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3 Steps To Igniting Your Metabolism!

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Our metabolism is vital to our energy resources and sustenance of life; firing up and stimulating our many cells into high-powered action. If we have a poor metabolism, one of the most common things that occur is that we struggle to lose weight, yet we can gain it very quickly. If our living cells aren’t working to the capacity that they should then eventually everything slows down, this includes our ability to lose weight, digest food adequately, and our immune system also suffers greatly. There are many factors that can affect our metabolic processes, such as, age- our metabolism naturally decreases as we get older, hormonal imbalances, crash dieting, stress, insomnia, obesity, and hypothyroidism. The best way to counteract a low metabolism is to stay physically fit, eat well, keep hydrated, and do your utmost to ensure you get enough rest and relaxation also…it sounds simple, and it is, our health is our responsibility; our body is our temple when we treat it with love and respect! Experience the power of Intechra Health!


Here we look at a few ways you can ignite your metabolism for better health!

1.    Exercise and Weight Training

Exercise is the chief change to look at when we think of increasing our cell power; it ignites and fuels our metabolism. In particular, higher intensity workouts where we challenge our cardiovascular system vitalize our ability to use energy as a resource and effectively strike the match to our metabolic function. Exercise at a steady pace for 20-30 minutes increases metabolism but does not necessarily keep the fire burning after the workout. When we include bouts of higher paced activity in our workout it creates a powerful charge that means we continue burning calories at a higher rate post exercise.  So, we should broaden our horizons and step out of the traditional “fat burning” fitness myth of low-intensity activity and replace it with a more bespoke workout which includes a few bouts of harder work and weight training (including body weight conditioning exercises such as push-ups, squats, lunges) instead. Remember, muscle burns more calories than fat! 




2.    Calorie balance

We are always burning calories, even at rest. The better equipped our body is at burning calories- the better it is at fulfilling its fundamental processes at the cell level. Too often when we are watching our weight we overly scrutinize our calorie intake, sometimes limiting it to the point where we actually starve our cells of what they need to function properly-thus lowering our metabolism. Calorie counting has its place but it is not something to obsess over, bearing in mind that we need the energy from food for everything that we are, and all that we do. Calorie intake simply needs to be balanced; our calorie intake should equal our calorie expenditure, in this way our weight is maintained. For weight loss goals, we should not restrict our calorie intake by more than around 500 per day. One pound of fat equates to approximately 3,500 calories. 1-2 lbs weight loss per week is the general guideline to follow.


There are many support systems and tools that we can reach out to so that we can really gain the most out of living. Intechra Health believes in their products and avenues of support to help you move forward to better health. All of their products contain clinically researched, premium-grade ingredients designed to support weight management and health. They recognize your desire to find weight loss pills and diet supplements that not only help you reach your goals, but are premium quality. Intechra Health’s commitment to product quality and customer support is what has set their company and products above others.

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3.    Losing weight and living healthier is a decision that you make.

Intechra Health develops trusted products that offer you support for your future health and help you get to your goals. Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100+ pounds, Fenfast 375, Apex Tx-5, PhenbluE and 3g Burn are diet pills that work to help you get the results you want.
Intechra Health products are scientifically developed and manufactured using practices that guarantee superior quality. All of their products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art U.S. facility that is Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified. Intechra Health customers can be confident in their products because of the high standards that the company is committed to.


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Fenfast 375 is Intechra Health’s bestselling diet support product:

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FENFAST 375 gives you the diet power you need to succeed by providing clinically researched and tested ingredients to make a healthy diet and consistent exercise much easier to maintain.

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  • Dieting in a healthy & effective way to support you so that you’ll get it off… and keep it off.

Here is a snapshot of some verified customer reviews on the above products:

“This is the best weight loss pill I've ever tried and for that, I give it 5-stars. Nothing more needs to be said.”- John Wilson
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Intechra Health is devoted to providing the best quality products with exceptional customer service and support. Their customer service, toll-free hotline is available 24/7 to help customers and answer their questions. If they have not been able to meet your expectations, please contact them and they will make every effort possible to keep you as a satisfied customer!

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