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Natural Remedies for Summer Skin Health

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As wonderful as summer is, it can also be quite problematic for people that have sensitive, light or fair skin. These skin types can be more prone to sunburn and so extra precaution is needed for well-being and skin protection. In saying that, the effects of the suns powerful rays can create issues for anyone that does not look after their skin well.

Supporting your skin throughout the year means it’s in better condition when summertime arrives. This means having a skincare routine that hydrates and moisturizes, calms and relieves inflammation, and protects your skin naturally.

The good thing is that skin is resilient and regenerative; if you do have any skin conditions and blemishes then sometimes all that is needed is the right approach and products that match your skin type to make a noticeable difference.


So what is the right approach to skincare?

Essentially, it’s all about understanding and knowing your body. Everyone is an individual and this applies to the skin too. You need to find what works for you. Natural products should always be at the forefront of your mind when checking out new topical treatments or skincare products. They work better with your body at a fundamental level, and they also remove the worry of a potential reaction caused by chemical-based products.

Many natural skincare products contain goodies such as aloe vera, calming essential oils, and are vitamin-enriched through natural sources. Your skincare products should feed your skin confidently!


Here are some ways you can work with your body for great summer skin!

  • Minimize or streamline your skincare routine, less is often more. Aim to have a couple of products for morning/daytime and an alternate option for evenings/overnight. Daytime skincare should be more focused on hydration; balance, and sun protection, nighttime skincare should be more attentive on calming and soothing your skin as well as moisturizing more intensely. For instance, lavender is a great essential oil for soothing your skin; it’s supremely gentle and is safe to go direct on the skin or to add a few drops to a nighttime face cream perhaps.

  • Look for changes in your skin. Does it look too oily, too dry, or just tired? Imbalances from within your body will always show through your skin. If you are not getting enough rest, you may notice dark circles around your eyes and your skin looking duller in its complexion. If you are not well hydrated, then your skin may appear as dry and lacking moisture. These can all be rectified with some loving care! Pay attention to your skin and adjust your daily routine, products, and treatments accordingly. Small tweaks here and there can all add up to big changes.

  •  Indulge in a wholesome facemask at least once a week if you can. Different natural ingredients can offer some great benefits to your skin. It doesn’t hurt to experiment a little and see what works well with your skin. Oatmeal, for instance, is great for reducing inflammation and soothing the skin, whereas cucumber added to a facemask can help to freshen and revitalize. Adding a few drops of a suitable essential oil or Aloe Vera to a facemask can also boost its benefits. Spread your homemade facemask evenly over your skin and let it settle for around 10 minutes for best results. (Always check uses for essential oils, some are extremely potent and not recommended for use directly on the skin)

The most important things to remember for healthy skin are hydration, PH Balance, moisture and protection. (Extra protection is vital during hot spells and be sure to avoid the sun when it is at its strongest!). You only get one body, one skin to live in...Ensure that you look after it well!

CBD Oil is an ingredient that you may begin to see more of in natural remedies and treatments. It’s important to note that CBD in this form does not produce a “high” or have any psychoactive effects that are associated with Cannabis. CBD does not affect or influence the brain receptors as THC does. THC is known as Tetrahydrocannabinol and is responsible for chemically influencing the brains receptors to feel pleasure and the “high” that is associated with Cannabis use.

Panacea Organics specialize in handcrafted, organic hemp products. Their  selection includes a wide range of topical, CBD rich creams and treatments. Each product also contains carefully selected essential oils that provide added benefits to calm, restore, and promote well-being.

Panacea Organics are a family-owned and operated company. The products that they make contain CBD that is extracted from the hemp they grow. CBD (also known as Cannabidiol) is a compound found in the Cannabis plant, it has been used to treat an array of health issues and conditions. It is commonly known as a pain reliever and used to ease conditions of chronic pain such as arthritis pain and Multiple Sclerosis. It may also assist in reducing cases of inflammation; this may be beneficial for people with skin conditions such as Acne. And if you haven’t looked after your skin in the sun, it may help to relieve the discomfort of sunburn and replenish the skin.


Here’s a peek at a couple of Panacea’s wholly natural skincare range. 

Freya: An All-Natural Calming Cream

Freya (Pronounced as “Fray-Uh”) is an all-natural calming cream containing essential oils and Hemp Extract Oil (HEO) which is rich in CBD.

Freya has an array of uses that can help to relieve pain. It is used topically to soothe cramps, soreness, joint pain, dry skin, and a number of other skin issues/conditions.

Try it Now and get it here!



Shea-Butter, Cocoa-Butter, Olive Oil, and Aloe Vera gel. Whole Plant Hemp Extract Oil (HEO)

Essential Oils:

Lavender, Ylang Ylang lll, Geranium, Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage


Magni: All-Natural Pain Reliever Cream

Magni (Pronounced as “Mog-Knee”) is an all-natural pain-relieving cream formulated with essential oils and other natural products including CBD Rich Hemp Extract Oil (HEO).

This cream has a variety of uses, it can help to soothe sore muscles, reduce bruising, alleviate joint pain, and ease symptoms of dry skin.

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Shea-Butter, Cocoa-Butter, Olive Oil, and Aloe Vera gel.

Essential Oils:

Ginger Oil, Lemon Grass Oil, Geranium Oil, Cypress Oil, Birch Oil, Helichrysum, Cinnamon Oil, and Hemp Extract Oil (HEO)

Alongside Freya and Magni, Panacea has a selection of other all-natural goodies including bath bombs, healing balms, and all-purpose organic creams. They pride themselves on making and delivering the best-handcrafted hemp products for health and pain-relieving benefits.


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