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4 Ways to Naturally Fuel Your Body

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As summer steps to the side, we may find that our energy levels take a bit of a dive. The sun is life-giving so we naturally feel more upbeat and alive when the days are sunny. If you are seeking natural alternatives to increase your energy levels and enhance your wellbeing, read on!




We cannot change the seasons, but we can ride with them and adapt as best we can to our environment. Change is the one true constant thing we all have and the better we are able to adapt to external circumstances, the happier we should feel internal. Essentially, go with the flow and make the effort to fuel your body and find balance.

If you need some ideas, here are 4 ways to naturally fuel your body!

  • Avoid quick fixes and energy drinks. Energy drinks can often be loaded with caffeine and other stimulants, they may give you a quick burst of energy but they rarely quench thirst and will lead you back to square one once the effects taper off. Some energy drinks can be quite addictive and pile on the calories also. Instead, opt for a freshly made smoothie or fruit-infused water infusion. A freshly made smoothie can be made in advance if you are time-limited, and a fruit-infused water infusion is super-easy to make. The variations for smoothies and natural-based drinks are limitless so you’ll never get bored either!

  • Adapt your diet. In the wintertime, you may find that you crave bigger meals and more comfort foods, through the summer you may have opted for a “little and often” approach to your eating. Try and find the midway point. Behaviors around food can become highly habitual so review your diet and nutrition every so often to break out of unhealthy habits. 

  • Keep up with your exercise regimen. Exercise is one of the most prolific energy-givers. If you are feeling a bit low on energy or under the weather, rather than miss your workout completely, adapt it! Go for a walk instead, or adjust the intensity level so that it becomes a slightly lighter workout. You don’t need to go at it 100% all of the time, gentle activity still carries the benefits to your energy levels and wellness overall. 

  • Check out natural-based supplements and herbal remedies. The natural, herbal world is jam-packed with goodness that your body can benefit from in numerous ways. A one-a-day multivitamin may not suffice to keep your wellness on track and your energy levels raised, however, a fresh look at different supplements, what they do, and the effect they can potentially have to enhance your health and well-worth delving into. 

Adaptation is a highly effective principle in the health and wellness world. Keep moving forward and don’t be afraid to change things up a little! Ginseng Store and More only offer products that they use themselves and truly believe in.

They specialize in whole herbs and also carry the highest quality mushroom extracts. Ginseng Store and More believe everyone should be able to take these super herbs; this is why they offer them at the best prices possible! Ginseng Store and More has become the #1 place to purchase Ginseng online!

“We carry our deep passion for herbs and health through to all of our products and services. Our goal is to help as many people to regain their health, happiness, and wellbeing. The products sold by Ginseng Store and More are all premium grade and very high quality. We’re strong proponents of the power of herbs and seek out the best available sources in order to deliver superior products.”- Ginseng Store and More



Here’s a peek at two of their amazing supplements for wellness: Cordyceps Dual Extract and Reishi Extract.  


Cordyceps Dual Extract

Firstly, Cordyceps is perhaps the best substance in the world for providing energy and restoring deep vitality. In 1992 the Chinese Olympic track team used it to win multiple gold medals and attributed their success to Cordyceps. Since then a ton of scientific research has been done on them.

  • The research has shown that cordyceps can actually increase ATP production as well as oxygen uptake by cells. This means it literally provides more cellular energy but is not a stimulant. It simply makes the body more efficient. This energy is famously beneficial for athletics but, it is just as helpful to provide more caffeine-free energy to moms who need an extra boost. Almost everyone could use more energy and Cordyceps is an energy superstar.

  • In addition to enhancing energy, cordyceps has been traditionally valued as the best herb for restoring and building the deep vitality known as “jing”. Jing is said to be responsible for the functions of the kidneys, sexual organs, brain, skeletal system, healing capabilities, and youthfulness in general.

It’s believed that when jing is fully depleted, a person dies. When jing is abundant and well supplied, a person flourishes and becomes great. Many of the most powerful herbs in the world help to restore either the “yin” or “yang” (different aspects) of this deep jing vital energy.


“Cordyceps is unique in that it provides BOTH yin and yang jing, making it the preeminent substance for deep replenishment and rebuilding. It is frequently used by those who are recovering from a severe injury or chronic illness and by those looking to preserve their youthfulness and slow aging. Cordyceps is one of THE best substances for deep restoration, healing, and growth”- Ginseng Store and More


Cordyceps Dual Extract

It is made from the whole Cordyceps mushrooms, not mycelium, this means it’s more potent, effective, and bioavailable than 99% of other cordyceps products. This product is dual extracted, meaning that it contains all of the beneficial compounds found in cordyceps. It is also highly concentrated at a 10:1 ratio.


This bag is equivalent to more than a full pound of raw Cordyceps and is in a highly bioavailable form. Cordyceps is a powerhouse herbal supplement that has gained tremendous popularity for its performance-enhancing and health-boosting properties.

These benefits may include:

  • Increased athletic performance

  • Increased production of ATP (the body’s cellular energy source)

  • Increased oxygen utilization in cells

  • Boost energy

  • Enhanced fertility and virility

  • Reduced stress and lower cortisol

  • Enhanced immune system function

  • Support healthy cardiovascular function

  • Improved sexual function and libido

  • Promote youthfulness

  • Reduced Inflammation

  • Enhanced endocrine function

  • Support healthy blood sugar levels

  • Improve Liver function and detoxification… and much more!



Reishi Dual Extract

Reishi, named after the Japanese word for “Spirit” is the most studied natural substance in history with recorded use dating back thousands of years.

In modern times it is an excellent ally for helping to reduce stress and stay centered in a chaotic world. While it was taken by spiritual seekers in the past, the same benefits can be found today by helping those who consume it to stay more focused, centered, and grounded. Many people also find that Reishi helps with sleep.

Overall, Reishi is excellent for mental and emotional health yet is considered very mild with regard to side effects. Reishi is also known as an excellent tonic for the immune system. It has a “dual-directional” effect. This means that it helps people achieve more balance regardless of whether their immune system is overactive or underactive.


Further Reishi Benefits May Include:

  • Enhance and regulate immune system function

  • Enhance liver function and help liver cells to regenerate

  • Major Lung and Respiratory System tonic

  • Reduce fatigue

  • Help reduce and balance stress

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Anti-tumor and Anti-cancer

  • Assist with sleep and insomnia

  • Fight allergies

  • Improve digestion

  • Neuroprotective

  • Enhance brain function

  • Antiaging


Ginseng Store and More offer amazing, effective supplements at great prices!

The overwhelming majority of mushroom supplements on the market are made from what is called mycellium, or myceliated grain. Mycellium is the tendrils that fungi extend underground or into their growth medium. Most mushroom supplements are usually grown on a block of grains that get inoculated with the desired species of mushroom. Then the entire block of myceliated grain is ground up or extracted.

This means that as much as 90% or more of these products are just grains with a little bit of mushroom mycellium growing throughout them. This is like buying an apple and getting apple tree roots instead!

“Our extracts are different because they are made ONLY from mushroom fruiting bodies. The fruiting body is the part of the mushroom that is visible and grows above ground. This is the part of the organism that has been consumed for thousands of years and has all of the health benefits. This means that 100% of our mushroom extracts are from the actually beneficial part of the organism, not the grain or logs they're grown on”- Ginseng Store and More

Ginseng Store and More offers dual-extract products that go through stringent measures to make them the best in the world.

Mushrooms contain a wide variety of beneficial compounds, some of which are soluble in water, while some are only soluble in alcohol.

These dual extracted products are made by individually extracting each of those components and then combining them for a much more potent and concentrated product. The Cordyceps is 10:1 which means it takes 10 pounds of raw Cordyceps fruiting bodies to make just one pound of extract. The Reishi extract is 16:1 meaning that each 50g bag is equivalent to almost two pounds of Reishi mushroom fruiting bodies.

“Not only are our extracts made from only the most useful part of the mushroom, but they're extracting all of the beneficial components out of them. This makes them the purest and potent mushroom extracts anywhere. Additionally, the extracts are produced in organic certified facilities and go through rigorous testing at several stages throughout the production process”- Ginseng Store and More

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