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A Journey to Self-Care and Beauty: The Natural Process

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You're certainly not alone in this world if you have the feeling that every year you need to buy more and more things to keep looking beautiful and fresh. Part of it might be just the passing of time, as our bodies do deteriorate with age, after all, especially if we’re not careful. But it also seems to be getting more and more critical to keep up our perfect image all day, every day, in a world that’s increasingly more public and less private. Long gone are the days when wearing makeup and doing our nails were just something for a weekend cocktail party. Now people see us every day through the lenses of social media, and of course, we always want to look our best!

And beauty isn’t always cheap, and neither is it always good for your body! And what you might also not know is that many of the most expensive and highest-end beauty products are actually the worst for your health in the long run. Whether we’re talking about nail polish, skin cream, makeup, or conditioner, the prices in the beauty industry are mostly driven by marketing and immediate results, not health benefits. Of course, immediate results are important because you do want to look good for that party or Instagram reel, but so are the potential health side effects! In some cases, sacrificing long-term pain for short-term gain just leaves us more hooked on the product than before.

How does that work exactly? Let’s use skincare as an example. Many premium skincare creams and oils promise a ‘quick fix’ to immediately obtain radiant skin, which you might see as ideal for the moment if you've got a date this evening and are embarrassed about some flaking skin. But real beauty cannot be simply packed into a bottle, and skincare brands that make promises like this usually do the trick with a number of synthetic chemicals that your body ultimately isn’t used to. While it may have the intended immediate effect (hopefully your date will be impressed!), the human body almost always reacts negatively to frequent encounters with unfamiliar chemicals. And when it comes to the skin, this often results in exactly what you’re trying to prevent! Your skin will likely start to flake more and experience more discoloration and dark patches over time. And so it continues: the next time you have a date, you’re still dissatisfied with your beauty (rightfully so!) and – boom – the beauty industry has you hooked in their trap, so you keep applying the cream!

Beauty as a Journey: Creating Natural Beauty Through Self-Love

Long-term beauty does not come in a jar; it is a process, a journey, of self-discovery and care. There is no one brand or product that will magically transform your body into the beautiful being you’ve dreamed of, but there is something that can help you get started on the right journey of natural self-care.

We introduce Enchanted Forest Designs, an all-natural line of beauty products that bring together their community to go beyond just what’s in the jars and focus on empowering one’s expression of beauty through self-love and care. With hand-crafted products, each made with care to be part of your own unique journey, they offer something that’s truly missing in the commercial beauty industry: a focus on yourself and the needs of your body.

Let’s dive into the enchanted forest and see how you can use some simple solutions to embark on a journey of holistic beauty and well-being as part of a truly authentic community.

Beauty Body Oil: A Luxurious Rose Body Oil to Pamper Your Skin

One of the most important parts of natural beauty and body self-care is keeping your skin natural. The skin is the body’s largest organ and by far the most sensitive external part of the body. By regularly bathing in natural, holistic oils, your entire body (not just your skin!) will experience that extra touch of nature it needs to start on the self-care journey. After all, the human body is used to bathing in minerals and oils! Do you think our prehistoric ancestors had chemically processed tap water to clean themselves ?

At the center of Enchanted Forest Designs’ products are their handcrafted body oils. Each oil is carefully mixed by hand, and made of 100% natural ingredients, sourced straight from the earth. And if there’s one oil and one oil only that you want to get for your skin, we recommend starting with Enchanted Forest Designs’ Beauty Body Oil.

Like all of their products, Beauty Body Oil is not some ‘quick fix’ to magically make your skin look beautiful in a few hours. It is a natural oil that helps sooth your skin alongside your body’s own natural processes, and should be used regularly as part of your self-care and self-love journey with Enchanted Forest Designs.

By adding Beauty Body Oil to your daily self-care routine, you’ll be letting the handcrafted formula work its magic not against your body’s natural mechanisms but alongside them. It’s that perfect level of gentle care to nourish, hydrate, and soothe not only your skin but the rest of your body, mind, and soul as well. Let this become part of your ritual, and you’ll feel the soft, soothing, and calming effects running through your body. We call this oil luxurious not because it is expensive or something just for the rich (it’s not!), but because of the pampering, spa-like sensation you’ll feel through your body as part of this journey.

The key ingredient in the handcrafted blend you’ll be soaking your skin in is the natural extract from rose petals. The rose flower has long been known for its antiseptic and soothing properties and has been coveted for the skin ever since recorded history has existed. Ancient Egyptian queens would bathe in it as part of their journey to famed beauty, and in Medieval Europe, wealthy queens and ladies would pay top dollar for traders that brought them this coveted flower. The second active ingredient in the mix comes from the calendula leaf, which is commonly used in medicine (both traditional and modern) for its ability to sooth the skin of irritants and help heal wounds, scars, and bruises. Other oils that complete the handmade mixture include golden jojoba oil and vitamin E oil.

As with all products from Enchanted Forest Designs, There are no additives, fillers, or synthetic ingredients. Everything is made 100% in-house and sourced straight from the earth, avoiding the long chain of middlemen and creating a pure elixir for the skin. The rose petal extract, for example, is carefully made by hand from crushed rose petals. It’s not just another essential oil!

Use this oil regularly as part of your self-love process, and let the soothing, harmonious blend relax your body, mind, and spirit. You should feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to embrace your life and show off your natural beauty.

Breathe Body Oil: For a Relaxed and Rejuvenated Mind and Soul

The skin is your body’s natural layer of defense, so soothing your skin and keeping it healthy will almost always lead to improved overall health for your body and mind. But there are very few body oils that we can say have such a positive effect on the mind, soul, and internal workings of the body as Breathe Body Oil.

Another natural, handmade concoction from Enchanted Forest Designs, Breathe Body Oil mixes together a number of natural oils that elevate your body with a sense of youth, energy, and clarity. We believe that this is an essential part of the journey to beauty through self-care, as without a youthful and energetic mind, you’ll likely struggle to keep going with your journey. Your mind is the body’s control center, and whether consciously or subconsciously, a more energetic mind will translate to a rejuvenated body.

The most vital ingredient in the mixture is rosemary. Known as the ‘herb of love,’ rosemary was believed by the Ancient Greeks to be a gift from the goddess of love, Aphrodite. In almost all ancient societies, and most of recorded history ever since, the oil has been cherished for its ability to sooth the mind and improve memory and energy levels over time.

In Breathe Body Oil, Enchanted Forest Designs carefully mixes the hand-extracted essence from rosemary, peppermint and eucalyptus leaves, all of which are plants known for their healing properties and incredibly enchanting scents. The blend of nature also provides an incredible aroma that not only soothes your mind throughout the journey but also relaxes your respiratory tract. This can help reduce congestion and ultimately relax and revitalize your body even more.

Achieving natural beauty won’t happen overnight, but there’s no reason why you can’t get started on your journey tomorrow! As we believe, it’s all about your mindset and your willingness to put your wellbeing first, giving your body the love and self-care that it needs. If you treat your body with love, it will ultimately reward you with the beautiful looks you’re asking for. While there are no magic formulas or overnight remedies, it is a tried-and-true natural journey that will work and doesn’t cost much to embark on. We invite you to join us!


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