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Encouraging Healthy Habits for Kids

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Every parent wants the best for their child’s health, and eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is vital for their growth and development. But let’s be honest…how many of our kids do that every day, if ever? Of course, healthy eating should always be encouraged… and also led by example! Children will rarely do as you say, but they will frequently do as you do. 



Encouraging Healthy Habits

Encouraging healthy habits with your children will also mean taking a good look at your habits and behaviors toward food and nutrition. And this is a good thing because it is an eye-opener, sometimes we get so comfortable in our habits that we don’t always see where we can perhaps do a little better, or try a little harder. 

Improving your own and your family’s approach toward health and well-being can create a ripple effect. Children are so accustomed to following your lead, so lead well! 

Here are some ways you can encourage healthier habits for your kids! 

Involve them! Kids like to play adult, and there is no harm in helping them become active participants in their health and well-being. Indulge them with information on food, exercise, how the body responds to certain foods- such as sugary drinks, include them in activities that prompt them to think about health and wellness. For example, give them choices about what they are eating and provide them with guidance on what’s good for them and not so good for them. Here are a few more tips! 

  • Create healthy recipes and cook, bake, and have fun with them. Food is about curiosity, chemistry, and exploration! Make fruit kebabs, use toppers and sprinkles of healthy nuts and seeds on food, make faces out of pizza dough, and if there’s a certain food that your child doesn’t like- try presenting it to them in a different way! 

  • Going for a walk or a swim? Bring your kids along…help them to understand and appreciate their body! 

  • Eat at regular times. Children are creatures of comfort and habit just as adults are. Having regular meal times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and snack time helps to keep a strong well-being regimen for them.

  • Create reward charts and praise them when they have done well with their health or made good choices toward their health. Truly… we all like to be praised and appreciated- and this is even more important for kids! 

  • If you have a garden, try a vegetable patch and involve your child in the planting and picking! 

Hopefully, these little tips can help create habits that inspire health for your children. For older children, including them in meal planning can be helpful also. Active participation is a key ingredient in your kid’s health! 

That being said, regardless of your child’s eating habits, supplements can help to fill in the gaps where needed! Children go through a massive amount of growth changes and learning from toddlerhood to teens, the more you can gently encourage and support that- the better they will feel about themselves and the world around them. 




Supplement support

A multivitamin and a specialty OMEGA & DHA vitamin is a tried and true way to make sure they’re getting enough of the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to support growth and cognitive development in their daily lives. 

Owner and founder of Vegetarian Naturals, Julie Parmar, searched for a vegetarian and algae-derived OMEGA & DHA Gummy supplement for her two toddlers but came up empty. Nearly every product she found contained gelatin and fish oil derived ingredients with other harsh chemicals, colors and flavors she did not want to give to her young daughters. Julie knew there was a need for a natural vegetarian kids’ gummy product in the market.


Vegetarian Naturals believes in a natural and wholesome approach to health and wellness. They aim to support overall well-being for healthy growth and development. Their products are Gelatin Free, Third-Party tested and formulated in the USA. 

“Sustainability is an important part of the Vegetarian Naturals® philosophy. We are committed to a natural product line that is 100% Vegetarian. That means our gummies do not contain gelatin and we do not test on animals! Exemplifying our mission, we are reducing our carbon footprint in the environment. All of our products are vegetarian and/or vegan formulas and made with natural color, sugar and flavor blends which mean NO artificial sugars, colors, and flavors or high-fructose corn syrup – Vegetarian Naturals


Great health support for your kids! 

Vegetarian Naturals® Kids Whole Life™ Bear Necessities Multivitamin supports overall wellness for healthy growth and development. Kids Whole Life™ means supporting your child's total health through all ages and stages. From toddler to teen and everything in between! 

Kids Whole Life™ Bear Necessities Multivitamin Gummies contain essential vitamin and mineral blends containing Vitamin A, C, E and B vitamins. Vegetarian Naturals use a vegetarian form of Vitamin D which supports bone health effectively. 




Vegetarian Naturals® Kid's Whole Life™ OMEGA & DHA GUMMY supports brain health, vision and overall wellness for your curious and developing toddler! 

Kid's Whole Life™ OMEGA & DHA Gummies contain OMEGA 3-6-9 acids, chia seed oil, and DHA from LifesDHA™. The DHA in LifesDHA™ is a vegetarian source of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) and the natural OMEGA 3 is derived from algae.

It is a common belief that fish produce their DHA but in fact, the DHA comes from their food source- algae. Vegetarian Naturals DHA comes from the highest quality algae through the trusted brand LifesDHA. This means that there is no more worrying about ingesting trace amounts of mercury, peroxides, or dioxins which are commonly found in fish oil. Also, many studies suggest that Omega & DHA supplements offer a multitude of well-being benefits for children.

“Vegetarian Naturals has ingredients you can trust. All of our products are Gluten-Free, free from artificial sugars, colors, flavors, and high-fructose corn syrup. Our products are manufactured and packaged in an FDA registered and inspected facility. Our products are Third-Party tested which verifies ingredients and quality to ensure the purity of the product. We would love to be part of your child’s daily vitamin regime!”- Vegetarian Naturals


* In partnership with our friends at Vegetarian Naturals *Photos courtesy of Vegetarian Naturals
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