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Eat healthy look great

Eat healthy look great. Most of us know that fresh salad, berries, and slowing down when eating are better for us than wolfing down energy bars and sweets. But how to make that leap from our current habits to healthier ones?

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Summer cleaning

One, two, three. Summer isn't just about vacation, flowers and rain showers, but it's also about decluttering our homes and embracing the good ole' tradition of outdoor cleaning...

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Stretching is cool

Just relax

When you feel stressed, overwhelmed and tired, your body is telling you that it needs brake. Perhaps the cup relaxing tea is what you need.

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Morning sun

The best of wellness destination

Romantic 5 star likesides hotel in Vitznau - PARK HOTEL VITZNAU, can be your best wellness destination.Take your life into your hands don't hold back, move forward.

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Lower choresterol

Many people can reduce cholesterol levels simply by changing what they eat.Find 4 ways to eat your way to lower cholesterol

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Seasonal Allergies: Which Medication is Right for You?

Seasonal allergies are usually caused by plant pollen. Since you can’t always stay indoors when pollen counts are high, your health care provider may recommend a prescription or over-the-counter medications to relieve symptoms...

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The link between dehydration and metabolism

The link between dehydration and metabolism

When people are trying to lose weight and shred fat their main goal to long-term weight management should be to raise their metabolism (rate in which your body uses energy). What most people fail to realize is that their hydration level directly affects their metabolism....

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Five Things to Do When Someone Has An Addiction Problem

Five Things to Do About Addiction

When you suspect a loved one or friend has a problem with an addiction, you may have seen signs such as mood swings or changes in behavior, friends, and activities....

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