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Three top reasons to go fresh for fruit…and buy organic!

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We all know that fresh fruit and vegetables provide extremely important sources of nutrients for our overall health and well-being and five a day is the general rule of thumb! However, there is a marked difference to be found in the fruit and vegetables that you eat according to how they are grown and this can make all the difference to the number of nutrients you actually retain from the fruit and veg you lovingly eat. Many shops bought fruit and veg have been through a production and marketing process that can often reduce their potency to give you the very best in terms of vitamins and minerals you will find in them; those vital sources of vitamin C, E, and many other vitamins lose their value as a consequence. This is not to say that shop bought produce has no nutritional value…it has lots…but what if by buying organically the goodness of what you eat is multiplied? It is certainly worth putting some thought into where you buy from; always aim to seek the best for your body! Here we look at 3 top reasons to shop organic!

1. It’s all natural!

Nature has blessed us with an array of wonderfully tasting and nutritious foods and the secret to living a healthier lifestyle lies in what you can absorb through nature itself! When you shop for organic produce you are working with, and aiding nature, rather than working against it, all those pesticides and GMO’s act to reduce not only the quality (taste/texture/appearance) of what you are eating but the benefits of it too. Go ‘fruit yourself’ and buy an organic apple…then compare to a shop bought one…can you taste the difference?



2. Vitamin and mineral potential… maximized!

Shop bought fruit and veg has been through a lengthy supplier chain to actually get to where you are buying from and many vitamins and minerals are lost through the transportation process, via air pollutants as just one example. When you are on the search for better nutrition, organic produce offers you a heightened value of vitamins and minerals…cultivated with love and care, and the fruit and veg actually look as it is supposed to…in it's most natural state!


3. The farmer’s effect!

Buying from your local farmers market supports the farming market in the best possible way; you are backing them to do their best and to offer you wholesome and enriched produce that encourages a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family. Farming is extremely beneficial for the environment too…all that healthy soil works wonders for the beauty of nature. We all have our part to play domestically to support a better environment!

So there you have it, three top reasons to buy organic but there are many more… has this given you the impetus to do some additional research? We do hope this has given you food for thought in terms of how you can buy with wisdom…to feel, function, and look better! Here we look at Stahlbush and what they do to achieve a healthier environment through their organic produce.

Stahlbush grows and freezes the most delicious fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes. Their certified sustainable family farm is located in Oregon’s lush Willamette Valley. The owners, Bill and Karla Chambers, started with two crops, 352 acres and a dream in 1985. Today, Stahlbush cultivates 5,000 acres in Oregon and offers the highest quality, certified sustainable and organic products.

The first processing plant was built in 1989 for both freezing and pureeing produce. In 1997, the farm became the first farm to ever be certified sustainable by the Food Alliance. The retail line of pureed pumpkin, sweet potato, and butternut squash was trademarked and released in 2002 under the label, “Farmer’s Market Foods.”

  • The biogas plant, completed in 2009, was a major success for Stahlbush. It was the first plant of its kind in North America. The purpose of the plant is to turn agricultural waste into electricity. They found that spinach did this the best! In 2011, the plant reached record electricity output at 33,673 KwH. In 2012, Stahlbush was named Sustainable Plant of the Year by Food Engineering.

  • Now, Farmer’s Market Foods is one of the three brands grown and processed by Stahlbush Island Farms. Farmer’s Market Foods have the pure, fresh flavor you’d expect to find at a country produce stand. The best fruits and vegetables are grown organically so that customers can create soul-satisfying, gourmet meals.

  • Farmer’s Market Foods fruits and vegetables are grown organically and sustainably. All of the products are certified NO-GMO and grown and processed in the United States. Every can contains only 100% puree and no additives or preservatives. Each can is lined with a BPA-free liner. 

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