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A Less Stressful Life Is On Its Way

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Stress is a word that may have five letters, but it might as well be a four-letter word for many people. Stress is something that people try to avoid at all costs. Let’s face it; stress causes people to feel unpleasant, both mentally and physically. This factor makes sense because stress certainly does take its toll on various aspects of one’s physical and mental health. Even though most people try to prevent stress from occurring frequently, people will inevitably experience it in one way or another. That’s why people must do everything they can not to let it overwhelm them and cause any type of harm to any aspect of their health,

whether physical or emotional. It takes specific types of adaptogenic herbs to enable someone to pass through all the roadblocks of stress. When this happens, it’s like breaking through to a new life with stress finally under control. However, an additional roadblock stands in the way of this. Consuming all these adaptogens is not an easy task. Besides being unable to obtain all the body’s needs with a simple diet, supplementing oneself with them has also been daunting. For a long time, there weren’t many products with the right amount of every specific thing one must have. The fact that you are reading this means fate has brought you to the right spot. Auburn Laboratories Inc. has an herbal formula with the correct number of adaptogens to fight off the effects of that unwanted thing we call stress. Many people consider stress to be a curse on the human body. Now is the time to give stress a taste of its own medicine; let’s put a hex on stress.

What is Stress, and What Causes It?

Stress is something that results from the body’s responses to challenging situations. How people respond to stress depends on the person and the specific situation. These situations can vary from person to person. Every individual faces different challenges and, therefore, experiences different stress levels. For instance, certain people may have professions requiring much manual labor. This constant exertion of the body can cause large amounts of physical stress.

On the other hand, some individuals might have jobs requiring much cognitive thinking. In this case, mental stress can be rampant. One could say that the responsibilities of raising a family contribute to some of the highest amounts of stress imaginable. Raising children while balancing one’s life is quite a challenge. No matter one’s situation, managing a family is not a walk in the park for anyone. Regardless of whether it is mental or physical stress that one is experiencing, it is important to note that they are all interconnected in one way or another. Some would say there’s a link between physical fatigue and depression. Similarly, when someone is experiencing anxiety, it can negatively affect aspects of their physical health.

Stress and the Immune System

The narrative that is constantly stressed, no pun intended, is how important the immune system is to one’s physical health, and rightfully so. The immune system guards the body from becoming infected by bacteria and viruses and ultimately getting sick. Getting sick is something that people wish to avoid just as much as getting stressed. This factor displays an interesting coincidence because stress is one of the most significant contributors to getting sick. When stressed for a long period, many of the functions of the body that keep one’s immunity levels high cannot operate as efficiently. Stress causes the release of the hormone known as cortisol. This hormone does help the body react properly to temporary stress. However, high cortisol levels during prolonged periods of stress can weaken one’s immune system. With the help of a combination of a specific type of herbs in the right formula, a person can help their immune system while simultaneously alleviating the effects of stress. That way, you kill two birds with one stone. One can handle stress and avoid sickness all at the same time with the assistance of the following adaptogenic herbs: Eleutherococcus senticosus (Siberian Ginseng), Rhodiola rosea (Artic Root), Schizandra chinensis (Chinese Magnolia Vine), Aralia mandschurica (Manchurian Thorn Tree), and Rhaponticum carthamoides (Maral Root). The challenge is finding just the right product with all these combined.

Stress and Headaches

Stress can often trigger headaches; some people have worse headaches than others. Migraines are usually the worst kind of headache. When the body is stressed, certain chemicals get released that can cause physical damage to the blood vessels, thereby starting a headache. It’s important to consume something that helps alleviate stress and headaches. There have been examples of people recovering from bad headaches and migraines using an herbal blend of the following adaptogens: Eleutherococcus senticosus, Rhodiola rosea, Schizandra chinensis, and Glycyrrhizza uralensis.

Stress and Energy/Endurance

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges that stress presents to people has to do with losing adequate amounts of energy. Energy is needed to be able to handle all the required tasks of day-to-day living. Without enough energy, we cannot function properly. Whether fulfilling responsibilities at work or keeping one’s family together, energy is the key. Sometimes, no matter how much rest one receives daily, there is just not enough of anything to keep someone energized. That’s because stressful situations in one’s life often zap energy from them. Physical stress puts so much pressure on the body’s organs that it becomes hard to exert oneself properly continuously after a given amount of time. Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogen that helps alleviate the symptoms of stress and provides plentiful amounts of energy. This energy allows people to approach physically challenging tasks better than before. The endurance to tackle large physical tasks is especially needed by athletes, who benefit greatly by supplementing themselves with the right adaptogens.

Stress and Mental Clarity

Besides the amount of physical energy necessary for the body to tackle various tasks and responsibilities, a certain amount of mental focus is required to stay grounded in decision-making and keep an overall awareness while carrying out physical tasks. Just like stress causes so much physical tension, it also contributes to feeling mentally drained. When experiencing stress, the mind tends to worry constantly and go back and forth between thoughts. After a while, the brain reaches the point where it can no longer stay focused on specific tasks at one time. Mental clarity, or a better-focused mind, is crucial to making the most rational decisions in times of great turmoil, which often gets accompanied by stress. The type of energy that the powerful herb, Rhodiola rosea, provides for the body also relates to one’s mental and physical capabilities. When one supplements themselves with Rhodiola rosea combined with other adaptogens, they can maintain the best amount of mental clarity and focus that will help them not only concentrate on life but also help them avoid making irrational decisions that could significantly harm them and the people around them.

Stress and Bodyweight

Since a person’s immune system cannot function as well when under a lot of stress, you can only imagine that a person’s metabolism is not operating at its best when this is the case. A good metabolism is necessary to convert energy from food. This energy is a part of essential functions like breathing and digestion. With this process of converting food to energy, a certain number of calories get burned. When one’s metabolism is low, the body will burn off fewer amounts of calories, thereby contributing to higher body weight and unwanted fat. The cortisol released by the body during a stressful situation results in a lower metabolism. Even though one’s metabolic rate tends to decline with age, the stress that even younger people experience causes it to drop too. Regardless of one’s age, it is vital to keep a steady metabolism by countering stress. The adaptogenic herb Aralia mandschurica, or Manchurian Thorn Tree, can reduce body weight and fat as can Rhodiola rosea and Schizandra chinensis. Aralia mandschurica can give people some of the most outstanding results when used with other herbs. A supplement with an entire combination of various adaptogens, including Aralia mandschurica, will help people receive some of the most excellent results they’ve ever seen.

Auburn Laboratories, Inc.

Auburn Laboratories, Inc. was born from a passionate interest in nutrition and wellness shared by Joy and her veterinarian husband, Michael Van Noy. Dr. Van Noy had spent nearly 20 years as a veterinarian specializing in equine medicine, and Joy, an avid equestrian, had been studying nutrition for more than a decade when adaptogens crossed their path in 1993. After seeing the successful results of adaptogens on the stress levels of horses, Joy and Michael both decided to start Auburn Laboratories, Inc. After product testing to see what adaptogens would benefit the stress level of humans, they launched their human label Adapta-Fuel to bring people the same extraordinary range of nutritional benefits.




A blend of adaptogenic herbs, Adapta-Fuel helps people improve their immune system, increasing energy, and maintaining mental focus and a healthy metabolism. With this powerful combination of fantastic herbs, one can stay on top of their health while being provided with all the capabilities to handle anything life throws their way. Adapta-Fuel contains the following adaptogenic herbs: Eleuthero (root) (Eleutherococcus senticosus), Rhodiola (root) (Rhodiola rosea), Schizandra (berry) (Schizandra chinensis), Manchurian Thorn Tree (root) (Aralia mandschurica), and Maral root (root) (Rhaptonticum carthamoides). The feedback from users of Adapta-Fuel has been great, with reports of better energy, better moods, increased resistance to disease, and just feeling better overall.

Time to Put a Hex on Stress

Wouldn’t you like to be able to take on stress finally, and everything it causes, with all of what your body needs? Let’s face it; stress is a part of life. Some people experience it more than others, while certain individuals react to it differently than other people. People have discovered how interconnected stress is with many things surrounding mental and physical health. Within this discovery also lies the realization of adaptogens. The right kind of herbs, mixed as one, can help one not only better manage stress in their life but also help prevent the physical body from succumbing to the associated problems. In addition, a person can maintain their mental focus to approach life’s decisions with the greatest minds possible. A less stressful life is on its way with the help of Adapta-Fuel. Show stress just how magical you are. You’ve previously thought of stress as a curse on your body. Now is the time to put a hex on stress.


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