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6 ways silent agreements are undermining your life

Holiday hazards and solutions

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  • Breakfast any time

    Breakfast any time | Wellness magazine

    It happens to the best of us: we try to eat a healthy breakfast Monday through Friday, but sometimes mornings are just to busy. Work, kids, school and the dogs are all more imported than you. If this sounds like your typical morning routine changes need to be made, immediately.

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  • Get off the couch

    Get off the couch | Wellness magazine

    If you are like most people, you have a busy and stressful life. Trying to balance your job and your family and still find time for yourself is hard for many people to do. Instead, think of ways to add activity to your life so it becomes part of your day-to-day routine. Here 10 super easy tips that can help you.

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  • Just Right Granola – crunchy, nutritious and delicious

    Just Right Granola | Wellness magazine

    As you probably know, granola is a delicious food we love that we can eat as a quick and healthy breakfast or as an afternoon snack. But, do you know all the health benefits granola brings to your diet and why?

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  • Let’s face it – real life is hectic

    Let’s face it – real life is hectic | Wellness magazine

    Between work and family commitments, you are always on the go. With that fast paced lifestyle, it is easy to give in to the bad nutritional choices that surround us. Thankfully, it no longer has to be that way. Now the fastest meal of your day can also be the most nutritious healthy protein meal replacement diet shake.

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  • Cell Science Systems launches affordable telomere testing: may reveal biological age

    Telomere testing: may reveal biological age | Wellnessmagazine

    Cell Science Systems, Corp., one of the very few labs to offer telomere length testing, has launched its new version of this test at an affordable price.  Knowing your telomere length is important because it directly relates to health and longevity.

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  • Top 5 foods for heart health

    Top 5 foods for heart health | Wellness magazine

    Today, the big killers in Western societies are the cancers, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes, most of which are preventable by diet.  Find  TOP 5 Foods for heart health.

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  • Healthy Is More Than Just A Trend in Santa Barbara

    Healthy Is More Than Just A Trend in Santa Barbara |Wellness magazine

    It’s time to raise the bar on snack, energy, and nutrition bars. “Now you can take a little of Santa Barbara with you everywhere you go.”

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  • Winter Car Safety Tips

    Winter Car Safety Tips

    Winter is right around the bend, which means it's time to gear up for snowy drives and carpools with the kiddos! Not to worry! Below are great tips for winter car safety. They are sure to help you make all of your upcoming cold weather car treks easier and safer for your family!

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  • Little Bite, Big Taste

    Little Bite, Big Taste | Wellness magazine

    It’s very easy to enjoy delicious gluten free cookies. Just use your imagination. Take one and bite. Crunchy. Fresh. Sweet. Gone! Be careful what you start.

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  • When granola is healthy?

    When granola is healthy?| Wellness magazine

    You don’t need to be on gluten –free diet to enjoy the best food there is. Granola is a universally loved breakfast food or great snack, but it is not always healthy.  So many commercially made granolas are full sweetener and unwanted trans-fatty acids.

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The Best Photo of the month: The magic of figs

The Best Photo of the month: The magic of figs
The magic of figs | Wellness magazine