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About the product:

Discover how you can boost brain power, enhance your mood, restore energy levels, and nourish and protect your brain.

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  • Feel Energized, Motivated & Alert
  • Elevates Mood & Calms the Mind
  • Eliminates Brain Fog, Improves Mental Clarity
  • Nourishes and Support a Healthy brain
  • Contains Powerful Polyphenols
  • Increases Brain Energy & Recall Speed

Important Information

Your brain. It makes up only 2% of your body weight, yet it consumes roughly 20% of your body's energy when at rest. That means the human brain needs a whole lot of nutrition to stay alert and focused throughout the day. The bulk of that energy is used to fuel electrical impulses that neurons employ to communicate with one another. As we age (due to excess inflammation, toxins, and stress) neuro-nutrients play an even more important role in a properly functioning brain. To simplify what is going on here, we could say that old neurons (like some long-married couples) do not talk to each other as much anymore - some communication is lost. These deficits in neuronal communication result, in turn, to declines in motor and cognitive competence.

NeuroActiv-6 has been specifically designed to include polyphenol compounds, nootropics, and bio-active ingredients that work to promote a healthy inflammatory response, lower oxidative stress and support healthy cortisol levels, raise BDNF levels, and promote "neural communication"; enabling neurons to talk to each other more effectively. Best of all, instead of having to take multiple pills and supplements daily to accomplish this same outcome, we've taken the scientifically proven doses and put them into one all-encompassing, healthy and great-tasting drink mix. Try NeuroActiv-6 today!

Why NeuroActiv6?

Imagine putting scoops of 36 different, organic, high antioxidant, anti-aging, polyphenol packing, brain and energy boosting superfoods into a juicer, and gulping it down - how healthy would you feel? How much more energy, focus, and concentration would you have? Well, that’s exactly what you get, with one scoop of our NeuroActiv6 Reds Superfood Powder.

Need More Focus, Brain Power, or Mental Energy?

Starting with an organic blend of polyphenols from antioxidant rich berries, fruits and vegetables we added 6 powerful brain-boosting nootropics to provide a mental edge, more focus, and less anxiety.

Clear Results Right Away

Provides an immediate and noticeable difference with calm, focused energy and clearer thinking. Wake up motivated and ready to tackle the day, get more done, and be in the zone

Improves all markers of brain health

Our trademarked ingredients have been clinically tested to show improvements in inflammation markers, BDNF levels, stress and cortisol levels.


What does it taste like?
NeuroActiv6 has a natural berry flavor and is sweetened with Organic Rebaudioside-A, which are purified extracts from the leaves of the organic stevia plant. The taste of NeuroActiv6 was designed and formulated to give you a refreshing drink that brings out the sweet berry flavor in our Organic Mediterranean Fruit Blend.
Does this provide physical energy or just mental energy?
While NeuroActiv6 does not contain any caffeine or other stimulants, most people notice an increase in physical energy. This is because NeuroActiv6 lowers cortisol & stress levels. The reduction in brain fog most people notices usually provides a lift in physical energy, as we've found that brain fog is often the cause of fatigue.
Where is this product made?
NeuroActiv6 is manufactured in New Jersey at a fully compliant GMP manufacturing and packaging facility.


  • I want to thank NeuroActiv-6 for helping me reach the next level in my work/life capabilities. Having the ability to be more focused and just feel better all-around has truly helped me stay ahead in my craft of business development. Having the additional energy after work to be able to attend events, take business calls and help clients in general has been a real asset.

    -Verified Purchase
  • I have always been an avid coffee/tea drinker. I can tell you that after trying NeuroActiv-6, I am hooked, and no amount of coffee/tea could compare. NeuroActiv-6 has become a part of my everyday routine, and has completely replaced the coffee. The best part is I no longer feel sluggish or experience a midday crash. I feel hydrated, SO focused, and am much more productive. It simply makes me feel better. And the taste is great, almost addicting.

    -Verified Purchase
  • I was looking for a brain supplement that would give me mental clarity and some energy without jitters. This is doing the job. I take it twice a day on days when I need to get a lot done. It taste pretty good.

    -Verified Purchase

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