicals in the body while protecting against cellular damage.

  • Activates Natural Killer cells, your bodies first line of defense against colds and viruses

  • Protects against cellular damage caused by free radicals

  • Utilizing most Potent Immune enhancing beta-glucan studied

  • Multi-Mode of action antioxidant with Green Tea Catechins, Vitamin C & D, and Zinc





Complete Human™ ResBeet is a unique combination of resveratrol and organic beet powder in a delicious daily drink mix.

Beets have long been considered one of the great superfoods, known specifically for their powerful Nitric Oxide boosting benefits. Resveratrol has been clinically studied to stimulate Sirtuin 1 and AMPK and mimic calorie reduction and fasting. This enzyme activation, in vitro and in vivo, has been clinically proven to increase healthspan and longevity.  


  • Heart-Friendly: Supports healthy circulation and blood pressure levels by activating essential nitric oxide in the body

  • Synergistic: Resveratrol and Beets work together to support inflammation resolution, nitric oxide production, and endothelial

  • Organic Fiber: ResBeet is a great source of dietary fiber

  • Great-Tasting: Each canister includes 5.3 oz. of black-cherry flavored





Complete Human™ PRM Response acts as your body’s first line of defense against acute inflammation, this supplement can help to support a return to homeostasis.

Inflammation is a natural and important biological process that occurs following a microbial, environmental, or physical trauma to the body. Research shows that inflammation resolution is an active process that is controlled by specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPM’s), which are naturally occurring lipid mediators derived from Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

Complete Human’s unique manufacturing process allows for the highest concentration of the PRM’s (Pro-Resolving Mediators) on the market.

  • Supports an optimal inflammatory response

  • Helps to clear unwanted cellular debris

  • Promotes healing & recovery after physical stress

  • Supports immune cell activity

  • Maintains joint tissue & mobility

“Complete” and “human” are two words that alone have little impact. Put them together and you have a whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Being a Complete Human is unique to each individual within the categories of mind, body, soul, and planet. We see becoming complete as an ever-expanding upward and outward spiral of learning, application, and growth in every aspect of lifeComplete Human is not a company. It is a movement. Join Us!”- Complete Human

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 Complete Human * Photos courtesy of Complete Human
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